Football Tournament – HW5 v KB5!

Before half term, HW5 and KB5 met outside on the front field for a football tournament. We split ourselves into two groups – people that like football and people that don’t and then split those groups into HW5 and KB5. The winner was going to be the class with the most goals. There was quite a lot of different rules to normal football though… No goalkeepers, no corners, no free kicks, no penalties, just attacking and defending. Some matches were harder, ending about 2-1 but the scores went up as high as 7-0! In the end the winners were… HW5 and KB5 – it was a draw! Who will win the next tournament? HW5 or KB5 ?

[Written by Luke S – Digital Leader]

N’Ozzies Visit the Beach….

As part of the N’Ozzies (not Osmington) activity week, today saw the group head to Lee-on-the-Solent for a beach walk and visit to some local attractions along the coastline!

sdc11111 sdc11113 sdc11162

Highlights of the trip included ice creams from the Bluebird Cafe, mountains of scrumptious chips and a visit to the playpark! Mrs Steel was forced to sacrifice  her chocolate chip cookie and her personal water supply to fuel this band of piratical pupils!

sdc11118 sdc11120 sdc11127 sdc11133 sdc11135 sdc11141 sdc11151 sdc11153 sdc11163

“It was really funny” (Grace B)

“Mrs Steel was grown up and sensible all day” (Mrs Steel)

“I got a HONEYCOMB ice cream!” (Sorcha P)

“Mrs Steel’s singing was atrocious” (Mrs Livingstone)

“It sounded like wailing more than singing” (Isabella C)

“Ummmm….. I liked sheltering under the beach hut!” (Grape B)

“We were all going nuts at the park!” (Joshua H)


Year 5 play football !!!

In Year 5, during Games lessons, we have been playing football. We have been learning how to pass, dribble and shoot. We are playing lots of different games like “5 and in”. That’s where you have to keep your ball in the the square and the ghosts would have to kick it out! It was lots of fun and a great laugh 😉

Some children said it was the best games lesson they’ve ever done. We all in enjoyed it -even the girls! We are looking forward to next week’s lesson already!

[Written by Max E5 ~ Digital Leader]



Tag Rugby in Year 3!

In Year three we are learning about tag rugby.

Tag rugby is a game for two teams with tag belts!

In tag rugby the ball looks a little bit like a squashed football but its called a rugby ball. You have to be a fast runner to play rugby and you also need skill in throwing and catching the ball.

[Written By Dylan F ~ Digital Leader]


Sports Day at Anne Dale!

Today saw the ever-popular Sports Day here at Anne Dale, with both Junior and Infant schools taking part in sporting events and competing against their friends and classmates.

During the Junior School events in the afternoon, children competed in both track and ‘circus’ events, working on long jump, skipping races, long throwing competitions, shot putt, sprints and even the fabled egg and spoon race!

Children appeared to have a wonderful day, which was enjoyed by parents and family members alike… all part of an enjoyable and entertaining joint Federation event! – the Infants at the warm up was quite a spectacle!! 🙂

SDC15677 SDC15683 SDC15685 SDC15687 SDC15688 SDC15695 SDC15697 SDC15698 SDC15709 SDC15711 SDC15718 SDC15719 SDC15749 SDC15770 SDC15778 SDC15782 SDC15783 SDC15785 SDC15786 SDC15787 SDC15788 SDC15789 SDC15792 SDC15793 SDC15794 SDC15798 SDC15799 SDC15800

DSC00499 DSC00500 DSC00501 DSC00502 DSC00505 DSC00506 DSC00507 DSC00510

Thank you to all of those who attended, leave a comment below to tell us what you think,

[Written by Mr Thorns] ~ [Images by Mrs Groves & Mrs Robinson!]


PTA provides amazing new play equipment!

Today saw the release of new sports equipment at break time for all classes to enjoy, to enliven and enrich the break and lunchtime provision for children across the school.

The new equipment, which has been very generously supported and funded by the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) included footballs, foam rugby balls, giant jenga, dominoes and skipping ropes. As you can see from the pictures, these were all very well received by the children, who have a summer of sports-fun to look forward to.

SDC15525 SDC15526 SDC15527 SDC15532 SDC15535 SDC15537 SDC15542 SDC15545 SDC15546 SDC15547

Those interested in joining the PTA should speak to the school office or to Vicki Wallace, the PTA lead. More information can be found on the school’s website here.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

K3 preparing for the Rugby World Cup!

This term Year 3 are practicing their rugby with a sports coach in preparation for the Rugby World cup, which we hope to win!

Despite the cold weather we have managed to get outside and do some training! Have a look at the pictures below to see us in action!

DSC00074  DSC00075 DSC00076 DSC00079 DSC00080

[Written by Miss Knight]

Year 6 Longball Match…

Long ball is a game when two pairs of flags on poles are set about 20-30 meters apart, the flag-poles are set about 4 meters apart to create a gate. The rules to this tremendous game are that there are two teams, one batting and one fielding; the fielding team have a bowler (maybe the teacher) who bowls two balls for the batsman to hit. The fielders may spread out between the pair of flag poles to catch the two balls and throw them at the batsman as they run to the opposite gate without getting hit by the balls.  Running to one gate and stopping gets you one point but there and back gets you two points. The fielders, if they have the ball, cannot move their feet but can pass the ball.

Our game.

In T6`s game lots of the batsmen made painful dives to get two points. Will W had two fielders at the last gate with the rubber balls to stop him getting two points, he ran around trying not to get hit for an estimated 11 minutes! Andrew L even did a small dance around one of the posts. Ben V and Joe N made massive dives to get two points for their team, they slid across the floor on their stomachs and everyone missed them. Imogen A, Enya S and Hannah D made a group run back from the far gate but Imogen made a sacrifice so that the others could get in. Brandon H-M had a bone crunching collision with Mr Thorns! Kyle M,  Joe N and Ben V stood at the far gate and posed like the three Musketeers before running in a giant wall back to get the points for their team. The game ended with good and bad results 24-19.

[Written by Harry M T6]

ICT Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Platform Games!

As part of the school’s motto, ‘Striving for the Best in Everyone’, children across the school took part in yet another of our regular Challenge Afternoons. Those with particular aptitude in ICT were set the challenge of designing and playing a game on Sploder – an online game making website…

Here are some of our efforts… why not have a go, play them and leave a comment below!

Good luck!

Meadow E’s Game…

Stephen W’s Game…

Elyssia S’s Game…

Sophie G’s Game…

Leon E’s Game…

Austin P’s Game…

Joaquina A’s Game…

Rosie H’s Game…

(Written by Mr Thorns – ICT Manager)