Year 5 Spellings to be tested on 17.06.2016


Date Set: 10/06/2016

Test Date: 17/06/2016


High Frequency Words

Group 2 – ‘cious’ and ‘tious’


most another precious delicious  

5 mystery words will also be tested.

which clothes spacious infectious
inside mother vicious conscious
jumped stopped cautious ambitious
under really anxious gracious

For the main spellings, children will be tested on 15 words each week. When a spelling rule has been taught (apart from homophones and i before e rule), they will only be given 10 at home to learn and will also be given 5 mystery words that follow the same rule but do not appear on the list. Don’t forget to look up in a dictionary the meaning of any words that you are not sure about.

Can you still spell these words correctly when they are placed within a sentence?

Year 5 Half-Term Homework

Half Term Homework

Date Set: Friday 27th May

Date Due: Wednesday 8th June

Please hand in your arithmetic paper and SPAG paper with a parental signature to show that you have discussed these with an adult.

  1. Go through your arithmetic test with a parent, discussing how you could improve your answers and practise answering similar questions (we will be addressing the gaps from the other test papers in class).


  1. Go back through your SPAG paper and improve any answers that you answered incorrectly (there is a SPAG booklet on the school’s website under curriculum if needed). You also have your activelearnprimary password that you can use to practise difficult areas:


  1. In July, we will be holding an exciting Robin Hood Day. Design your own Robin Hood costume and begin to collect together old clothing that could be used for your outfit. You will need to be able to get these clothes slightly wet and muddy as most of the activities will be held outside. You will receive further information about this day next half term.



  1. Continue to make sure you keep running over those key skills: times tables, corresponding division facts, telling the time in both 12hr and 24hr (including interpreting timetables if opportunities arise over the holidays) and number bonds to 1000 from multiples of 10, e.g. 760 + 240 = 1000.

Half Term Homework due in 24.02.16

Half Term Homework                                  Date set: 12.02.16         Date due: 24.02.16

Create a poster to explain about the homophones we have been learning this half term and any top tips for remembering the correct spellings.

This should help you to prepare for a dictation we will be doing after half term which will cover all we have learnt this half term including the following: homophones, -ough, -able/-ible and exception words. Previous lists should still be available on the blog.

Group 1


Group 2

Main Spellings – Tricky Homophones (nouns/verbs)

your missed devise practise affect
you’re mist device licence effect
they’re heel advise license dessert
there heal advice stationery desert
their he’ll practice stationary