Sports Relief Cake Sale at Anne Dale!

On the 28th of March the school did a sponsored cake sale for Sport Relief. It had been organised by a group of five Year 4’s, led by Jack Bryant. They had been talking with head of school (Mrs Jones) and having talks with each other and coming up with ideas. 

After around 2 weeks of hard work and planning the day finally came! They had had hundreds of cakes donated for selling. The hour came of the first round of the sale! W4 helped get the stalls up and get ready when W4 cleared off we did the final preparations and we had a last team talk… Then we all got into positions and the first year three class came in…

The Year 3’s got through quickly then the Year 4’s came flooding in and it got really noisy and it got a bit manic. This was positive though, as the target was a lot of money.

At last they got through 12 classes and there was still loads of cakes ready to be sold and we rolled on into play time. It was manic once again and to up the amount of money we got a charity bucket at the door. Playtime felt like it went on for ever and then people stopped coming in and there were still more cakes to sell! They finished selling them after school. We finished, packed away and the counting commenced – there was loads of money raised!

The event raised £400.00 which was announced in assembly and everyone’s mouths were open!! There was a massive clap of “WELL DONE TO THE TEAM!

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Children in Need Day… SPOTS & CAKES!

As part of Anne Dale’s support for Children in Need Day, children across the school came in non-school uniform today, donating money to the charity and cakes for a huge cake sale!

As you can see from the images, there were literally hundreds of cakes available, from the tiniest cup cake to an enormous chocolate pudding! Throughout the morning, Year 6 children ran maths quizzes for the rest of the school. At the same time, the “great cake scoff” began, with children all having an opportunity to purchase a cake of their choice!

SDC10077 SDC10078 SDC10079 SDC10080 SDC10081 SDC10082 SDC10083 SDC10084 SDC10085 SDC10086 SDC10087 SDC10088 SDC10089 SDC10091 SDC10092 SDC10093 SDC10095 SDC10096 SDC10097 SDC10101 SDC11005 SDC11007 SDC11010 SDC11016

A great day was had by all! The school has raised over £530 at the last count up, all of which will be going to this fantastic cause. Thank you to all the parents who have been so generous in their support of today, providing so many cakes. A big thank you also to Mrs Thornbury who regularly organises this event with the support of children and adults across the school.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

N’Ozies have a fun filled week…

The Osmington Activity Group (secret code name N’Ozies) have had a great week this week.

On Monday we baked chocolate muffins which were delicious and designed a tie dye t-shirt. They turned out really well.

On Tuesday we went swimming at Gosport Leisure Centre and started our power-points of the activities (complete with embarrassing pictures of the staff).

Wednesday was very exciting. We were very lucky to be able to go to Paultons Park as the group is so small this year! A lot was learnt at the educational workshop at the Professor’s lab and then we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the rides…some enjoyed the rides more than others but we all had a blast.

SDC13597 SDC13600 SDC13603 SDC13605 SDC13616 SDC13619 SDC13629 SDC13633 SDC13636 SDC13637 SDC13640 SDC13642 SDC13648 SDC13654 SDC13660 SDC13669 SDC13670 SDC13673

Today we have been on a beach walk to Lee-on-Solent. With the temptation of chips and ice cream there was no moaning about walking THAT far! However, the same cannot be said for the way back! We made stone sculptures, found the prettiest stone and shell and had a lovely lunch.

405 408 417 418 419 426 437 439 444 455 456 459 469

We have been so lucky with the weather this week and to the parents of the activity group, your children were praised for being so well behaved by the staff at the cafe we visited for lunch. Mrs Steel and myself were very proud of them.

Thanks to all for an enjoyable week! 🙂

Miss Bowen

Food Technology…..Baking…..Cooking Club

A great year has been had in the Junior School kitchen. Here is a quick round up of our cooking year!

Year 6 have made Koulourakia (Greek butter biscuits) and have just made bread to incorporate their food tech/science topic for this last half term. They also made matzah bread to consolidate their learning about Passover in RE.

Year 5 have made volcano buns while they were studying volvanos in Geography.

Year 4 had a choice to make space cakes or Easter cookies

Year 3 made bug biscuits earlier in the yearas part of their minibeast topic and have just finished making fruit muffins as part of their food tech for this half term.

Some children were also lucky enough to take part in our Red Nose Day cooking,  challenge days and lunchtime cooking club, when we make yummy chocolate cookies.

Many thanks to the small army of “cooking mums” and “grandma” who have regularly come in to school to help the children. Without them the children would not have this opportunity from which they learn so much and get so much enjoyment.

If anyone feels enthused to help next year, it can be suited to your availability, so please let me know 🙂 The children and I would love to see you………

[Written by Ms Bowen ~ Food Tech Manager]

Red Nose Day – Biscuits and Bake Offs!

As part of Anne Dale’s regular commitment to helping charities, the whole school raised money for Red Nose Day (over £300) in a fun filled day of baking, biscuit decorating and the Great Anne Dale Bake Off!

During the day, every child in the school took part in a biscuit decorating activity, provided very kindly by the school’s PTA. As you can see from the images, children produced a wide variety of decorated biscuits. Some children were also selected to take part in the Bake Off, representing their classes, baking cakes for the afternoon judging.

In the afternoon, 2 cakes from each class’ batch were offered to a governing panel (comprised of school governors and even members of the OfSTED inspection team!). After rigorous tasting, judging and comments from the judges, B4 were announced the winners of the Great Anne Dale Bake Off! Well done B4!

SDC15186 SDC15187 SDC15195 SDC15196 SDC15199 SDC15202 SDC15207 SDC15208 SDC15212 SDC15214 SDC15217 SDC15225 SDC15230 SDC15244 SDC15245 SDC15246

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Crumbs – What a Success!

On Friday 11th July 2014 a group of Year 5 girls held a cake sale in aid of Cancer Research UK.

All the cakes were baked by the girls themselves and the sale was very successful!

In all they raised a fantastic £67.62 for this very worthwhile charity.

Well done girls and big thanks to all who bought the cakes!

Children in Need Bake Sale!

Well done and thank you to all those that helped with the recent Charity Children in Need Cake Sale on Friday 15th November!

The event was a real success and the children certainly enjoyed the copious amount of cake which was consumed throughout the day!! Well done to Mrs Thornbury in particular for her excellent organising of the event and her team of willing cake sellers! We raised over £200 for Children in Need… Here are just a few of the magnificent cake offerings from the day!

Written by Mr Thorns