Andrew Norris Visits Anne Dale…

On Thursday 7th March, Crofton Anne Dale Juniors had an important and interesting visitor – Andrew Norris, renowned children’s author, who visited as part of our World Book Day events…

Andrew gave a superb talk to the children, reflecting on what inspires him to write stories, entertaining the assembly with a magic trick and even conducting some excellent story telling – much to the delight of everyone in the hall…

A handful of lucky pupils even received FREE signed books from him too and the entire event was a real treat for everyone involved… Here are some pictures from the assembly and of Andrew meeting some of the lucky pupils afterwards…

Fauve Artwork by Year 6…

This Spring, Year 6 have been creating portraits in the style of The Fauves – a group of artists who used vibrant colours to shock and interest their audiences…

We have tried to copy their style ~ can you spot any Year 6’s in these images!

The Question of Wonder…

The Question of Wonder is back!

Each week here at Anne Dale, Miss Smith posts her Question of Wonder on the door outside of her room. Remember to have a look each week and stick a post-it note answer on the board – you might be this week’s winner!

Good luck and happy answering,

Mr Thorns

Recorder Festival 2013

On the 26th of March, Hannah (T6), Rebecca (T6), Lauren (W6) and Beth (E6) visited Orchard Lea Junior School in Fareham! We were joined by 2 other schools which were Orchard Lea and the young Juniors from Siskin too. Miss Money – our recorder teacher – came with us. First, we did singing warm-ups and then practised the pieces we would be playing later. After that, we had a 15 minute break outside. When our break was over, the Hampshire Music Service teacher, who was called Mrs McKinley, showed us all the types of recorders in the recorder family for instance: a treble, a tenor, a bass, a great bass, a sopranino and many more.

Then the great concert began! The parents filed into the hall and listened to the jolly songs! The King Kong Konga, One Love, St Anthony Chorale (a very special song played by Crofton Anne Dale), Singing Playgrounds, I’m a Believer and a very groovy song at the end – Rocking all over world!

We got back just before lunchtime with smiles drawn upon our faces.

Written by Rebecca T and Hannah T (T6)

Recorder Concert

Greek Projects…

This March, Year 6 finished (or most of us at least) our Greek project leaflet/booklets. We had the choice of choosing Greek buildings, Greek food and drink, Greek fashion or Greek education. I learnt that the Greeks even had cake and that in their time even children were even allowed to drink wine! (But not shandy strangely!)

Finished or not, all the projects looked colourful and were brimming with interesting facts and efforts! Everyone gave 100% and did their very best to impress the teachers; some were so good they’d impress Zeus! (Greek god of the skies and King god). It is something that I think many of us would do again and it is something that I hope the Year 5’s will be able to do when they enter Year 6; anybody is capable of doing it! “It was really fun and exciting and it was fun to have a break from the ordinary!” said Lucy R (W6)

Written by Sean M (E6)


Amazing Osmington…

In early September we went to a life changing place… OSMINGTON!!!


On Monday we had a nervous journey to the school playground. After that we were shown into the hall where we had to say goodbye to our parents and hello to our new chalet members…

After that, we set off on a long journey (2 and half hours) heading to Osmington Bay PGL Activity Centre near Weymouth. After we had FINALLY arrived we were shown to our chalets, dumped our things there and had a spot of Lunch. Suddenly, we were told to go to the abseiling tower. It was so fun! We had to put lots of safety equipment on and had to abseil down a HUGE tower!


On Tuesday we had a look around Osmington and did 4 activities – including zip wires, a scavenger beach walk, low ropes and Jacob’s ladder.


On Wednesday we went to the most memorable place in all of Osmington… The GIANT SWING! We walked quite far to get to the giant swing. We had an anxious time getting our safety harnesses on. After we got our things on we rushed up to the giant swing… It was me and my partner on first and as soon as our friends had cranked us up to the highest level I pulled the rope and we flew at 50mph into the cold September air! It was amazing!

Giant Swing

In the afternoon we did orienteering – where we had to find all of the marker posts in the Osmington camp!


On Thursday we did another of the most memorable things in Osmington – DRAGON BOATING!

It was funny watching us get our weird waterproof suits on. However, after some training  we got onto the water and we had a few races. IT WAS SO FUN!!


On Friday we had to say goodbye to our paradise and went home… but it was worth the coach ride to see our beloved family again!

Written by Ben T (Year 6)

French Leaflets…

At school we are doing lot of fun stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever done something I didn’t like but my favourite thing was in my recent French lessons. We have been writing an information leaflet about a French speaking country. I chose Madagascar.

Firstly, we looked for information about our country using the internet. Then we completed French sentences with the information that we had found, which was tricky, before we looked for pictures of our country. At the end of the lessons, when we had got everything we needed, we wrote this into a leaflet using all of our French and English sentences. We coloured everything as best we could and the finished leaflets were amazing.

That was my favourite French lesson in whole my life!

Written by A.W (Year 6)

Drama Opportunities…

Regularly on a Friday morning the whole school would move classes to do different activity  during the second lesson. This is called Opportunities.

In the Spring term, I took part in Drama, led by Mr White. In the first week of opportunities we sat in a circle and said our names.before turning to the person on the left of us and saying a compliment about them. After that we played one word stories. Soon the first lesson was almost up but we played the party game – where Mr White invited us to join in with a pretend party – which was quite funny.

During the second opportunities we started off playing a game where we were in different situations and  Mr White would count to ten before the situation would get worse and worse. This was quite difficult and we had to think. After that we played a game where there each of us took a separate role – one was an alien, one a translator and one was a questioner. We had to ask the alien questions and the alien would reply in weird ways and the translator who have to tell the questioner what it meant. These are just a few of the things we did – and overall, we had great fun!

Written by Niamh W (Year 6)

Year 6 Crofton Electricity Trip…

This Spring term Year 6 have visited Crofton Secondary school on several trips as part of our science link with the school. This term, we explored using Locktronics to assist with our electricity topic. We investtigated the differences in using the Locktronics compared with our usual science work at Anne Dale, solving several problems and challenges along the way.

Here are some pictures of the trips,