History in Year 4!

In History we are learning about the Anglo Saxons in Year 4. I think it is really fun and I would recommend it for the Year 3’s next year because we had an amazing way to learn about it!

An Anglo Saxon man came and wore some of the clothing that they used to wear. He showed us artefacts and we even saw a dead animal skin. It made me a little bit sad to see a dead animal, but it was good to understand about the Anglo Saxons. There was a rabbit and a fox (and foxes are already one of my favourite animals).

[Written by Sohan S – Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day!

On Anglo-Saxon day in Year 4, we made jewellery. We met a Saxon man (an actor). He showed us a shield, an axe and a hoe (used for gardening). The man smelt really bad – just like a real Anglo-Saxon – and wore ragged clothes. We also tried Anglo-Saxon food. We made homemade bookmarks out of beads and string.

We had to make the string into rope and the actor showed us a technique. We tightened the string and it got really strong. The food we had was apples, carrots and naan bread. Doing Anglo-Saxon day helped me to understand how life was 300 years ago. It was brutal and cool, the food they ate was healthy and refreshing to keep them battling. Their clothes had to be tight, otherwise they would fall off.

[Written by Riley B ~ Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day

Year 4 children arrived at school dressed in some amazing Anglo-Saxon Costumes ready for their time travel back to AD 600. Each class enjoyed a workshop led by our visitor who reminded us where the A-S came from and why they came to England and settled. We looked at and handled tools and weapons they would have used. We were taught how to make an A-S ring and how to make cord by twisting a piece of string in order to make a cordage book mark.


We took part in a drama session where we acted out the story of Beowulf and Grendel, the monster. In our third session, we used A-S letters, called runes, and wrote secret messages to each other and painted our initials in runes onto pebbles.

Finally, we joined together as a Year Group in the hall and had an Anglo-Saxon feast of cheese, bread, carrot, apple and apple juice while listening to A-S music played on the lyre.

An enjoyable way to end the week and our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. A great time was had by all!


Exploring World War 2 in W4…

This is the blitz in London
This shows children getting evacuated onto a train!

In History, we have been learning about World War 2. We have learned about evacuation following our visit to EXPLOSION MUSEUM! We have been studying where children went from places like Southampton, Portsmouth and London.

We have also started to look at food and clothing rationing. We have looked at ration books and we also  looked at how much clothes cost during the bombing period.

We looked also the countries that were controlled by the Nazi party and the ones that were on the Allies side…

We have looked at time lines and different things that soldiers and seamen would have to wear in the World War 2.

We went Explosion Museum in Gosport to see more about what life would have been like working in a gunpowder store building. We also had lots of fun making some of the stuff that the children would have had to carry with them on evacuation, such as a gas mask and its own little box.

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Year 4 Trip to Explosion Museum!

On the 15th of June, Year 4 went to the Explosion Museum where we studied air-raids,
different types of shelters and evacuation during WW2. First, we went to the education centre where we looked at different types of clothing from WW2 and survived an air-raid. It was scary!

In the afternoon, we pretended we were evacuated children and we went outside and played with toys from 1940. We looked at what children would have had to bring and wear to be evacuated. Then we did a mice hunt and went back to school!

This was a really good school trip and I would recommend this to anyone! If you want to find out more about the museum, click on the link here


[Written by Phoebe B ~ Digital Leader]

Year 3 Roman Day!

As part of Year 3’s Roman Day, children across the year group took part in Roman related activities, working with a Roman Soldier, Roman Lady and Mosaic Building, finished with a period of Roman legion marching too!

~ Roman Mosaics ~

One activity during the day involved children designing and making a Roman Mosaic design, using small paper tesserae to create Roman style patterns and designs.

As you can see from the pictures, children prepared a range of different mosaic designs, working hard to fill every gap on their stone slab…

SDC10357 SDC10358 SDC10359 SDC10360 SDC10361 SDC10362 SDC10363

“It was really fun, easy and really good art to do” (Harry M T3)

“It was a bit tricky but when you got the hang of it, it started to get easier!” (Harry C T3)

“It was fun and when you got used to it the pictures looked really good.” (Caitlin P T3)

“It was fun although when we started it was really hard but then when we did lots more we got the hang of it” (Madeline H T3)

~ The Roman Soldier ~

As well as the mosaic making, children also experienced a talk with a Roman re-enactor, who described life in the Roman legions to children, alongside a vast display of weapons and armour from the Roman battlefield.

