Year 4 Spellings

The children will have a spelling test during the week beginning 15th October.  This will be on the exception words that they have been learning in school and practicing for homework.  Please support your children with this.  The words are:  accident, grammar, possible, believe, interest, strange, reign, various, possible.

Year 4 Spellings

This week we have been looking at spellings using the prefixes anti- and inter-

Examples of the words we have looked at are:

  • antiseptic
  • antihistamine
  • anticlockwise
  • antidote
  • anticlimax
  • internet
  • international
  • intervene
  • interfere
  • interrupt

Year 4 spellings – Spring 2

The spellings we will be working on in Year 4 this term are below. Please help your children at home by taking time to practise the spellings and ensure the children understand the meanings of each of the words.

  • sentence
  • separate
  • special
  • exercise
  • regular
  • different
  • remember
  • although
  • through
  • complete

Please also remember to continue practising the children’s times tables and reading. Children should all have their logins for Timestables Rockstars. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Remembrance Day Display

We have been absolutely blown away by the creativity and thought the children put into their Remembrance Day pieces. We have put together a display of a selection of the children’s pieces. Here are pictures of some of the children’s work and a video put together by a Year 4 child.

Thank you to everyone at home for your support with these amazing creations.

   Remembrance song video

Year 4 Homework 03.11.17

For homework this week, we would like you to think about Remembrance Sunday. On Tuesday, we will be having a celebration assembly. We would like you to create something that we could share during this time. How you present it is up to you. It could be a poem, a reflection, or a piece of art work symbolising this important date.

Image result for poppy

We would like homework to be in school on Monday 6th November. Thank you.

Year 4 Viking Day

Year 4 have had a fantastic start to their Viking day. We have all been so impressed with all the effort that has gone into the children’s outfits and shields…very creative. Thank you to everyone at home who helped to get these ready.

Here are some great pictures of some of the children’s efforts and our chance to see some real replicas of Viking weapons.

A Final Blog Post from Mr T…

As you are no doubt aware, today is my last day at Anne Dale after nearly 8 years at the school, working alongside many hundreds of children who have passed through Anne Dale’s gates.

I have been so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach so many of the children as they have moved through the different year groups and having seen the AnneDaleBlogs grow and grow over past years, I couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you and goodbye to both children and parents from the school community.children-in-need-day

My work here at Anne Dale has been a wonderful chapter of my teaching career, filled with a great many memorable moments (famed I am sure for the many Pantomime outfits that I have arrived to work wearing!). Thank you also to the many parents and children who have spoken with me recently – I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable Christmas break, good luck for the future,

Mr Thorns.