Clay Work Masks in W4!

In W4, we have been making Viking masks. We made some designs and we put them into some real masks. Just like this one here…

We had some crazy designs that people came up with but we needed to narrow it down so we could make a mask that would not fall apart when we put it in the kiln.

We had great fun making them and we had many different disasters… Like my one I had to have four attempts and then Mrs Carter came over and did what I was finding really hard in around 1 minute and it took me 5 minutes to get it wrong 5 times!

We have now got some quotes from some of W4…

Jack Bryant: “I found it really hard!”

 [Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

Yr4 design Viking helmets!

Year 4 have been busy designing helmets which will soon be made into clay and painted. They have looked at the patterns and shapes of the Viking helmets and used them to help them come up with ideas for their own helmets.

This helmet is a real helmet which was discovered in 1964 by archaeologists. Some children took the design into account and put it into their own ideas.

[Written By Josie Solé ~ Digital Leader]

T3 Make Roman Chariots!

As part of our DT work on chariots, children in T3 have been using card, wood and tools to build their own racing masterpiece. The children used hacksaws, with spar wood to create a sturdy base, before then creating a card fronter to keep their Roman rider safe.

As you can see from the pictures, the classroom was awash with busy carpentry skills and differing styles of Roman chariot designs.

We will be racing them later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

SDC10497 SDC10498 SDC10499 SDC10500 SDC10501 SDC10502 SDC10503 SDC10504

Let’s see who wins in the great Anne Dale Chariot Race later this week!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Anne Dale Art Competition!

This year, the whole school has been given a opportunity to win a prize in the Anne Dale Art Competition!

We have all been given a piece of paper and some paints to draw whatever we want. Some people have drawn pictures of space and some people have drawn  pictures of clear landscapes. Other people have drawn pictures of more imaginary landscapes or of things that don’t exist.

This has really let the children in our school express themselves and have a good time with Art. The winner will be chosen by a panel of the teachers and will then be framed and put up in the Headteacher’s offices, where they will be seen by visitors to the school.

If you want to take part, speak to your teacher to remind them of the closing date (Easter holidays) and get thinking of your best ideas!

[Written by Louise F ~ Digital Leader]


Making 3D shapes with Polydron!

As part of our Maths work on 3D shape, children have been using Polydron to make their own creations, carefully choosing 2D pieces, to build them into a 3D construction!

Children were challenged to make pyramids (with different bases), prisms with different ends on them and traditional cubes and cuboids from the polydron pieces.

As you can see from the pictures, this was a very challenging but very enjoyable lesson, with children working both together and individually to create their 3D creations!

SDC10215 SDC10216 SDC10217 SDC10218 SDC10219 SDC10220 SDC10221 SDC10222 SDC10223 SDC10224

“It was good fun even though it was very hard at first. The reason it was hard was because I even cut my finger!” (Lillie H) ~ [Luckily, Lillie did not require medical help]

“This was hard but fun!” (Gracie M)

“It was hard at first, but then it got easier!” (Kendra)

SDC10225 SDC10226 SDC10227 SDC10229 SDC10230

“It was really good and a bit hard. Then we got the hang of it!” (Harry M)

“It was tricky but funny.” (Cleo A)

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Split Pin Minibeasts in T3!

Today, T3 tackled the challenge of split pin minibeasts in DT, ready for us to be designing our our creatures with moving lever parts in the coming weeks.

As you can see from the pictures, this was a much harder task than many children imagined at first! We certainly have some interesting creations in the class, with a range of seemingly new creatures made during the lesson!

SDC10176 SDC10177 SDC10178 SDC10179 SDC10180 SDC10181 SDC10182 SDC10183 SDC10184

Here’s what some of the children said,

“It was an extremely good lesson!” (Alexandra M)

“It was fun making the split pin creatures and I enjoyed it.” (Kendra)

“It was epic making the split pin creatures!” (Luke R)

“I liked making the split pin creatures because it was easy” (Dorothy B)

[Written by Mr Thorns]


StoneAge pot painting in T3!

As part of our History and Art topics, children in T3 have made clay pots, which we have been painting today. We used Stone Age colours and shades and fine paint brushes to create designs on our work.  We have also painted pictures of people, shapes, animals, patterns and cave paintings on our pots.

SDC10102 SDC10103 SDC10104 SDC10105 SDC10106 SDC10108 SDC10109 SDC10110 SDC10111

Here’s what some of the children said,

“It was really fun making the pots out of clay” (Alexandra M)

“Our pots were amazing because we learnt lots of Stone Age facts” (Holly S)

“It was extremely fun because we could use our imaginations” (Alice G)

“It was really fun, painting the pots!” (Erin W)

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 4 DT work

During the last half term, children in Year 4 designed, made and evaluated their wooden photo frames.


Here are some examples of what we managed to create:
Photo Frames
Blog photo 1
Blog photo 10Blog photo 11

Blog photo 7

This half term, children in Year 4 will be making felt cases for mobile phones.  We would like children to bring in any phone cases they may have at home. This is purely for the purpose of gathering design ideas in the first lesson and they will be returned promptly.  Please ask your class teacher when they would like you to bring them.   K4 will be looking at examples on Monday 9th November.

As children will be learning how to sew, it would be helpful if they could practise threading needles at home if possible.

We would also appreciate any helpers who are handy with a needle and thread, so please contact your class teacher for details.

We’re all looking forward to our next exciting project, so keep your eyes peeled for photographs of the finished products!

From Year 4



Year 4 Design Picture Frames!

In D.T this term year 4 have been busy designing picture frames. Everyone looked for inspiration and designed their own picture frames. Then they decided what was good about the picture frames and what could be improved.

Picture frames could be any style you like. Mine will have wire with gold and silver beads. Most children will use the materials from the school’s DT section, but we can also bring in our own materials from home or buy some others if we wish.


[Written by Josie S ~ Digital Leader]