Year 3 Christmas Time Travelling Production!

This morning, children across the school were treated to a wonderful Christmas Image result for christmas starsproduction from Year 3 – performed with a starlight background and filled with Christmas magic. Pupils watched with interest and enthusiasm as Time Travelling Doctors made their way in search of Christmas surprises.

Children spoke their lines clearly and filled the hall with a beautiful harmony of Christmas singing. With a splattering of Christmas cracker jokes, Year 3 also enlightened children from across the year groups with a host of “laugh-o-meter” gags!

We are sure that parents are in for a real treat during their performance and will enjoy the show! Well done to Year 3 for a fantastic production!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Year 6 Cinderella Performance – SPOILER ALERT!

Cinderella RockerfellaAs is customary at the end of term at Anne Dale, children
across the school were treated to an end of year performance from Year 6 of Cinderella-Rockerfella! Filled with booing, hissing and a batch of wingless fairies, Cinderella Rockerfella was a delight to behold.

The singing was fantastic, with carefully choreographed dancing and small group numbers, alongside heart moving solo performances by a talented Year 6 cast. With a fairytale set, excellently produced by children across the year group, this performance was watched with enthusiasm by the entire school.

In a pantomime style performance, children were enraptured and entranced by Buttons, Cinders and two rather manly looking ugly sisters! With cameo appearances from “Fairy Liquid”, James Bond and Teaser the friendly dalmatian!

This was a fitting send off to a year group who will be sadly missed at Anne Dale as they move onward in their journey to secondary school. Well done for a wonderful production enjoyed by all!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 4 & 5 Rock the Seaside! (SPOILER ALERT!)

This morning, children across the school had the opportunity to watch the Year 4 & 5 school production practise of Seaside Rock! 

Taking a journey through the ages back to 1950’s children were shown a glimpse of life at the seaside, with singing, dancing and a fabulous display of many children learning large numbers of lines for the production!

With scenes ranging from a Punch-and-Judy show,  sweet fuelled coach journeys and a trip down memory pier! Children were entranced by a
shark infested fishing trips and a troupe of singing Grannies!

Parents are in for a real treat this week when many friends and relatives attend the evening performance on Tuesday. Tickets and details of this are available from the school office.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Heroes Day at Anne Dale……..

As part of our Heroes work supporting the Heroes Inspiration Federation, children across the Anne Dale School dressed in a wide range of outfits, ranging from members of the armed forces to wizards and superheroes! There were medical professionals, Einstein and even Florence Nightingale walking the corridors of Anne Dale!

Children started the day with a shared celebration assembly with the infant school singing hero themed songs and a joint rendition of “Believe”…

The Two Steves

Throughout the day, children have also taken part in an excellent and entertaining display of reading skill by “The 2 Steves”. Their new series of books “ihero” was read to an enthralled and enraptured audience, with the hall filled with laughter, fun and careful decision making to survive the terrors of the “ihero” series!2Steves_viking_320x227

Games contestants faced challenges based on quick thinking, decision making from the stories and all at the same time having a brilliant laugh with the 2 Steves! Children have then been given time to purchase books from the 2 Steves in the library during the school day!

Check back to see some more pictures of the day and some of the amazing costumes from across the year groups… Thank you to all of the many parents and families that have helped to create such wonderful costumes, helping the children to enjoy a wonderful hero-themed day!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Pantomime Dress Up at Anne Dale

As has become tradition at Anne Dale – for the final day of the Christmas term, children were greeted on the playground by staff wearing an assortment of Christmas themed pantomime outfits!

Children were very pleased to see their teachers dressed in an assortment of different costumes, including Christmas puddings, wise men (and women), Aladdin look-alikes and even Santa and a Christmas tree among the mix.


Once again, a big thank you to HMS Sultan Theatre Company who have kindly loaned the costumes once again for the children’s enjoyment. It is hugely appreciated. If you are interested in watching the next Sultan Theatre show, please visit their website here.

