Year 3 Christmas Time Travelling Production!

This morning, children across the school were treated to a wonderful Christmas Image result for christmas starsproduction from Year 3 – performed with a starlight background and filled with Christmas magic. Pupils watched with interest and enthusiasm as Time Travelling Doctors made their way in search of Christmas surprises.

Children spoke their lines clearly and filled the hall with a beautiful harmony of Christmas singing. With a splattering of Christmas cracker jokes, Year 3 also enlightened children from across the year groups with a host of “laugh-o-meter” gags!

We are sure that parents are in for a real treat during their performance and will enjoy the show! Well done to Year 3 for a fantastic production!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


A Final Farewell to Mrs Jones…

After 12 years at Crofton Anne Dale, Mrs Jones is retiring from Mrs JonesAnne Dale, moving on to enjoy leading adventurous walking groups in both the UK and abroad…

Since starting at the school in 2004, Mrs Jones has been a teacher, deputy head and Head of School at Anne Dale, giving many long years of service to generations of children across the local area.

Mrs Jones has contributed many things to Anne Dale, from her ever jolly attitude to school life, positivity to the highly popular history quizzes and ever competitive nature in sport…

During the leaving assembly, children across the school presented their good wishes, gifting books of memories to Mrs Jones from pupils across the school. Children sang brilliantly and provided a fitting send off to Anne Dale’s retiring Head of School.

You can read a final interview with Mrs Jones, as published in The Fox Newspaper… online here… Mrs Jones’ office was filled to bursting point with fond farewell tributes, gifts and messages of thanks from children and parents across the school… Here’s just a few of the sights that have surrounded her all day in her room!

SDC16250 SDC16251 SDC16252 SDC16253 SDC16254 SDC16255 SDC16256 SDC16257

I am sure that you will join the school in wishing Mrs Jones a fabulous retirement and in thanking her for her hard work and ever strong commitment to Anne Dale over her time here…


[Written on behalf of the school, by Mr Thorns]

Year 4 & 5 Rock the Seaside! (SPOILER ALERT!)

This morning, children across the school had the opportunity to watch the Year 4 & 5 school production practise of Seaside Rock! 

Taking a journey through the ages back to 1950’s children were shown a glimpse of life at the seaside, with singing, dancing and a fabulous display of many children learning large numbers of lines for the production!

With scenes ranging from a Punch-and-Judy show,  sweet fuelled coach journeys and a trip down memory pier! Children were entranced by a
shark infested fishing trips and a troupe of singing Grannies!

Parents are in for a real treat this week when many friends and relatives attend the evening performance on Tuesday. Tickets and details of this are available from the school office.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Who is the Best Leader?

Hello everyone,

Following on from my assembly this morning, please leave a comment below on who YOU think is the best leader and why. You need to give a reason, choosing from either the selection I mentioned in assembly, or one of your own…

The Queen (Elizabeth II) is a regal leader…
Barack Obama is one of the most powerful people in the world…
Richard Branson is worth around $5 billion!

There will be a prize for the best answer overall

Good luck, Mr Thorns 🙂

Hampshire Music Service visits Anne Dale!

Today, in a very lively and exciting assembly, Anne Dale was paid a visit by Miss Schwartz from Hampshire Music Service to demonstrate a variety of musical instruments across the brass and woodwind sections.

Children attempted regular breathing exercises to allow them to experience how an instrument is played. Making “pony noises”, “horse buzzing” and watching movements form an orchestra conductor, pupils gained an understanding of musical instruments.

As you can see from the pictures, children were enthralled and entertained by the skill and precision of the music teacher, who both entertained and inspired the school with her musical knowledge…

With tunes from Harry Potter, Star Wars and well known nursery rhymes, children learned about lengths of tubing, the use of different notes and an exploration of making music from a wide range of different instruments…

SDC10061 SDC10062 SDC10063 SDC10064 SDC10066 SDC10068

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 6 Performance of “What a Knight!”

