Belarussian Visitor to Anne Dale!

Recently, Year 6 entertained an important visitor from Belarus – Mikolai – who is currently staying in the UK as part of the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line (CCLL). He is spending just 4 weeks in the UK, living with Mr Thorns and his family, in order that he might be able to live a healthier and happier life.

Mikolai comes from a small village called Azyaty, in Belarus. Azyaty, like many towns in that country, has been exposed to radiation (from an accident where a nuclear reactor exploded in the nearby town of Chernobyl and this dangerous radiation came seeping out covering miles around). All of that radiation affect people who live near it – it makes them ill, very tired and gives them other health problems. Mikolai coming over here for just one month can help to extend his life by another 2 years. Usually Mikolai goes out on day trips with the charity, but on this particular day, he visited Anne Dale!

To start off in the morning we started by saying ‘strasvoyateya’ (‘hello’ in Russian) and he said ‘allo’ back! After that Mikolai played checkers (very popular in Belarus) with Maddie J and thrashed her in both matches! In break time, Mikolai played catch with a few of Year 6  and played a bit of football too – he wasn’t as good at football as checkers!

During the next lesson, Mikolai joined T6 for an Art lesson, doing some great drawings of plants and flowers, just like us for our Georgia O’Keefe work.

For lunch, we ate outside (as it was very sunny) and Mikolai joined us for a picnic. After this, we played catch once again and a bit more football. I think Mikolai seemed to be enjoying it – particularly the adventure trail.

After lunch, it was time for Mikolai to go back to Mr Thorns’ home, looking VERY tired (this is another side effect of the radiation in Belarus – it can make children very easily tired). We hope that Mikolai really enjoyed his time at Anne Dale and we look forward to him returning soon!

Here is some Russian(in case you see Mikolai around school again before he leaves to return to Belarus):

Yes: Da

No: Nyet

My name is : Mn ya savoot

How are you? : Kak dyela?

Good: Horrosho

Bad: Plocka

Thank you: Spazeeba

Please: Pojalsta

Written by Ben T and Mr Thorns (T6)

Forensic Science for Year 6…

On Wednesday 4th of June, T6 visited Crofton Secondary School to do some Forensic Science (in order to solve a murder mystery). This involved new and exciting science skills and equipment and lots of detective work.

First we had to decide which person’s pen was used to write the note found in the victim’s pocket. In order to find out what pen was used, we had to use chromatography – where you have a sample of the ink from the pen that was used and compare this to samples of all of the suspect’s pens next to it. Once you have a small ‘dot’ of each pen on a piece of absorbent paper, you place it in a small beaker with a tiny amount of water at the bottom. The water soaks into the paper, spreads up to the ink separating the dyes and you can see which sample of ink looks like the sample of ink found on the victim! Amazing!

The second experiment we did was to explore fibres from clothing. We had to compare the fibres found on the victim to the ones found on the suspects using a microscope. It took a long time but after a few minutes we found the one that was a match, helping us to locate the murderer more easily.

The third experiment we did was look at a white powder that was found near the victim. We already knew that part of this was salt but there was another substance in the mixture as well. We had many theories including glass, plastic or even drugs, however, none of them were correct… we finally discovered the small crystals were in fact diamonds.

The fourth experiment we did was to compare bicycle tire wheels from the suspects to the one found near the murder itself. After looking carefully at the tire tracks we came to a decision as to which one matched the tire tracks from the murder…

The fifth experiment we did was to find out if the two red substances found by the mouth and wrist of the victim were blood. To find out if any of the substances were blood we added a special chemical (hydrogen peroxide) that if added to blood, would start to bubble. It did indeed bubble!

The last experiment we did was to find out whose finger print was left at the scene. To do this we put the finger print (which was on a piece of card) into a jar full of iodine gas (which reacted with the oils from the killer’s hand) producing a clear fingerprint in the jar of iodine gas. We compared the finger print from the jar to the suspects’ fingerprints.

In con conclusion we found the entire test results lead to a very clear outcome – the substance in the powder was diamond and the red liquid found by the victim’s mouth was blood. Which lead us to the conclusion that the killer was trying to make the victim smuggle the diamonds for them, however, a fight ensued and the victim was murdered…..

We can’t tell you who it was….. you’ll have to visit Crofton when YOU are in Year 6!

Written By Maddy T (T6)

Hovercraft in Science…

Before half term T6 made miniature hovercraft as part of our Science on forces and friction. They were made from a balloon, a bottle top (eg fruit shoot) and a CD. The way we made them was by blowing up a balloon and carefully placing it around the top of the bottle lid (which was closed) and then blue-tacking the bottle top to the CD. When the bottle lid is then opened, the air rushes out of the balloon, escapes from the hole in the CD and lifts the hovercraft up from the table on a cushion of air.

We then tried blowing the hovercraft with straws to try and make it reach the other end of the table, before the air flow ended and the friction increased.

After the experiment Abbie somehow managed to deflate her balloon around the CD itself and it looked like a white flying saucer with a tall top (from the bottle lid). She then went to show Mr O’Brien her invention who was particularly impressed!

Altogether, a great science lesson which we all enjoyed.