Some children were lucky enough to be chosen to model some of the equipment, including the soldier’s helmet… this was very heavy and had lots of useful parts to protect your head.

We also learnt about the awful tools that the Romans used to defend their camps, including caltrops, spiked sticks and digging ditches too.

SDC10364 SDC10366 SDC10367

Children had a fantastic day, gaining a look into life in Rome from within their own classrooms!

The afternoon was also spent on the playground practising Roman marching and the tortoise defence with their homework shields.

SDC10416 SDC10420 SDC10421 SDC10423 SDC10427

Thank you to the many parents who contributed to the shield building – it certainly ended the day with a fantastic display of Roman strength and firepower!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Clay Work Masks in W4!

In W4, we have been making Viking masks. We made some designs and we put them into some real masks. Just like this one here…

We had some crazy designs that people came up with but we needed to narrow it down so we could make a mask that would not fall apart when we put it in the kiln.

We had great fun making them and we had many different disasters… Like my one I had to have four attempts and then Mrs Carter came over and did what I was finding really hard in around 1 minute and it took me 5 minutes to get it wrong 5 times!

We have now got some quotes from some of W4…

Jack Bryant: “I found it really hard!”

 [Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

Yr4 design Viking helmets!

Year 4 have been busy designing helmets which will soon be made into clay and painted. They have looked at the patterns and shapes of the Viking helmets and used them to help them come up with ideas for their own helmets.

This helmet is a real helmet which was discovered in 1964 by archaeologists. Some children took the design into account and put it into their own ideas.

[Written By Josie Solé ~ Digital Leader]

T3 Make Roman Chariots!

As part of our DT work on chariots, children in T3 have been using card, wood and tools to build their own racing masterpiece. The children used hacksaws, with spar wood to create a sturdy base, before then creating a card fronter to keep their Roman rider safe.

As you can see from the pictures, the classroom was awash with busy carpentry skills and differing styles of Roman chariot designs.

We will be racing them later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

SDC10497 SDC10498 SDC10499 SDC10500 SDC10501 SDC10502 SDC10503 SDC10504

Let’s see who wins in the great Anne Dale Chariot Race later this week!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Dickens Day in Year 5!

On the third of December 2015, Year 5 held an annual event which was Dickens Day! We had to dress up as a Charles Dickens character or a Victorian child. For the morning, the teachers also dressed up and were in character as strict Victorian teachers.  They were absolutely horrible. The worst teacher was Mrs Robinson. She was terrifying!



The first lesson we had was ‘Drill’ which was where you went outside in the freezing cold and had to lift your arms as the teacher counted. We had to stand in lines and move at exactly the same time or we got shouted at. After that, we had a handwriting lesson. We got given quills and ink and had to copy out lines on the page. We were under strict instructions not to spill the ink or make a splodge but mine went everywhere! My hands were stained dark blue and my page was an inky mess. The worst thing was, I’m left handed and I was made to write with my right hand!


Just after we had made a mess with the ink, the ‘Headmaster’ (Mr Thorns) came in for a hand inspection! He said he was disgusted at the state of our hands and that we should be ashamed of ourselves.


After break, we had to recite the times tables out loud and were picked out to stand up and spell out difficult words. I had a mind blank when I was asked to spell a simple word! Josh had to wear the Dunce’s hat for 5 minutes because he made a mistake!



The teachers were all carrying canes and we were all petrified that we would be caned. When Max spoke out in class, he was taken outside and all we could hear were his screams! Miss Bridge seemed really cross.

In the afternoon, we came out of character and we were relieved that our teachers did too! We researched all about Charles Dickens’ life and created posters and sketches to show the class.

We had a great day!

By Max and Oscar in E5.

SDC11076 SDC11071