This week in Year 3, we have been continuing to learn about our Stone Age topic and have been discussing our Stone Age inventions ready to persuade the Dragons’ Den which one they should invest in.

Remembrance homework

Please find above (click the link), details of the homework for this week. It is due back earlier (on Monday 6th November) as some of the children’s work will be used in a Remembrance assembly on Tuesday morning.

Year 6 Homework

Homework grid for ‘How are we the same? How are we different?’ unit

Each week you will need to complete one maths, one english and one theme activity.  There are more theme activities than weeks so that you have a choice of what to complete.  Tick them off as you do them.

This grid will run for 4 weeks.


Each week choose one:

Find the population of 5 countries and round to the nearest tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions


Time how fast you can write the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables in order


Find out what mean, median and mode mean and explain using examples


Complete the maths challenge sheet you have been given


Each week choose one:

Look up the meaning of each of your spellings in a dictionary and write the definition


Write a sentence for each of your spellings using the word in context


Write a short story (less than 1 page) with the title ‘We are the same but different’.


Write a list of 10 words and their antonyms (opposites)


Each week choose one:

Create an information sheet using the facts from the knowledge organiser.

Ask someone to quiz you on the information on the knowledge organiser- get them to sign your homework bk

Find out what does and create an information page.

Create a poem about what diversity means.

Draw a poster explaining tolerance.

Create an anti-smoking poster.

Investigate the main beliefs of the Muslim faith and write a paragraph explaining what you have found out.


Year 6 Homework until SATs

Please use the CGP Maths and English books to help with revision. Aim to complete at least 2 x Maths and 2 x English per week (write the short date on the top of the page so we can track how you are doing).
We would like to see your Maths book one week and your English book the following week. Please hand in your Maths book on 1st March.
We have been so impressed with your attitude to learning this week! Keep on going!

Year 6 Homework Grid

Project: Science Knowledge and understanding
Homework for Year 6 Spring Term

The homework for this half term will enable you to revise and develop your scientific knowledge of the key ideas that you need to be able to understand in Year 6.

On 1st, 8th and 15th February you will need to hand in one piece of homework. Please choose from the four options below. If you would like to do all four homework tasks, we would be more than happy to see your hard work! Think about how you are going to present your findings.

1. Materials: Solids, liquids and gases
Create a story or storyboard to explain what makes it rain.

2. Electricity
Where is the best place to be in a lightning storm and what clothes are best to wear as protection?
Demonstrate this in any form that you wish. Include a written explanation with your scientific knowledge.

3. Sound
This is an interactive site where you can try making different pitches on various instrument.
Create a guitar using elastic and a box so that it makes 4 different notes. Explain what you did to change the vibration.

4.Make observations over time
Set up a science experiment that observes and records changes of something over time. Perhaps you could observe the changes in weather and temperature, the decay of a piece of fruit, or the growth of your fingernails!
Take repeat and accurate measurements then once the experiment is finished, put your results into a graph. What does it show?

Year 6 Homework… 2nd December

Year 6 Homework – Friday  2nd December 2016


Homework is always due in on a Wednesday – but it can be handed in before this time if desired

Homework this week is to use some of the skills from our recent Maths lessons. This should be completed in homework books and should show the methods / calculations that have been used. A calculator is not allowed, except to check the final answer.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3

Complete the Maths sheet given to you by your class teacher…



Complete the Maths sheet given to you by your class teacher…



Complete the Maths sheet given to you by your class teacher…


Please also write 6 sentences which include words with the __sion or __tion endings… These should be written into homework books.

Homework for Year 3

Hi Year 3!

We are very much looking forward to our Christmas production on Thursday 15th December.

As homework, we are asking the children to learn any lines that they have for the show (they have their scripts) and also the words to the songs, which you will find attached below.

The children are working extremely hard to put together a truly spectacular show, which we are sure you will all enjoy.


Year 6 Homework Choice… 11th November

Year 6 Homework          Friday  11th November 2016

Homework is always due in on a Wednesday – but it can be handed in before this time if desired

Homework this week is linked to our upcoming DT topic. This week, children are to begin a 3 week project (3 HWs worth) on one of the choices below. The homework should be written, including some maths parts too (such as graphs, statistics on customers, prices or timetables etc) which are relevant to your choice from below.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Conduct a project on one of the theme parks in the UK. This should include information on what is currently there, the history of the park, information about visitors / costs and information or graphs from the internet to support this. Conduct a project on one type of ride that you might find at a theme park or a fairground in the UK. This should include the history of the ride, information about how it works and different designs that exist around the UK… Conduct a project working out how to visit one of the theme parks in the UK. This should include information on travelling there (including train timetables etc) information about costs and the use of the internet to support this.