Remembrance Day Display

We have been absolutely blown away by the creativity and thought the children put into their Remembrance Day pieces. We have put together a display of a selection of the children’s pieces. Here are pictures of some of the children’s work and a video put together by a Year 4 child.

Thank you to everyone at home for your support with these amazing creations.

   Remembrance song video

King James I

Year 5 have been learning about King James I and the religious conflicts that occurred which led to the plotters: Robert Catsesby, Thomas Wintour, Thomas Percy and Guy Fawes also known as John Johnson attempting to blow up the House of Lords. The children have been working on their writing skills that will enable them to write a report to inform. 

A Final Blog Post from Mr T…

As you are no doubt aware, today is my last day at Anne Dale after nearly 8 years at the school, working alongside many hundreds of children who have passed through Anne Dale’s gates.

I have been so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach so many of the children as they have moved through the different year groups and having seen the AnneDaleBlogs grow and grow over past years, I couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you and goodbye to both children and parents from the school community.children-in-need-day

My work here at Anne Dale has been a wonderful chapter of my teaching career, filled with a great many memorable moments (famed I am sure for the many Pantomime outfits that I have arrived to work wearing!). Thank you also to the many parents and children who have spoken with me recently – I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable Christmas break, good luck for the future,

Mr Thorns.

Natural Disasters in HW5!

Over the last few weeks, HW5 have been learning about natural disasters. A natural disaster is something bad that happens that is not man-made but made only by nature. For instance, a hurricane. No person can make a hurricane, it is only made by nature.

Other natural disasters include: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, droughts, avalanches, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, dust storms, sink holes, blizzards and tornadoes. HW5 have also been creating leaflets on information we have found out about natural disasters. Here are some of the ones we are included: Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Here are some pictures of natural disasters. I’m glad we haven’t been effected by any these! 

[Written by Digital Leader in HW5]

Football Tournament – HW5 v KB5!

Before half term, HW5 and KB5 met outside on the front field for a football tournament. We split ourselves into two groups – people that like football and people that don’t and then split those groups into HW5 and KB5. The winner was going to be the class with the most goals. There was quite a lot of different rules to normal football though… No goalkeepers, no corners, no free kicks, no penalties, just attacking and defending. Some matches were harder, ending about 2-1 but the scores went up as high as 7-0! In the end the winners were… HW5 and KB5 – it was a draw! Who will win the next tournament? HW5 or KB5 ?

[Written by Luke S – Digital Leader]

NSPCC Visit Anne Dale!

As part of the NSPCC’s involvement in schools nationwide, children at Anne Dale took part in workshops covering different ways of supporting children who might be facing difficult challenges in their lives – both at school and at home. Image result for nspcc

They discussed several different types of neglect and abuse, thinking carefully about how they could deal with this and seek help and discussing in groups whether this was safe and considering how “Buddy” (NSPCC’s mascot) would feel about it.

A team from the NSPCC visited classes in Year 5 and will be visiting Year 6, speaking about keeping safe, how to spot different types of abuse and neglect and how children can seek support from the NSPCC and ChildLine if they need to…

Children listened carefully and responsibly throughout and have gained a deeper understanding of the topics covered, thanks to the time and efforts of this dedicated team of workers from the NSPCC.

Image result for childline

[Written by Mr Thorns]