Year 6 Hilliers trip

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited Hillier’s Gardens in Romsey as part of their new topic. They took part in a range of activities including pond dipping, minibeast hunting, and sweeping. They identified a variety of species and discussed how best to care for a nature reserve.

Thank you to Mrs Cooper-Brunink, Mrs Triggs, Mr Murdoch, Mrs Chambers, Mrs Allen and Mrs Coleman for supporting Year 6 on the trip.




Grounds Clearing day

On Saturday 3rd February, a fantastic group of volunteers gave up their Saturday to help get the Outdoor Classroom clearance underway. There was lots to do clearing, weeding, cutting down and cutting back. Here are a few pictures of all the hard work. Thank you everyone for your time and all your efforts.

Year 4 Spellings Summer 1

Below is the list of spellings for Year 4 children this term.

  • straight
  • favourite
  • strength
  • suppose
  • surprise
  • bicycle
  • business
  • medicine
  • natural
  • naughty

Please look at these words with your children over the next few weeks. The children should ensure that they understand the definitions for each words, and use different methods to practise their spelling. See the leaflet below for some ideas.

spelling booklet


The circus comes to Crofton Anne Dale


Today we had someone come in to show us a few Circus skills. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and had the opportunity to show off some real talents.

This is part of the topic we have been doing ‘What would you find in a Circus of Marvels?’ which we have been reading a book called ‘Ned’s circus of Marvels’. The children have really enjoyed all aspects of this topic and are completing their DT/Science projects at the moment.

Year 4 Stubbington Residential

A quick update from us all at Stubbington…

Monday was a fantastic day with lots of team building activities. We all showed off our co-operation skills to build our fantastic shelters which we needed to protect us from the sudden ‘downpour’ of the afternoon. We also showed some great communication skills to complete our Chaingangs activities. In the evening we had the amazing opportunity to see some fantastic photographs by local wildlife photographer Dennis Bright.

Tuesday has been another great day. We started off with a trip to the beach to make rock pools, sandcastles and find some fossils. This afternoon, we have set up our mammal hotels…fingers crossed we will get to meet some fascinating creatures tomorrow.

Here are a few photos from our time so far. We look forward to sharing all our memories and experiences with everyone at school and home.