Garden Area Grows into Life!

Continuing their work in the garden area, children across the school worked in the conservation and garden area again today, in the hot morning sun clearing, tidying and renovating the garden area.

As you can see from the pictures, there was much to be done but by the end of the morning, children had surpassed themselves with their efforts. Working busily clearing nettles and sticky weed, weeding the raised bed from the marauding weeds and completely rejuvenating the greenhouse (with its recycled floor) was a sight to behold.

The sticky weed was no match for our rakes!
The greenhouse was cleaned, tidied and had a new floor!
The rhubarb produced its first crop – which has been taken home to be stewed into compote!
Despite fighting the weeds, strawberry plants are starting to show flowers & FRUITS!
More sticky weeds meet their match!
We found an 18 year old plaque in the undergrowth… with the help of a battery drill and some careful help, it was secured to the greenhouse door!
Watering and weeding at the same time – this was a wet combination!
The sunflowers are creeping up their support poles! Slowly…
They might look fierce… but these two did a FANTASTIC (& safe) job of clearing the nettles… they completed a 7m length of 1.5m high nettles in no time at all!
New artificial (fake) grass around the greenhouse – left over from the adventure playground job.
This will make the area nicer to walk on and avoid the muddy swamp.
Blue and green should never be seen?!?!
These are not trees… they are potatoes… can’t wait to see what is growing under the surface of the soil!
Our dwarf beans are…… well…….. umm……… tiny.
Raspberries have fruits too – they aren’t ripe yet though.
A much nicer place to work for the children…
Finished for now and growing steadily in the sunshine…
The first strawberries are growing well…

Well done to all of the children who took part… your hard work looks amazing! See you all again soon in Gardening Club!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Photos of nature in ICT!

In Year 5 this term, we are taking photos of the nature outside. We are doing that in ICT, using technology to help us to take the pictures and then to use them in our work.

First, we looked on the computer to get some ideas into our head about photography and how to take pictures of nature around us. Then we used the Learnpads and went outside to take the photos around the school site. We worked in small groups to share the Learnpads and we had lots of fun!

We didn’t need to worry too much about if we took the wrong photo as Mrs Burdett would show us how to delete it. The most important thing was to capture the right picture at the right moment. It was extremely fun!

[Written by Bethan Dew ~ Digital Leader]


The gardening group in the garden on Tuesday. Two children were digging under a rotten tree stump that looked a bit like this one. We were digging and under the black soul we found a family of baby stag beetle lave that we put in a screw pot and we showed them to the school the same day. At the end of the day we released them in the forest behind the school and they now have a new home by the P.E shed. We had a lot of fun getting them out of there. Over the half term holiday we think some teen aged boys had come in and lobbed are tires in the school lake that is really dirty. Mr thorns and some children helped to hook them out with some rakes and when we were fishing around in the filth a frog jumped out and went into the woods.  [Written By Jack B Digital Leader]

Garden Area Coming To Life!

As many of you will have known about or seen, the school’s garden area continues to be transformed over the past months in readiness for the coming year of seed-sowing, plant growing and vegetable picking!

The area (which was tired and in need of some careful attention) has been worked on by several groups of children over the past months, culminating in a recent clean up of the newly created area.

In the summer, new raised beds were built, painted and installed, in preparation for the coming springtime. The greenhouse roof and sides were repaired ready for sowing inside. A new tyre wall (made from recycled car tyres) was generously donated by Gosport Garage Services, who are working in partnership with us to create effective, low cost walling, to protect the area from encroaching nettles and in the future, for these tyres to be able to plant into.


Leaf Clearing Day (1) Leaf Clearing Day (2)

Leaf Clearing Day (4)Leaf Clearing Day (5) Leaf Clearing Day (12)Leaf Clearing Day (7)Leaf Clearing Day (6) Leaf Clearing Day (8) Leaf Clearing Day (9) Leaf Clearing Day (10) Leaf Clearing Day (11)

Children recently spent time filling tyres with leaf mulch (ready to be composted) and clearing the pathways and raised beds of the weeds which had recently moved in! If you feel that you would be able to donate materials for the garden area – anything from Bamboo poles and compost, to odd or extra plants or flowerpots, these would be greatly received. Have a chat to Mr Thorns or Mrs Carter (who are in charge of the projects) to see if you or your company are able to lend support. It would be hugely appreciated.

Plans for the future include seating areas, vegetable planting, increases in the tyre walling and an outside observation area… we shall see!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

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A few days ago, I went out gardening with some other children and pulled loads of weeds out of garden beds in our schools garden and pond area. This was very exciting!Image result for rhubarb

We got to dig out loads of rhubarb and one lucky child in Year 5  got to take it all home with her. In the pond area we also found some blackberries and raspberries that were yummy! We were supervised by Mr Thorns and Mrs Carter. We split up into teams and planted some peas and tied them up with string.

This was a extremely fun but it was also a very messy lesson.

[Written by Louise F ~ Digital Leader]



Spring Watch at Crofton Anne Dale

In Year 6, we are doing an environmental study in our school grounds. We are looking for signs of Spring as part of our Spring Watch project.

Are there any signs of Spring where you live? Upload photos of the things that you spot and maybe leave a post with comments about the signs of Spring you have seen.

Garden Project – March 2013

 Some images of the garden before the revamp began – from our tired looking greenhouse, to our bulging compost heap!School Grounds Day 011 School Grounds Day 007  School Grounds Day 005 Eventually however, our adult support tackled the heap – and won!Even the fire brigade turned up to lend a hand (and give us an opportunity to explore the fire engine itself)

 A tasty supply of cakes and warm drinks kept us fuelled!

It was messy work… as Mr O’Brien soon found out!

Overall, a tiring but very worthwhile day – our Garden Project is really looking much improved and ready for classes to start planting and using the area in the Spring and Summer terms. Thank you to everyone that helped on the day!