Merry Christmas to everyone, have a happy holidays!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Anne Dale Panto Dress Up ~ working in partnership with

Anglo-Saxon day in Year 4…

On Monday, Year 4 did Anglo-Saxon day! 

They did a scavenger hunt where they looked  for clues written in runes – each one telling them where to go next. They also did weaving where they had a piece of paper and they had strips of paper that they weaved into the piece of paper. This was like the weaving that the Anglo-Saxons did too. They did drama about Beowulf and Grendel. They also illuminated letters on ancient paper and had a feast with apple, carrot, pitta bread, cheese and apple juice. They also dressed up as Anglo-Saxons or in neutral colours, which the Anglo Saxons would have.

Everybody enjoyed Anglo-Saxon day!

[Written by Phoebe B Digital Leader]

Year 5 Robin Hood Day…

Year 5 polished their bows and arrows, sharpened up their skills and showed off their teamwork to complete a day of Robin Hood challenges.  Scavenging, camp building, the ultimate water challenge as well as Robin Hood songs were just some of the ways that Year 5 celebrated the legend of Robin Hood.  A huge well done to the children (and their parents) for some excellent outfits.  Dad’s t-shirt seemed to be a favourite!



The Sheriff made an appearance but was escorted from the premises! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

[Written by Miss Briggs]

Mummifying Madness!

This week, in English, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian process of making mummies! This was to help us to remember the order of the events, ready for writing instructions.

As you can see, there was a great deal of wrapping, brain removing and embalming going on! The children remembered the stages well and did an excellent job of mummifying their toys! Well done!

SDC15483 SDC15484 SDC15485 SDC15486 SDC15487 SDC15489 SDC15490 SDC15491 SDC15493 SDC15495

[Written by Mr Thorns]

K3 working together as team!

Last week was anti-bullying week and in literacy and PSHE  K3 explored this theme. We used role play to look at what happens when someone is bullied and what we can do to solve it.

We watched a short film clip called the ‘power of the group’ and discussed how if we all work together and make the right decisions we can make a positive difference.

These are some of the ideas we came up with:

Stand up for others.

Work together as a team.

Help people who look like they need help.

Stop the problem before it happens.

Don’t play with the bully, play with your friends.

Go to Katie’s garden to talk with the peer mediators.

[Written by K3 Digital Leader]

Performance Rapping in T3!

As part of our work studying poets such as Michael Rosen, Wes Magee and Tony Mitton, children in T3 have been devising their own performance raps using rhyming couplets.

SDC15004 SDC15005 SDC15007

Here is a selection of their sentences /poetry, which were performed to rapturous applause by children from the class! Some children even used body percussion, clapping, clicking or “beat-boxing” to add emotion to their work.

“You can rap about a cup, you can rap about a duck, you can always rap about… good luck!” – Rory & Luke

“You can rap about a wig, you can rap about a pig, you can rap about a big fat fig! – Maija, Jazmin & Ellyn

“You can rap about a dragon, you can rap in a wagon, You can rap with a dragon in a wagon. Then you see the knight, that gives you a fright! – Jack, William & Alex P

“You can rap about a pencil, you can rap about a pen, you can rap about a big fat chubby hen! – Mary, Isabell & T3

“You can rap about a panda, you can rap about knights, you can rap about flying kites” – Imogen P, Harriet & Katy

“You can rap about lollies, you can rap about sweets, you can rap about Mr Thorns when he’s asleep!” – Imogen P, Harriet & Katy

“You can rap about homework, you can rap about clay, you can rap about the month of May” – Owen, Bailey & Phoebe

“You can rap about a shoe, you can rap about poo, but only if you’re on the wet loo!” – Imogen H & Sophie

“You can rap about a shoe, you can rap about poo, you can rap about a little running HUGH! – Hugh & Joe

[Written by Mr Thorns and T3!]