The circus comes to Crofton Anne Dale


Today we had someone come in to show us a few Circus skills. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and had the opportunity to show off some real talents.

This is part of the topic we have been doing ‘What would you find in a Circus of Marvels?’ which we have been reading a book called ‘Ned’s circus of Marvels’. The children have really enjoyed all aspects of this topic and are completing their DT/Science projects at the moment.

Year 4 Stubbington Residential

A quick update from us all at Stubbington…

Monday was a fantastic day with lots of team building activities. We all showed off our co-operation skills to build our fantastic shelters which we needed to protect us from the sudden ‘downpour’ of the afternoon. We also showed some great communication skills to complete our Chaingangs activities. In the evening we had the amazing opportunity to see some fantastic photographs by local wildlife photographer Dennis Bright.

Tuesday has been another great day. We started off with a trip to the beach to make rock pools, sandcastles and find some fossils. This afternoon, we have set up our mammal hotels…fingers crossed we will get to meet some fascinating creatures tomorrow.

Here are a few photos from our time so far. We look forward to sharing all our memories and experiences with everyone at school and home.

Year 6 Green Day cooking

Today’s Green Day was the Year 6’s opportunity to choose cooking. We decided to have a Great British Bake-off style competition where the children had to decorate a variety of different biscuits using careful icing techniques, as well as draw them. There may have been a little christmas music and singing to help them on their way. It is the 1st of December after all!!!  

Year 4 Homework 17.11.17

Homework – 17th November 2017
This week in class we have been learning about our teeth and the different functions that they have.  We would like you to create a poster to persuade people to look after their teeth.  The best ones will be put on display!



Remembrance Day Display

We have been absolutely blown away by the creativity and thought the children put into their Remembrance Day pieces. We have put together a display of a selection of the children’s pieces. Here are pictures of some of the children’s work and a video put together by a Year 4 child.

Thank you to everyone at home for your support with these amazing creations.

   Remembrance song video

King James I

Year 5 have been learning about King James I and the religious conflicts that occurred which led to the plotters: Robert Catsesby, Thomas Wintour, Thomas Percy and Guy Fawes also known as John Johnson attempting to blow up the House of Lords. The children have been working on their writing skills that will enable them to write a report to inform. 

A Final Blog Post from Mr T…

As you are no doubt aware, today is my last day at Anne Dale after nearly 8 years at the school, working alongside many hundreds of children who have passed through Anne Dale’s gates.

I have been so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach so many of the children as they have moved through the different year groups and having seen the AnneDaleBlogs grow and grow over past years, I couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you and goodbye to both children and parents from the school community.children-in-need-day

My work here at Anne Dale has been a wonderful chapter of my teaching career, filled with a great many memorable moments (famed I am sure for the many Pantomime outfits that I have arrived to work wearing!). Thank you also to the many parents and children who have spoken with me recently – I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable Christmas break, good luck for the future,

Mr Thorns.

Year 3 Christmas Time Travelling Production!

This morning, children across the school were treated to a wonderful Christmas Image result for christmas starsproduction from Year 3 – performed with a starlight background and filled with Christmas magic. Pupils watched with interest and enthusiasm as Time Travelling Doctors made their way in search of Christmas surprises.

Children spoke their lines clearly and filled the hall with a beautiful harmony of Christmas singing. With a splattering of Christmas cracker jokes, Year 3 also enlightened children from across the year groups with a host of “laugh-o-meter” gags!

We are sure that parents are in for a real treat during their performance and will enjoy the show! Well done to Year 3 for a fantastic production!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Homework for Year 3

Hi Year 3!

We are very much looking forward to our Christmas production on Thursday 15th December.

As homework, we are asking the children to learn any lines that they have for the show (they have their scripts) and also the words to the songs, which you will find attached below.

The children are working extremely hard to put together a truly spectacular show, which we are sure you will all enjoy.