K3 Kar2ouche in I.C.T

In I.C.T K3 have been using Kar2ouch on Romans to work on our Comic Writers topic.

We have made a comic scene  for our I.C.T folders using comic creator (you can have a go by clicking here). After this, K3 have been doing comic strips in this past half-term in I.C.T using both comic creator and Kartouche as well. It has been really fun doing all of comic strips.

We have been thinking about what makes a really good comic strip, the type of details you need and how to grab the reader’s attention too – this can be tricky when you can only use a few words to tell them the story and most of what you do is just pictures. Have a go yourself too.

[Written by Eva Medd ~ Digital Leader]

Sound and Hearing in W4!

This term we have been learning about sound and hearing in class. We had homework and we had to make and design and make are own ear defenders (mine made me look like Princess Leia!) 

We are learning about how the sound waves and how the sound gets in are ear. We have also been learning about bigger the vibration the louder the sound and lower the pitch. Smaller the vibration the quieter the sound and the higher the pitch.

In I.C.T we made some PowerPoints explaining how the sound waves get to your ear. My theme tune was University Challenge!


[Written by Jack Bryant Digital Leader]


K3 writing algorithms!

This half-term in computing we are learning to write algorithms. An algorithm is a set of step-by-step instructions which a computer follows in order to solve a problem. In our first lesson the class wrote a set of instructions (our first algorithm) on how to make a jam sandwich.

DSC00730 DSC00733

At first it was tricky as the algorithm had to be very precise. One example ‘scoop out the jam’ ended up with Miss Knight scooping out the jam with her hand, as she was not instructed to ‘use spoon in right hand and scoop out the jam’!

DSC00738DSC00736 (2)

Once we had debugged (removed any errors in our algorithm), Miss Knight was able to make a nearly perfect jam sandwich!


Now K3 are ready to write more algorithms in computing. We must remember to be clear in our instructions telling the computer exactly how and what to do!

Year 3 Investigate Rocks in Science…

As part of our work on rocks and soils, Year 3 have been investigating rocks from around the world, including what they look like and what they are used for…

As you can see, children began by going outside the classroom rock-hunting. Finding rocks from our local environment in the school grounds, children then came into the classroom to use scientific equipment to explore rocks from the science resources…

SDC10001 SDC10002 SDC10003 SDC10004 SDC10005 SDC10083 SDC10084 SDC10085 SDC10087 SDC10090 SDC10089 SDC10088

If you want to explore the properties of rocks, check out this website here…

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Training Digital Leaders!

Today in ICT, Digital Leaders were trained in using the school blog. This helped them to be able to edit the posts from school, home and anywhere where the where they have access to wifi!

Children have completed a range of posts and interesting articles about life in the school and are looking forward to meeting again soon for even more!

It is hoped that these children might also like to post and blog from the comfort of their own home, on school related work, ready to tell even more about the amazing things happening here at Anne Dale!

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ IT & Computing Manager]

K3 are comic writers!

K3 love comics and this week we got the opportunity to make our own in ICT. We focused on three scenes; the beginning and middle and end!

Next week we will be looking at creating a 6 scene comic using ‘Comic Creators’ at Write Read Think (http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/comic/)

The time connectives we have been learning about in English will help us with linking each scene together!

DSC00010DSC00009 DSC00012 DSC00013 DSC00014 DSC00015

We enjoyed sharing our cartoons! If you’d like to have a go too – visit the website above.

[Written by the K3 Digital Leaders]

IT & Computing Able Morning…

As part of the school’s motto of Striving for the Best in Everyone” children with particular skills in IT and Computing were offered the opportunity to create Lego Animations, using “I Can Animate” software and media editing using Windows Movie Maker.

Children produced a wide variety of exciting and well constructed Lego animations, working on using small steps, carefully modified movements and teamwork…

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ IT & Computing Manager]

Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Game Creations…

As part of the school’s Enrichment provision in ICT, pupils have been creating online adventure games during our ‘Challenge Afternoons’, using Sploder.com – an online game design site…

Children were challenged to create games that were both entertaining and fun to play. The missions needed to get progressively harder and encourage players to play again, and again, and again!

Here are some of our creations… please have a play and then leave a comment below when you’ve completed a mission! Just click on a picture to try a game.

James_Army_TrainingArmy Training – James B (Year 6)

Luke_xdXD – Luke T (Year 6)

Mr_Thorns_Snarley_AttackSnarley Attack – Mr Thorns (Teacher!)

Ellie_Forrest_Time_TravelTime Travell – Ellie F (Year 5)

Written by Mr Thorns (ICT Manager)