Natural Disasters in HW5!

Over the last few weeks, HW5 have been learning about natural disasters. A natural disaster is something bad that happens that is not man-made but made only by nature. For instance, a hurricane. No person can make a hurricane, it is only made by nature.

Other natural disasters include: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, droughts, avalanches, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, dust storms, sink holes, blizzards and tornadoes. HW5 have also been creating leaflets on information we have found out about natural disasters. Here are some of the ones we are included: Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Here are some pictures of natural disasters. I’m glad we haven’t been effected by any these! 

[Written by Digital Leader in HW5]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 5

As the day closes on another fantastic 24 hours at Osmington Bay, children are settling down for their final sleep away from home amidst the rolling hills and adventurous activities of their PGL home for the last week…

Today, fuelled by a breakfast of sausages, hash browns, eggs and ketchup, children tackled yet more amazing activities, from the giant swing to survivor training and archery… During survivor, pupils tried to make fire, while also daubing themselves generously in mud! Beware their Bear Grylls style skills when they return!


survivor-3 survivor-5 survivor-8 survivor-9

archery-1 friendship-4 friendship-8 giant-swing-1 giant-swing-2 giant-swing-3 giant-swing-9 giant-swing-11 giant-swing-13 giant-swing-14 giant-swing-17 giant-swing-21 giant-swing-23 giant-swing-28

Other groups tacked the indoor bouldering wall with rock climbing prowess, making sure that their friends helped keep them safe by bileting from the floor nearby. The zip wire was also in popular demand, as children (and Miss Skinner!) whizzed along at considerable speed, enjoying the freedom of the sun in their faces as they sped along the top of the Weymouth cliffs.

rock-climbing-1 rock-climbing-4 rock-climbing-6 rock-climbing-7 zip-wire-1 zip-wire-2

Once again, another day of tremendous fun and adventure has passed as children approach their last day at Osmington, ready to return to their families with amazing tales of all that they have accomplished this week….. Keep your eyes peeled for a final update!

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 2

As day breaks on the second day of our Osmington Adventure, Image result for pglchildren from Anne Dale have awoken from a restful sleep. All were in beds by 9:30pm and asleep by 10pm… This is not surprising really considering that children took part in a large scale orienteering exercise last night (Snapshot) as well as a range of crazy team games, known as Wacky Races!

Last night’s dinner consisted of spinach cannelloni, chicken or cottage pie options. Some children ventured near the celery soup to try that, while others opted for a pudding of doughnuts and fruit!

All are excited about today’s activities, which include sensory trail around a mud covered and particularly difficult to navigate area of the site! Others prepared themselves for life on a desert island in Survivor style activities and other groups went mountain biking. It is a requirement of mountain biking that trousers are tucked into socks… unfortunately, Miss Hudson took this a little too far – as you can see from the pics!
mountain-biking-1desert-island-survival mountain-biking-socks-2 mountain-biking-socks sensory-trail-1 sensory-trail-2 sensory-trail-3 sensory-trail-4

Keep your eyes peeled for other updates in the near future and feel free to leave a comment below if you wish,

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 3 Trip to Stubbington!

Year three went to Stubbington for their Geography work about our local area. We went to Stubbington with the class to look at the shops and the village. We also had to ask people lots of questions in a survey, to find out what they were doing in Stubbington on that day. After the village we went to the new park for a chance to go on the brand new equipment that the Year 5 children helped to design.

We are going to be using the information to help us in Geography this term, including finding out what improvements people wanted (part of our homework too)


[Written by Finlee Florance ~ Digital leader]

K3’s Geography trip to Stubbington

On Wednesday we went to Stubbington village for our geography trip!  We were in different groups and went round making a map of the shops.  Also we interviewed random people who were in the village. – Eva

We went to Stubbington and we wrote down what shops we saw and asked people, “How did you travel to Stubbington?  What shops are you going to? What do you like?”

We learnt that most people travelled by car and went to Costas.  We made a graph of how people travelled to Stubbington.  People travelled by car because they live far away or because they were cold.

Some people said Stubbington needs a swimming pool or a gym and some people said Stubbington was ‘just right’. – Isla


On Wednesday 3rd February we went to Stubbington village and we talked to a couple of people about Stubbington.  We had lots of fun but we got a bit embarrassed asking the questions.  We saw lots of shops and car parks.  Mainly, people travelled by car but some travelled by something else because it was a cold day!  We saw Costa, Parkers, Co-op and more exciting shops!  We would love to do it again! Well, one day! – Lily

On Wednesday we got into groups of four and an adult took us.  We walked to Stubbington village.  We asked some people questions like “What shops are you heading to today?” “What’s your favourite place to visit in the village?” – Ruby


We went to Stubbington village.  We were there for over an hour.  After, the class all went to the park for a five minute play because we were all very well behaved.  During the last couple of minutes, we had to ask a person from the village some questions if they said “I would love to!”  Before we had to sheet and filled in all the shops on the map.   There was another sheet and you filled in the answers to the questions.  – Maddie

K3 would love to hear what you think about Stubbington!  

