Karate Club At Anne Dale

On Thursdays at Crofton Anne Dale, there is a karate club for all year groups (only for pupils at Crofton Anne Dale). For the first few lessons you can go free and you can wear your P.E kit instead of a karate suit. Occasionally, the sense/instructor lets you play a game a afterwards, if there is enough time left.

There are a two different games. Team dodge ball and one were you run around the hall while other people try to hit you with foam balls. Team dodge ball is usually played at the end of term/half term because sense lets us play for a long time and the karate session is a little shorter. The rules are if you get hit by one of the balls (and it didn’t bounce off the floor) you have to do ten push ups and if you throw the ball the someone one the other team catches it, your whole team has to do ten push ups. The other game is played after we have finished the karate.

[Written by Jariya S-Digital Leader]



Football Tournament – HW5 v KB5!

Before half term, HW5 and KB5 met outside on the front field for a football tournament. We split ourselves into two groups – people that like football and people that don’t and then split those groups into HW5 and KB5. The winner was going to be the class with the most goals. There was quite a lot of different rules to normal football though… No goalkeepers, no corners, no free kicks, no penalties, just attacking and defending. Some matches were harder, ending about 2-1 but the scores went up as high as 7-0! In the end the winners were… HW5 and KB5 – it was a draw! Who will win the next tournament? HW5 or KB5 ?

[Written by Luke S – Digital Leader]

Football Club at Anne Dale…

In Football Club this half term, we did matches, learnt skills and even warm ups! Mr Peplow set up this club. Our warm ups were stretches and a 3 LAPS OF THE FRONT FIELD! We practise skills such as scissors, dribbling and passing the ball to your partner.

We play our match for nearly 1 hour. You feel like you might almost die at the end of the match because you’re so exhausted?! If you are interested in coming along to football club, speak to Mr Peplow to find out more.

[Written By Noah – Digital Leader]

Yr. 3 and 4 Swimming Gala!

On Tuesday 3rd May, a swimming team made up of 6 boys and 6 girls from Yr 3 and Yr 4 were chosen to take part in a swimming gala at Locks Heath. They arrived at around 12:30 via mini bus and swam in relays, individual races and floating challenges. (Click off this blog NOW if you’d like to keep the results a secret!) Amazingly, encouragement, teamwork and determination scored them an incredible 1st place! ūüôā

For those swimmers who were in the competition, we all hope you had fun and well done for the 1st place!!! If you’re interested in swimming, you could always ask your Mum or Dad and maybe one day you’ll be in a swimming gala!

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader ~ MP4]

Hula-Hooping Club!

Hula-Hooping club has recently started on a Monday after school. Yr.3 and 4 have had an option to join and learn new skills and tricks with Hula-hoops. Here is an interview with Lilly who has joined Hula-hooping club: 

Digital leader (MP4): Why did you join Hula-hooping club?

Lilly: Because I thought it would be fun.

Digital leader (MP4): What is your favorite part of it?

Lilly: Doing tricks with the Hula-hoops!

Digital leader (MP4): Would you recommend it and why?

Lilly: Yes, because it gives you an opportunity to learn lots of skills in Holley-hooping

Digital leader (MP4): On a scale of 0-10 how much fun would you rate it?

Lilly: 10

Digital leader (MP4): If you could change 1 thing, what would it be?

Lilly: If we could do it with ribbons as well.

Check out Hula-hooping for yourself at home. You might find that you enjoy it. Remember, Yr. 5 and 6 will get the option to join later this year.

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader in MP4]

Badminton Showdown!

In Anne Dale over the recent months the badminton members have been practising for a big tournament at our school to play against a challenging school: Hook with Warsash.

It was very enjoyable and was a tough match but we managed to win the badminton tournament.  The final match was the most challenging and we managed to win that too! Everybody was boiling hot and were weary but luckily there were refreshments.


The team of members – Group photo

[Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

Year 3 & 4 Benchball Tournament Champions!

On January 26th a team from Year 3 and 4 all went to Fareham collage for a Bench ball tournament. Both teams were doing very well until they had to face each other in the quarter finals, luckily we would go through. In the end the Year 4 team went through to the semi-finals and in the semi’s they were against another Year 3 team. The Year 4 team won that game as well but the team they beat thought it was a draw!

So the Year 4 team went through to the finals and that was where they showed resilience Рthey went ahead to win the whole tournament.

[Written by Freddie ~ Digital leader]

Dance in PE with K3…

In K3 we have  been doing dance as part of our work in Year 3 PE!

We have been pretending to be in the Jungle, the Sahara, and the Ocean, some groups have even been pretending that they are in space! We have had to practice our dance moves together as a group, working as a team and keeping in time with the type of music from that area too.

This can be a bit hard at times! We have been using pictures to help us, including photos of the different movements that we can do with our friends to complete the task.

We are going to be performing these at the end of the term too!

[Written by Eva Medd ~ Digital Leader]

A Sneaky Benchball game…

In Year 5 with Miss Bridge, we normally do multi-skills circuits this term. That is where we have different tasks to do using different strength, speed and fitness training to improve our stamina and fitness levels. It definitely makes you fitter and it definitely wears you out – even when you have been doing it for 4 weeks!

At the end of the lesson we have a sneaky 10 minutes that Miss Bridge let us play bench ball – we play in our house colours.





Last week it ended up as a draw – next week, who knows who will win!

[Written by Max.M ~ Digital Leader]

World Orienteering Championships!!!!

During the summer holidays I went to Scotland to see the world orienteering championships because my Dad was the head of the First Aid.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is were you run around and hold a map and a dibber. This has got numbers on it and you have to follow the map to find the numbers that are on the map and are marked in the ground with a dibber hole on it that you put your dibber into and it should beep. Then at the end of the trail you go to download and you get your time. 

My sisters point of view:

When me and my sitter found out we were going to Scotland we were extremely excited!!! We hadn’t been to Scotland in a while and were looking forward to doing some orienteering ourselves. I was really pleased when we offered to help and we got to actually meet the athletes. I was so inspired by my trip, I am now doing a lot more orienteering and I’m really enjoying it. I really hope we get to go to the world orienteering championships again some time!!!

[Written by Year 3 Digital Leader]