Today saw Anne Dale play host to a company of knights, princesses, a talking dragon and King Arthur, as Year 6 performed their end of school production of “What a Knight!” What A Knight! (Junior Production) Cover

Set in the times of King Arthur and his ‘chicken’ knights of the round table, children performed their lines magnificently as they took the school on an adventure through history on a quest to find Excalibur, rescue a princess and defeat the evil Black Knight!

With stunning performances from a range of wacky and wonderful characters, including a magic mirror (with pop-out face), fashion-failure dress makers and rather interesting dusty-dragon! Torturous punishments included eating cucumber sandwiches with crusts on, watching the staff dance to “Night Fever” and wearing open-toed sandals with knee length socks. Such jokes had parents and children alike chortling in their seats!

With a fantastic cast, memorable songs and a splattering of fabulous cast members, this was certainly a Leavers Production to remember…

Check out some of the pictures below and leave a comment to tell us what you thought of the show!

SDC15981 SDC15980 SDC15972 SDC15973 SDC15971 SDC15970 SDC15975 SDC15977 SDC15974

SDC15982 SDC15983 SDC15984 SDC15985

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Sign Language Club at Anne Dale!

I wonder if you knew, but Anne Dale Juniors runs a weekly signing club for children from across the year groups, who performed in a signing assembly with their instructor Mrs Lawrence.

On Monday evening, they will be visiting Crofton Secondary school to demonstrate their skills. Mrs Lawrence has been working with them since January of this year. In a tear jerking rendition of “sing” by Gary Barlow, children “signed it louder, signed it clearer, knowing everyone would hear them…” Following this, the singing group performed “Proud” by Heather Small, using signs to convey a very powerful message – ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’

DSC00511 DSC00512 DSC00513

“I thought it was really good – they’ve learnt quite a lot to do the actions and everything too!” (Ella K3)

“It was really nice to learn how to communicate with people, especially if it waspart of their family they needed to speak with” (Harry SM3)

If you are interested in learning to sign or joining sign club in the coming year, then new places may become available in September. Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of this amazing assembly!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Red Nose Day – Biscuits and Bake Offs!

As part of Anne Dale’s regular commitment to helping charities, the whole school raised money for Red Nose Day (over £300) in a fun filled day of baking, biscuit decorating and the Great Anne Dale Bake Off!

During the day, every child in the school took part in a biscuit decorating activity, provided very kindly by the school’s PTA. As you can see from the images, children produced a wide variety of decorated biscuits. Some children were also selected to take part in the Bake Off, representing their classes, baking cakes for the afternoon judging.

In the afternoon, 2 cakes from each class’ batch were offered to a governing panel (comprised of school governors and even members of the OfSTED inspection team!). After rigorous tasting, judging and comments from the judges, B4 were announced the winners of the Great Anne Dale Bake Off! Well done B4!

SDC15186 SDC15187 SDC15195 SDC15196 SDC15199 SDC15202 SDC15207 SDC15208 SDC15212 SDC15214 SDC15217 SDC15225 SDC15230 SDC15244 SDC15245 SDC15246

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Paul Cookson – A Legend!

Tears of laughter from both the children and teachers filled the hall today as Paul Cookson helped us with our World Book Day celebrations.  Since the moment he arrived, he demonstrated the importance of poetry and the enjoyment that it brings to all ages. There were also some very strange creatures wandering around the school.  His performances will remain in our memories for a long time!  What did you think?







Children in Need – Cake Sale 2014

As part of the school’s regular commitment to Children In Need, pupils from all year groups dressed in spotty outfits for this year’s fundraising event. Throughout the morning, children bought cakes, took part in challenges and entered a school wide times tables challenge, ending in a shoot-the-sheriff style competition with children from all year groups tackling tricky multiplication questions!

A huge thank you to parents, children and staff for their hard work and support (a big thank you to Mrs Thornbury and her Mum for their hard work all morning with the cake selling too!)

Overall, the school raised over £650 which is truly something to be proud of and for a great cause as well! Check out the images below and feel free to leave a comment too.

Best wishes and thank you once again, on behalf of the school,

Mr Thorns