  • What’s your favourite thing about Stubbington?
  • Where do you like to visit?
  • Do you think there are improvements which could be made to the area?

Challenge: Geography!

On Monday 12th October, a group of children from Year 5 and Year 6 gathered to learn about Food Miles. They are miles that your food travels. We did maps on different products that Miss Knight brought for us, such as, coconut milk and Belgian mint hot chocolate. For a starter, we had to do an A to Z list of fruit and vegetables, and tried to list where they came from. We got stuck on E, I, J, N, Q, U, X, Y and Z. The ones we got stuck on were ones like Egg Fruit, Ita Palm, Jujube, Nectarine, Quince, Ulgi, Xingu and Zucchini. We also looked up miles between countries and watched a video about the journey of a banana.

After break, we went back to the library and started typing up for the blog, the challenge wall (Look outside M6), re-doing our map if we wanted to and drawing a cartoon/comic of the life cycle of a banana. Some miles we recorded included 9459 miles from Australia, 1181 miles from Italy and 5256 miles from Colombia.

Did You Know?

  • Elvis Presley liked fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches
  • It takes 11 days for bananas to sail over here
  • Customers of supermarkets will not buy bananas with even a tiny bruise on a bunch
  • We scoffed almost one billion bananas last year
  • It’s the most popular fruit
  • They have a radius of about 3cm
  • The banana tree is about seven metres tall
  • The banana plantation in Costa Rica is three hundred and twenty four football pitches
  • England are bananas about bananas!
  • The amount of food being flown into the UK has doubled in the last 10 years 🙂

Written by Amy Holden

DSC00686 DSC00687

Where are these food produced?
Where are these food produced?
From field to our plate. Where bananas come from.
From field to our plate. Where bananas come from.
Working out where our food comes from.
Working out where our food comes from.

Pen Pals in Year5!

In Year five we have recently got pen pals from Ethiopia. We get to write back to them soon and tell them all about us. Link Ethiopia's logo

One Pen-Pal supports Messy Church. One pen pal asked a member of our class to visit him in Ethiopia and one gave a child in our class  their phone number – which being a digital leader – I know was not a good idea! My friend has a pen pal called Frasica and another got one called Gondar. 

We are hoping to hear from them lots in the future, which will be nice.

[by Louise F ~ Digital Leader] 



Year 6 Visit the Coastline!

 In Year 6 this month, we all went to Hill Head beach to the coastline for our Geography work. It was great to explore the coastline as some of us haven’t been down the beach that long before!

We found some odd things like a pirate statue and some historical things like the view to the Osborne House and some WW2 pillboxes. At the end of the walk to the other side of the beach we sat down and attempted to complete our work – the problem was though that our sheets kept blowing away in the strong wind!

In the end though we all found it fun and enjoyable. 

[Written By Toby W & Daniel D – Year 6 Digital Leaders]

Rainforest Painting in T3!

As part of our rainforest artwork, children in T3 worked on using the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to mix rainforest colours, ready for their rainforest painting.

Using these colours, pupils mixed a range of greens, oranges and purples, to add details and shades to their work.

As you can see from the pictures, children produced some excellent rainforest painting designs, filled with colour mixed combinations to add depth to their work.

SDC15807 SDC15808 SDC15809 SDC15810 SDC15811 SDC15812 SDC15813 SDC15814 SDC15815 SDC15817 SDC15818

“I painted a really good capybara, however, I didn’t get the nose quite right. It is all flat instead of round!” (Sophie P)

“My orang-utan was fat, but I enjoyed painting it!” (Luke S)

“This was fun.” (Ellyn T)

“My toucan looks great! (Rory M)

“This was amazing” (Katy M)

“I loved painting my python” (Alex J)

“It is my favourite piece of artwork EVER!” (Hugh C-B)

Leave a comment below to tell us what you think…

[Written by Mr Thorns]


T3 Investigate Rainforest Animals!

In Geography this term, children in T3 have been researching the rainforest, focusing in this lesson on rainforest animals!

Children looked at a range of creatures, large and small, in order to research facts and information on them. We also used the LearnPads to help with our work, getting to grips with their touchscreens and Google-searching accurately.

Have a look at some of us working in class, leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

SDC15803 SDC15802 SDC15801 SDC15804 SDC15805 SDC15806

[Written by Mr Thorns]