Written by Rhys G (T6)

D.T. Bridge Building

T6 spent an afternoon working on their team skills and problem solving – they were set a design task to build a structurally engineered bridge, capable of holding weight, being driven under and using only a small selection of relatively weak materials…

Children were only provided with art straws, masking tape, newspaper, small strips of card and cotton reels, to make a bridge on a baseboard ready to hold over a kilogram of weight! Quite a challenge!

As you can see the teams got off to a good start, working well as groups and forming their structures quickly…

Cotton Reel Supports are quickly built...
Cotton reel supports are quickly built…

Some teams took a “smother-all” approach!

Did they use enough tape?
Did they use enough tape?

While other groups focused on decorating/defending their bridges from intruders!

Spiky... but is it strong?!
Spiky… but is it strong?!

Finally… the bridges were ready to be stretched to their limits…. some buckled… some fell apart… some were torn into pieces by an angry engineering mob! (well perhaps it wasn’t quite that extreme)…. but it was fun nonetheless……..

Waiting with anticipation of a collapse.......
Waiting with anticipation of another collapse…

Before a winner finally emerged! Holding over 3.5kg of weight (until we ran out of weights in the room!) without collapsing and fulfilling all of the success criteria in the session! Well done!

The Winning Design......
The Winning Design……

Barnardos Bears!

Crofton Anne Dale Juniors are pleased to announce that the Barnardos Bears have been awarded!!

Here is a picture of the lucky winner in Year 6, who was chosen at random from the massive selection of children who painted and cared for their boiled eggs, a few weeks ago. Well done to everyone who took part!


Year 6 Writing… “Walking through the door…..”

In Year 6, we have been writing descriptive stories based on stepping through a door.
Where that door leads, what is behind it and why we are going inside is all up to our Year 6 writers… some stories are scary, some are full of wonder, some are just plain bizarre!
Here’s an extract from Abbie T and Hayley F-R’s work from Mr Thorns’ English class… we hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment below if you like what you read!

“I walked up a crooked path. I stopped. As black as night, the deserted house stood majestically over me. I coughed. I shivered. I walked a bit closer, I saw sharp eyes watch me from around dark corners. The gargoyles looked as though they were moving. I knew the creatures and monsters of the night smelt my fear as I creaked open the door…

As my torch glowed like fire, the shimmering, shining moonlight shone through the clouds, straight through the window and into my eyes and the black wall stood behind me. I could just about make out glum shadows in the cruel darkness that surrounded me. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. I coughed as I inhaled the crusty, dusty, stale air. Then I saw something move. I panicked. I wondered at the things it might be… a zombie? A monster? A mystical beast beyond creation coming to feast on my soul? I shone my torch at it but it was just a hoover, knocked over by a rat. I sighed with relief.

I had had enough. It smelt disgusting. I edged towards the door when a cold white hand lay on my shoulder. The hand lay there. I dared not move. I swung around… the hand was gone… only leaving a trail of white powder on the floor. I darted out slamming the door behind me.


I had learned a lot that day and now I was aware of all the dangers and mysteries behind the old, deserted door. I would never step foot near that smashed, bug infested house with the tree like a skeleton hand again. Unfortunately my memory is washed out except for these words I have written, while the house will stand once again to catch it’s prey……………………….” By Abbie T (T6)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hayley stepped up to the old stone door. The lightning streaked across the trees. Hayley barely touched the door when it swiftly opened with a loud creek. Inside the tunnel was the sound of the “drip drop drip drop” of leaky pipes and fog seemed to hang in the air. Hayley sensed something or someone behind her. Terrified, she carried on to see where this tunnel ended. She could see the tiniest peep of light at the end of the tunnel but she seemed miles away… and was not getting there any time soon…

Hayley stumbled across the wet floor with the fog stinging her eyes. She inhaled the musty air, which made her feel clogged up – like her chest was enclosing in on her. In the distance, she could hear a faint whisper of someone calling her name. A little further and she stopped…

In the corner of her eye, she noticed a side path into what she thought was another dimension. She turned and instantly stepped closer. On the walls of the death room, were torn wrecked family pictures. One was of a person wearing a black cloak covering their body and face. Despite this, the eyes seemed to follow her around the room. As she stepped closer to the picture she heard the splash.

Hayley looked down slowly. At her feet was blood, as cold as stone. It looked like a gory lake of doom…………”         By Hayley F-R (T6)



Andrew Norris Visits Anne Dale…

On Thursday 7th March, Crofton Anne Dale Juniors had an important and interesting visitor – Andrew Norris, renowned children’s author, who visited as part of our World Book Day events…

Andrew gave a superb talk to the children, reflecting on what inspires him to write stories, entertaining the assembly with a magic trick and even conducting some excellent story telling – much to the delight of everyone in the hall…

A handful of lucky pupils even received FREE signed books from him too and the entire event was a real treat for everyone involved… Here are some pictures from the assembly and of Andrew meeting some of the lucky pupils afterwards…

Fauve Artwork by Year 6…

This Spring, Year 6 have been creating portraits in the style of The Fauves – a group of artists who used vibrant colours to shock and interest their audiences…

We have tried to copy their style ~ can you spot any Year 6’s in these images!

The Question of Wonder…

The Question of Wonder is back!

Each week here at Anne Dale, Miss Smith posts her Question of Wonder on the door outside of her room. Remember to have a look each week and stick a post-it note answer on the board – you might be this week’s winner!

Good luck and happy answering,

Mr Thorns