Poisson d’avril!


In French club today we celebrated the French version of ‘April fools day’ which they call ‘Poisson d’avril’ (The fish of April). DSC00329

They try to stick a paper fish (poisson) to somebody’s back without them noticing. We had great fun doing this! I got completely covered in them whilst trying to hand out the sellotape!


French Club!

Please enjoy some photos of the fun we have been having in our lower school French club.

Before Christmas, we made calendars with the days, weeks, seasons and months written in French:


This term We have learnt to tell the story “Qu’est-ce qu’il aimes les lapins?” in French with actions!

Drawing and performing the story:


We enjoy playing a game or two too!

SDC13025SDC13088 SDC13027


French Leaflets…

At school we are doing lot of fun stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever done something I didn’t like but my favourite thing was in my recent French lessons. We have been writing an information leaflet about a French speaking country. I chose Madagascar.

Firstly, we looked for information about our country using the internet. Then we completed French sentences with the information that we had found, which was tricky, before we looked for pictures of our country. At the end of the lessons, when we had got everything we needed, we wrote this into a leaflet using all of our French and English sentences. We coloured everything as best we could and the finished leaflets were amazing.

That was my favourite French lesson in whole my life!

Written by A.W (Year 6)