Yr4 Experiments with Circuits!

Yr 4 have been trying to create circuits, using various components, such as crocodile-wires, bulbs, batteries and switches. They have also been challenged to connect these items together to construct circuits, enabling them to light up bulbs or use switches to turn them on and off.

As well as this, they’ve been drawing diagrams to show how they pieced together the circuits.

Here is an image showing a simple circuit:


The cross inside the circle is a bulb, the straight lines are wires and the two lines next to each other are batteries. Yr 4 used these symbols when drawing diagrams. These symbols are used all over the world to show the different components without having to draw them in detail.

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader]




Roman Chariot Racing in T3!

As part of our DT work on the Romans this term, children in Year 3 made chariots, using spar (wood), card and decorative materials.

Children used a wood/card base to support an axle, with a selection of carefully chosen wheels, with an aim of racing these on the school field!

Children worked very hard, sawing, cutting and preparing their Roman soldiers ready for the great tournament.

As you can see from the pictures, children were sensible and careful in their designing and making, using a variety of decorations to make their chariot stand out.

SDC15325 SDC15327 SDC15328 SDC15329 SDC15331 SDC15332 SDC15333 SDC15334 SDC15336 SDC15337

After the construction stage, children in T3 went out onto the field to race their chariots, using a Roman-style winding system to winch their work towards the finish line! During the races (with the crowd chanting and cheering as if they were in the great Colosseum) Roman soldiers toppled from their chariots, some crashed, others spilled their precious cargo of multilink en route and in one savage incident, a chariot was upturned and run-over by another – much to the amusement of the watching mob!

As you can see from the great arena, despite not having a Circus Maximus  of our own, the children remained absorbed throughout the tournament, eagerly entertained by the events unfolding in front of them! The overall winner, only dropping one multilink along the course, was Joshuaricus – who left with a Roman Horrible Histories goody bag! Well Done Josh-icus!

SDC15338 SDC15339 SDC15341 SDC15342 SDC15343 SDC15345 SDC15346 SDC15347 SDC15349 SDC15350 SDC15351 SDC15352 SDC15353 SDC15355 SDC15356 SDC15357 SDC15358 SDC15359 SDC15360 SDC15361 SDC15362 SDC15363

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[Written by Mr Thorns]

S6’s Fairground Rides!

S6 have been very busy in D.T. making miniature models of fairground rides- making them proved more difficult than it first seemed as they needed to use their knowledge of circuit building skills to make it run and their creative skills to build them and make them attractive and flamboyant.

One of the created rides!

The equipment we needed to use was:

  • Spar
  • Dowel
  • Paper triangles
  • PVA glue
  • Hot glue from glue guns
  • Batteries
  • Battery holders
  • Card,
  • Elastic bands
  • Pegs
  • Motors
  • Wires
  • Motor holders
  • Paper clips

Decorative materials of our choice.

The tools we needed were:

  • Hacksaws
  • Bench hooks
  • Glue guns
  • Safety goggle
  • Trays for glue guns
A artistic carousel design!
An artistic ferris wheel named ‘Head In The Clouds’.

We started off by designing our rides. Next we built and sawed our frames, some children found this harder than was expected as we had to have the exact measurements. After that we began to fit the motor, motor holders, wires, batteries and battery holders in a working circuit so that it would turn the dowel!

After the main frame of our rides were built and sturdy, we made a start on decorating our rides making them more appealing to any passers-by. Now they look as good as real life fairgrounds rides also, they work like them too!

A great fly-high teacup ride!


[Written by S6 Digital Leaders and Miss Smith]

Rocket Flights in D&T Challenge Afternoon!

As part of the school’s motto in “Striving for the Best in Everyone” children with particular talents and abilities in Design and Technology took part in a Challenge Afternoon, working with me (as DT Manager) on a NASA design project.

This afternoon, children initially made paper aeroplanes – which despite sounding easy, was actually remarkably challenging! Using designs from the NASA engineering site and working on several of the projects from the NASA flight testing programme, children built f-16 Falcons, Centurion Drone aircraft, the Scramjet and the famous Space Shuttle.

SDC14983 SDC14985 SDC14988 SDC14989 SDC14990 SDC14991 SDC14992

Later in the session, children used foam “rocket pods” ready to be launched from a compressed air launcher, which would form the basis of a long distance flying aircraft structure. Pupils explored using a range of different materials, trying different construction techniques and working on improving and modifying their new designs. To conclude, the children then competed in a ‘launch off’ to decide who had created the most effective flight design.

As you can see from the images (including the scoreboard!) children did exceptionally well, with the overall winning aircraft travelling nearly 6m through the library!

SDC14993 SDC14994 SDC14995 SDC14996 SDC14997 SDC14998 SDC14999 SDC15000 SDC15001

**Templates for the aircraft can be down loaded here from the NASA site**

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Anne Dale visit CEMAST…

On Friday 23rd of January 2015 a group of pupils visited CEMAST in Lee-on-Solent which is a fantastic new engineering college and part of Fareham College. The centre has state of the art workshop facilities where courses are offered in marine, aviation, automotive and other engineering subjects.

We were given a tour of the college and then challenged to build our own balloon powered cars themed on the Project Bloodhound car that will hopefully be the first to exceed 1,000 miles an hour! Our balloon powered constructions were not aiming quite as high but the competition to travel the furthest was still fiercely contested! The eventual winners were Team PJ.

IMG_20150123_132502In the aviation workshop

IMG_20150123_135827The construction gets underway

IMG_20150123_140123The basic car chassis

IMG_20150123_143725On the starting line

 The children had a fantastic time and throroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get an insight into the work of the people at CEMAST and to explore the creative engineering that they teach.

Here is what some of the pupils thought of their visit:
Some people may think it is boring but it’s really quite interesting” – Emily
I want to come here” – Kierra
I’ve just decided this afternoon I want to be an engineer” – Finlay

[Written by Mr Hobbs (who had far too much fun as well!)]

D.T Challenge Afternoon – Crane Building!

As part of the school’s motto, ‘Striving for the Best in Everyone’, children across the school took part in yet another of our regular Challenge Afternoons. Those with particular aptitude in D.T were set a NASA design challenge to build and use a real working model crane!

Using simple card board boxes as their bases, pupils then began their work designing and adapting their devices to lift, pivot and swivel during operation. Each needed a lifting arm, bucket or hook and a means of winding the load in/up. As you can see from the pictures, there were several utterly brilliant designs, with a range of useful features and components. A great afternoon for all involved and a really good display of engineering genius from the children involved – Well Done! (Written by Mr Thorns – DT Manager)