Roald Dahl Day at Anne Dale!

As part of National Roald Roald Dahl LogoDahl Day, children across the Federation dressed up as their favourite characters from a whole range of famour Dahl books! From Fantastically Famous Foxes to a Twosome of Twittering Twits, the school has been filled with a superb Image result for roald dahl dayselection of excellent costumes, in memory of Roald Dahl’s amazing stories!

Following on from an assembly on the famous author, children in all year groups conducted Roald Dahl activities, reading with partners from other classes, working on character descriptions and even designing their own “dream jars” from the BFG…

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To see more information about Dahl and activities, visit the website here: Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of Roald Dahl Day in school too!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Disco on Friday!

We had a disco on Friday with a DJ in the school hall. The hall was filled with dancing children, with a large table of sweets that we could buy during the evening. There were also also drinks and glowsticks available too for us to have during the disco as well.

By the time that Year 5 and 6 got there all the blue refresher were gone – Year 3 & 4 must have been very greedy! People could and were asking for songs, the DJ had over 4,000 songs on his laptop.At the end there was a song dedicated to Lucca because he was leaving the school.

It was a great evening – come along next time if you missed out!

[Written by Max.M ~ Digital Leader]

Roald Dahl Day at Anne Dale!

On Friday the 18th of September we had a Roald dahl day at our school. We all got to bring in our favourite Roald Dahl book and share our books with our school friends. After sharing our books we did a Roald Dahl quiz to see who was the ultimate Roald Dahl fan!

Our class got to choose our group names and my group name was called the Unikittys.We had a great day!

[Written by Rebekka R ~ Digital leader]

World Book Day… The Lost Thing Landscapes…

As part of our continuing work in English from World Book Day, children in Year 6 designed and then described their fantasy utopian landscapes based on the imagery and ideas from “The Lost Thing”.

Using chalk on black paper, children worked together to create an imaginary ideal world, suitable to place any Lost Thing into…

Have a look at our efforts below and leave a comment about what you think…

(Written by Mr Thorns)

World Book Day – Guy Bass & Wacky Hats!

As part of celebrations across the country, Anne Dale is celebrating World Book Day this week, with a visit from children’s author Guy Bass and inviting children (and staff) to wear their wackiest hats in keeping with their favourite book characters!

Children arrived donning an assortment of weird and wonderful creations (thank you to all the many parents who have clearly supported this venture at home too!)

Guy Bass was his usual humorous and informative self, providing everyone with a fantastic insight into what inspires him to write and some of the stimuli that helps him to create his highly imaginative stories. Children laughed, gasped, listened attentively and were genuinely intrigued as Guy presented his stories – including an excellent spot of acting from Anne Dale’s very own “sheep” chosen from the audience!

Here are some pictures from the day, who knows what will happen tomorrow! 🙂

World Book Day

(Written by Mr Thorns)

Andrew Norris Visits Anne Dale…

On Thursday 7th March, Crofton Anne Dale Juniors had an important and interesting visitor – Andrew Norris, renowned children’s author, who visited as part of our World Book Day events…

Andrew gave a superb talk to the children, reflecting on what inspires him to write stories, entertaining the assembly with a magic trick and even conducting some excellent story telling – much to the delight of everyone in the hall…

A handful of lucky pupils even received FREE signed books from him too and the entire event was a real treat for everyone involved… Here are some pictures from the assembly and of Andrew meeting some of the lucky pupils afterwards…