The circus comes to Crofton Anne Dale


Today we had someone come in to show us a few Circus skills. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and had the opportunity to show off some real talents.

This is part of the topic we have been doing ‘What would you find in a Circus of Marvels?’ which we have been reading a book called ‘Ned’s circus of Marvels’. The children have really enjoyed all aspects of this topic and are completing their DT/Science projects at the moment.

Year 6 Green Day cooking

Today’s Green Day was the Year 6’s opportunity to choose cooking. We decided to have a Great British Bake-off style competition where the children had to decorate a variety of different biscuits using careful icing techniques, as well as draw them. There may have been a little christmas music and singing to help them on their way. It is the 1st of December after all!!!  

Remembrance Day Display

We have been absolutely blown away by the creativity and thought the children put into their Remembrance Day pieces. We have put together a display of a selection of the children’s pieces. Here are pictures of some of the children’s work and a video put together by a Year 4 child.

Thank you to everyone at home for your support with these amazing creations.

   Remembrance song video

Year 6 Homework

Homework grid for ‘How are we the same? How are we different?’ unit

Each week you will need to complete one maths, one english and one theme activity.  There are more theme activities than weeks so that you have a choice of what to complete.  Tick them off as you do them.

This grid will run for 4 weeks.


Each week choose one:

Find the population of 5 countries and round to the nearest tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions


Time how fast you can write the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables in order


Find out what mean, median and mode mean and explain using examples


Complete the maths challenge sheet you have been given


Each week choose one:

Look up the meaning of each of your spellings in a dictionary and write the definition


Write a sentence for each of your spellings using the word in context


Write a short story (less than 1 page) with the title ‘We are the same but different’.


Write a list of 10 words and their antonyms (opposites)


Each week choose one:

Create an information sheet using the facts from the knowledge organiser.

Ask someone to quiz you on the information on the knowledge organiser- get them to sign your homework bk

Find out what does and create an information page.

Create a poem about what diversity means.

Draw a poster explaining tolerance.

Create an anti-smoking poster.

Investigate the main beliefs of the Muslim faith and write a paragraph explaining what you have found out.


Osmington Update Day 5

We enjoyed our last full day of activities yesterday with 3 groups going off-site to do raft building. Everyone had a great day, despite getting a bit wet, although some children regretted forgetting to bring dry shoes and underwear!
We have enjoyed glorious sunshine for the best part of the week, other than first thing yesterday morning but that just added to the challenge of abseiling and the trapeze. The children have been fantastic at pushing themselves to experience new activities but the exercise and fresh air are now taking their toll as lots of them had to be woken up for breakfast today. We’re out of our rooms and everything is packed ready for the journey home but not before a final morning of activities.  We will be enjoying our last meal here at lunchtime and then get straight onto the coach to return home with some extremely tired children who are looking forward to catching up with their families and sharing all the amazing memories they have made over the past five days.

Osmington Update 2017 Day 2

We have enjoyed a much more settled night after a fun packed day of activities yesterday. Everyone is eating well, let’s say a balanced diet (fruit from the dinner hall and sweets and chocolate from the shop).
The main activities from today have been Jacobs ladder and raft building. Many fears have been conquered and a few soggy items of clothing have been made ready for our return. 
An evening of good food, running around and lots of laughter ahead of us…and hopefully another settled night ready for our last full day of activities.

Osmington Update 2017 Day 1

We had a nice smooth run to Osmington Bay, getting here in just under an hour and a half. We had the opportunity to spend some time on the beach eating our lunch before we investigated the new rooms we will be sleeping in for the next few nights. 
It is fantastic to learn how eager some children are to have multiple showers now they have their own rooms and I’m sure that hiding places have been found for their secret stashes of sweets.
As we start our first full day of activities, we are all full of excitement and a little apprehension of what is to come. Initial fears about some of the activities have quickly disappeared due to the thrill and enjoyment of the activities.
All of this is happening in the beautiful sunshine and with the picturesque view of Weymouth Bay.

Year 6 Homework until SATs

Please use the CGP Maths and English books to help with revision. Aim to complete at least 2 x Maths and 2 x English per week (write the short date on the top of the page so we can track how you are doing).
We would like to see your Maths book one week and your English book the following week. Please hand in your Maths book on 1st March.
We have been so impressed with your attitude to learning this week! Keep on going!