Panatical Steel Band Visits Anne Dale!

As part of the school’s summer end of term celebrations, the school was entertained by a steel band which visited school from their Eastleigh Crestwood College!

Playing tunes such as “Hot Hot Hot” and “Rude” the hall was filled with music originating from the Caribbean Islands, which the children also learnt a little about during the performance.

This was a fitting and upbeat end to the term, which sees a range of both pupils and staff leave AnneDale, moving to new and exciting places – none perhaps quite as exciting as the Caribbean Islands though…

SDC11070 SDC11072

If you are interested in finding out more and following Panatical’s progress then check out their Facebook page here for more information…

[Written by Mr Thorns]

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Orchestra interview

Orchestra has been practicing pieces every Tuesday in the hall after school. They have been playing in orchestra since the beginning of the year and it’s a great way to practice and have fun with other musicians. Here is an interview with Ellen T from K4:

Anne dale digital leader (MP4): What instrument do you play?

Ellen: I play the Cello.

Digital leader: How long have you been playing?

Ellen: About a year.

Digital leader: What’s your favourite part of orchestra and why?

Ellen: Playing the cello with friends because it’s fun.

Digital leader: Why did you decide to start the cello?

Ellen: Because I saw someone playing the cello in assembly and it inspired me.

Digital leader: What would be your tip to other musicians?

Ellen: Keep calm and play Cello!

Don’t forget, if you play a musical instrument and you’re interested in joining orchestra on a Tuesday after school, it’s not too late to start! Just inform Miss Money for more details and hopefully you’ll join in with the fun!

[Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

Orchestra tries new and challenging pieces

At orchestra here at Anne Dale, several musicians are putting their skills to the test. The orchestra is made up of violins, pianos, flutes, trombones, trumpets, clarinets, guitars and cellos. All the instruments and their players are practising extremely hard and hope to one day play in a professional orchestra.

If you would like to join, make sure you have at least a year’s experience of your instrument and talk to Miss Money (who teaches MP4) as she is in charge of the orchestra itself.

Some music sites you might like are:

[Written by Josie Solé ~ Digital leader]


Year 4 Ukulele Performance!

On the Friday 11th December 2015, Year 4 did a ukulele performance to their parents and all of their friends and family! They all played some songs that the parents might know and we all played them for the families of all of the students. They played “When The Saints Go Marching In”and “Little Drummer Boy” – the whole of the school like that song!

We had lots of fun and we love playing the ukulele. It is all thanks to the great and wonderful Miss Money who has been teaching us the ukulele for the last 10 or 12 weeks and we have all enjoyed playing with her on a Monday afternoon. We went through lots of hard work in are practices and we would like to keep on playing and learning even more great songs!

We would all like to say thank you to MISS MONEY for some of the best teaching ever “THANK YOU MISS MONEY” from year 4 🙂

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Hampshire Music Service visits Anne Dale!

Today, in a very lively and exciting assembly, Anne Dale was paid a visit by Miss Schwartz from Hampshire Music Service to demonstrate a variety of musical instruments across the brass and woodwind sections.

Children attempted regular breathing exercises to allow them to experience how an instrument is played. Making “pony noises”, “horse buzzing” and watching movements form an orchestra conductor, pupils gained an understanding of musical instruments.

As you can see from the pictures, children were enthralled and entertained by the skill and precision of the music teacher, who both entertained and inspired the school with her musical knowledge…

With tunes from Harry Potter, Star Wars and well known nursery rhymes, children learned about lengths of tubing, the use of different notes and an exploration of making music from a wide range of different instruments…

SDC10061 SDC10062 SDC10063 SDC10064 SDC10066 SDC10068

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Anne Dale Guitar Concert!

As part of the school’s continuing provision for music, children from across the school (beginners and ‘professionals’ alike) played guitars solo, in duet and as a group. Some of the groups has only rehearsed together once or twice prior to the performance!

Mr Skinner who lead the concert, teaches guitar across the school as part of Hampshire Music service. The music was from a range of genres, including “Mary had a Little Lamb”, pieces from Eric Clapton and Bryan Adams.

SDC15317 SDC15321 SDC15320

“It was really good – I could even say it was brilliant!” ~ Maija A (T3)

“I thought it was spectacular – completely amazing”~ Imogen P (T3)

SDC15322 SDC15324

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[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 5 African Drums!

As part of the school’s work in the music curriculum, Year 5 had the African Drumming team in to teach them how to DRUM! Children (and the teachers!) joined in the drumming with Hampshire Music Service, as they played African tunes from around the world. The service delivered Djembe drums which every child enjoyed, learning skills for low and high notes and the importance of keeping a steady rhythm.

Children in the Year 5 classes used word rhymes to remember the patterns, just like the West African musicians that the children were following. Children in groups such as Antelope, Chicken, Jellyfish Banana and BigFish learnt different parts before combining them in an impressive display of drumming skill!


SDC13891 SDC13893 SDC13896 SDC13900 SDC13901


“It was very good” ~ Jack (K3)

“It was very amusing and long!” ~ Lucca (K3)

“It was awesome” ~ Jessica (K3)

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[Written by Mr Thorns]

Ukulele Orchestra Visit to Anne Dale!

A ukulele, which many children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will have experience of playing.

This afternoon, as part of the school’s work within the music curriculum, Anne Dale was visited by the “Stokes Bay Strummers” – a string orchestra – to perform in an afternoon concert (including one of our very own pupils!). They are a regular performing group around the Hampshire area, formed 4 years ago in Gosport.

Children were enraptured and entertained by the skill and musical talent of the group, who performed with a range of different sizes of ukuleles(from the standard soprano ukes to an electric amplified version (and even a Kazoo). Tunes included Urban Spacemen, I’m a Believer, What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, I Like Bananas, A Song About Skin, Valerie and I Wanna Be Like You!

Children sang along, clapped and swayed in time with the music throughout what was a very enjoyable and entertaining concert! A huge THANK YOU to the Stokes Bay Strummers for giving their time this afternoon and for the wonderful performance!

SDC15128 SDC15130 SDC15136

If you are interested in the group, or to find out more (including more pictures of them playing) please visit their website here

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Stokes Bay Stummers Logo

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Recorder Jamboree!

On Thursday, 19th June, nine recorder players traveled to Chandlers Ford for a Recorder Jamboree, organised by Hampshire Music Service. The Jamboree was held in Thornden Hall, which is a venue used by professional musicians. There were over 100 children from schools all over Hampshire taking part. We arrived at 2.15pm for a rehearsal. It took a long time to seat everyone! After our rehearsal, we had a break and ate our packed tea together before the performance to parents at 5.45pm.

The theme of our music was Kings and Queens and we all wore crowns or tiaras! The first piece we played was ‘Pastime with Good Company’ which was written by Henry VIII. Our final piece was ‘Zadok the Priest’ which was written by Handel. Did you know that this piece of music was written for the coronation of King George II in 1727 and has been used at every coronation since, including our current Queen. The music was quite challenging but it was a great experience to perform with so many other recorder players in such an impressive venue.

(Recorders(Written by Miss Money)