Angela Fry Artist Visits Year 5!

In July, Angela Fry came into the Year 5 classes to make block printing and we all had lots of fun. She is a local artist who has worked with the school for many years and helped children all over the school to create artwork.

We all made mono prints, using polystyrene blocks and printing ink with rollers and everyone loved it. We all wanted to do it again. Angela Fry was really kind and she helped us when we got stuck too. It was a great visit!

I wish we could do it again.

[Written by Digital Leader – Bethan]

Robin Hood Day!

A sea of Robin Hoods, Friar Tucks, Maid Marions and Sheriffs descended upon the grounds of Crofton Anne Dale Junior School today as part of Year 5’s English unit based on the Legend of Robin Hood.  Teamwork, determination as well as an ability to withstand the lack of sun were just some of the skills seen today.  We even had a resident moth take a particular liking to one of the Robin Hoods!

SDC16175 SDC12155 SDC12167

SDC12158 SDC12176 SDC16173 SDC16180 SDC16182 SDC16184

A particular well done to the winning teams:

[Written by Mrs Burdett] 

T3 Rainforest Watercolour Painting!

As a colourful start to our rainforest work in Year 3, children in T3 have been creating rainforest paintings using watercolour paints. This was a delicate but enjoyable activity, with many children using watercolour s for the first time.

Children painted a variety of interesting designs, from poison dart frogs to tree top canopies with draping boa constrictors!

SDC11014 SDC11015 SDC11016 SDC11017 SDC11018 SDC11019 SDC11020 SDC11021 SDC11022 SDC11023 SDC11024 SDC11025 SDC11026 SDC11027 SDC11028 SDC11029 SDC11030

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Clay Work Masks in W4!

In W4, we have been making Viking masks. We made some designs and we put them into some real masks. Just like this one here…

We had some crazy designs that people came up with but we needed to narrow it down so we could make a mask that would not fall apart when we put it in the kiln.

We had great fun making them and we had many different disasters… Like my one I had to have four attempts and then Mrs Carter came over and did what I was finding really hard in around 1 minute and it took me 5 minutes to get it wrong 5 times!

We have now got some quotes from some of W4…

Jack Bryant: “I found it really hard!”

 [Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

Yr4 design Viking helmets!

Year 4 have been busy designing helmets which will soon be made into clay and painted. They have looked at the patterns and shapes of the Viking helmets and used them to help them come up with ideas for their own helmets.

This helmet is a real helmet which was discovered in 1964 by archaeologists. Some children took the design into account and put it into their own ideas.

[Written By Josie Solé ~ Digital Leader]

Anne Dale Art Competition!

This year, the whole school has been given a opportunity to win a prize in the Anne Dale Art Competition!

We have all been given a piece of paper and some paints to draw whatever we want. Some people have drawn pictures of space and some people have drawn  pictures of clear landscapes. Other people have drawn pictures of more imaginary landscapes or of things that don’t exist.

This has really let the children in our school express themselves and have a good time with Art. The winner will be chosen by a panel of the teachers and will then be framed and put up in the Headteacher’s offices, where they will be seen by visitors to the school.

If you want to take part, speak to your teacher to remind them of the closing date (Easter holidays) and get thinking of your best ideas!

[Written by Louise F ~ Digital Leader]


Artwork Sporting Figures!

Here in Year 5, we are making sporting figures in Art, using paper mache and newspaper to create our figures (which we will then paint to finish them off).

Its very disgusting though because we have to use the paper mache to make layers, this will make the figures strong and tough enough to paint. Eventually we got past that bit and now we are painting them!

I enjoy making these and I hope that the rest of Year 5 are too.

[Written by Owen Manley ~ Digital Leader]

Year 3 Art Printing Designs!

This week in art we have been doing printing designs of nature.

Our teacher handed out wooden blocks, which we then carved into. It was great fun! We used paint to print it onto the paper and it looked amazing – each one was like a miniature copy of themselves.

It was a fun way to observe nature and to use our pencil drawings to help us to make a really good printing block.

[Written by Alexandra M ~ Digtal leader]

T3 Designs from Nature!

We have been drawing excellent pictures of nature in our Art lessons. This is so we can make our own prints. We will use these amazing designs (that we have decided on ourselves) to make a printing block from polystyrene.

We will be carving the designs in the coming weeks, which we will be making from poster paints and coloured paper.

SDC10327 SDC10328 SDC10329 SDC10330 SDC10331 SDC10332 SDC10334

“It was really fun but it was tricky to make it look like it was meant to.” (Alice G)

“It was really hard to copy a plant that has been found – but it was easy in the end!” (Noah F)

“Drawing nature was really hard, but fun to do.” (Luke R)

“I think it was hard but I really enjoyed it. I did mine about this pinecone plant!” (Emily P-T)

[Written by Mr Thorns & T3 children]