What’s in the Box ~ English in Year 4

In English in Year 4 we are studying a poem by Kit Wright. In the poem there is four verses beginning with, “I will put in the box …”   In each of these four verses there are three things that Kit Wright will put in the box. Image result for Kit Wright

The next verse is about what your box is made from and last but not least the last verse is about what you will do in your box and that can be any thing you like, even things that are impossible! In Year 4 we have designed our boxes and we are now writing the verses and at some point we are going to write them out on the computer and pin them up on the wall outside our classroom. I know that because Mrs Paterson told us!

THE MAGIC BOX, by Kit Wright

I will put in the box…

the swish of a silk sari on a summer night,
fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon,
the tip of a tongue touching a tooth.

I will put in the box…

a snowman with a rumbling belly
a sip of the bluest water from Lake Lucerene,
a leaping spark from an electric fish.

I will put into the box…

three violet wishes spoken in Gujarati,
the last joke of an ancient uncle,
and the first smile of a baby.

I will put into the box…

a fifth season and a black sun,
a cowboy on a broomstick
and a witch on a white horse.

My box is fashioned from ice and gold and steel,
with stars on the lid and secrets in the corners.
Its hinges are the toe joints of dinosaurs.

I shall surf in my box
on the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic,
then wash ashore on a yellow beach
the colour of the sun.

[By Rosie B ~Digital Leader]


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in W4!

In W4 we have been learning about the book by the author C.S Lewis. It is one of the Chronicles of Narnia!

We have been reading it in class and then we have been doing work to do with it. We have also been making our own fantasy creatures.

The reason we are really reading this book is because we are going to use are made up characters in a new fantasy story.

What is you new made-up creatures name?

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Viking in my Bed in Year 4!

This term we have been learning about the brilliant author Jeremy Strong. He is a most loved author and he writes really funny books! Here is a list of some books: ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed’, ‘Pirate School’, ‘Where’s that Dog?’, ‘My Dad’s got an Alligator’, ‘Viking at School’, ‘Viking in Trouble’, ‘A One Hundred Miles An Hour Dog Goes for Gold’, ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’.

Year 4 have enjoyed writing about this book and we would recommend it to you to read (you can find it in the school library). If you like comedy it is a perfect book for you.

We have some quotes for you from some year 4’s…

Ruby Reid said: “This book is really funny!”

Shannen Schofield said: “It has very good dialogue and great prepositions!”

William Casey said: ” It is  very very funny!”

[Written By Jack Bryant Digital Leader]      

Persuasive Writing in W4!

In W4, we have been learning about persuasive writing in English and we have been learning about what needs to be in a piece of persuasive writing. We have been looking at the persuasive toolbox and what should feature in a persuasive piece of writing.

We have wrote a piece of writing to the PTA for an outside classroom and the reasons we would like one. We have also wrote a letter to father Christmas (Santa) telling him that we have been good boys and girls and the reasons he should visit us this year on Christmas Day. We have done this letter because we needed to do a writing assessment for our report at the end of the term, before we have a break for Christmas (the Christmas holiday).

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Dickens Day in Year 5!

On the third of December 2015, Year 5 held an annual event which was Dickens Day! We had to dress up as a Charles Dickens character or a Victorian child. For the morning, the teachers also dressed up and were in character as strict Victorian teachers.  They were absolutely horrible. The worst teacher was Mrs Robinson. She was terrifying!



The first lesson we had was ‘Drill’ which was where you went outside in the freezing cold and had to lift your arms as the teacher counted. We had to stand in lines and move at exactly the same time or we got shouted at. After that, we had a handwriting lesson. We got given quills and ink and had to copy out lines on the page. We were under strict instructions not to spill the ink or make a splodge but mine went everywhere! My hands were stained dark blue and my page was an inky mess. The worst thing was, I’m left handed and I was made to write with my right hand!


Just after we had made a mess with the ink, the ‘Headmaster’ (Mr Thorns) came in for a hand inspection! He said he was disgusted at the state of our hands and that we should be ashamed of ourselves.


After break, we had to recite the times tables out loud and were picked out to stand up and spell out difficult words. I had a mind blank when I was asked to spell a simple word! Josh had to wear the Dunce’s hat for 5 minutes because he made a mistake!



The teachers were all carrying canes and we were all petrified that we would be caned. When Max spoke out in class, he was taken outside and all we could hear were his screams! Miss Bridge seemed really cross.

In the afternoon, we came out of character and we were relieved that our teachers did too! We researched all about Charles Dickens’ life and created posters and sketches to show the class.

We had a great day!

By Max and Oscar in E5.

SDC11076 SDC11071

Writing Play scripts in W4!

In W4 we have been writing play scripts in English. To do this, we have been watching videos and clips from famous films, to help us to think about how films are designed and how stage directions are written.

We have been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we have done Jack and the Beanstalk as well.

[Written by Jack B Digital Leader]

English in MP4…

In English, MP4 are learning about the Angel of Nitshill Road by Anne Fine. It’s a funny story about 3 very unhappy children who are bullied by someone called Barry Hunter until…

Celeste, an angel, comes to the school to sort out all these problems.

Eventually, Barry becomes a better person and learns how to be a better person, make friends and have fun, (all thanks to Celeste’s book of deeds.)

[Written By Josie S ~ Digital Leader]


English in W4… The Angel of Nitshill Road…

In W4 we have been learning about the angel of Nitshill road and we have had lots of fun reading the story and then doing the tasks.

The story is about three children called Penny, Mark and Mthe Angel of Nitshill Roadarigold. There is a bully in the school called Barry Hunter and he is being mean to the children. There was a new person (An Angel) and she is called Celeste.

It is a brilliant play, which is great to read as a group too!

[Written By Jack B ~ Digital Leader]

Roald Dahl Day at Anne Dale!

On Friday the 18th of September we had a Roald dahl day at our school. We all got to bring in our favourite Roald Dahl book and share our books with our school friends. After sharing our books we did a Roald Dahl quiz to see who was the ultimate Roald Dahl fan!

Our class got to choose our group names and my group name was called the Unikittys.We had a great day!

[Written by Rebekka R ~ Digital leader]

The Pumpkin Seed by Dariush Alavi – T3’s thoughts

T3 have spent this half term reading an interesting story with an unusual ending. They have completed comprehension questions and made a delightful booklet which they are bringing home to show their parents. All students have shown improvement in their comprehension and have enjoyed this project…..Well done T3 you have worked hard!

Perhaps T3 would like to write their thoughts and any comments in the hope these will be seen by the author.


Written by Ms Bowen