Euro Research in T3 – using LearnPads!

As part of our work in Geography looking at places around the world… children in T3 used LearnPads to research countries in the European football tournament. This research gave us a chance to practice our internet search skills, reading skills and using the new LearnPads to find out information about our chosen countries.

Here are some pictures of the class in actions, using Google search to find the answers to the Euro quiz!

LearnPad Geography Research (1) LearnPad Geography Research (3) LearnPad Geography Research (4) LearnPad Geography Research (5) LearnPad Geography Research (7) LearnPad Geography Research (9)

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ ICT & Computing Manager]

EXTREME Photography in Year 5!!

In Year 5’s ICT were are doing EXTREME PHOTO TAKING!!!!!!!!

I think it will be a lot of fun for all the Year 5’s to go out and take pictures of the beautiful nature plus I think it will also give us a perfect picture to take to put ON THE BLOG!!!!!! ūüôā

If you have an ¬†interest in photography, let us know what you’ve taken THE BEST picture of ever – and WHY? [

[Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]


K3 Kar2ouche in I.C.T

In I.C.T K3 have been using Kar2ouch on Romans to work on our Comic Writers topic.

We have made a comic scene  for our I.C.T folders using comic creator (you can have a go by clicking here). After this, K3 have been doing comic strips in this past half-term in I.C.T using both comic creator and Kartouche as well. It has been really fun doing all of comic strips.

We have been thinking about what makes a really good comic strip, the type of details you need and how to grab the reader’s attention too – this can be tricky when you can only use a few words to tell them the story and most of what you do is just pictures. Have a go yourself too.

[Written by Eva Medd ~ Digital Leader]

Photos of nature in ICT!

In Year 5 this term, we are taking photos of the nature outside. We are doing that in ICT, using technology to help us to take the pictures and then to use them in our work.

First, we looked on the computer to get some ideas into our head about photography and how to take pictures of nature around us. Then we used the Learnpads and went outside to take the photos around the school site. We worked in small groups to share the Learnpads and we had lots of fun!

We didn’t need to worry too much about if we took the wrong photo as Mrs Burdett would show us how to delete it. The most important thing was to capture the right picture at the right moment. It was extremely fun!

[Written by Bethan Dew ~ Digital Leader]

Music leassons

Lots of children have joined music lessons this year and many have moved up a group. Remember to practice hard and test your skills! Have fun playing musicians!

There is also the weekl;y singing club, run by Miss Money, continuing this year as well!

Image result for guitar

Here are some fun music sites for mixing your own beat box tracks! Explore and enjoy:

[By Josie S ~ digital leader]

Training Digital Leaders!

Today in ICT, Digital Leaders were trained in using the school blog. This helped them to be able to edit the posts from school, home and anywhere where the where they have access to wifi!

Children have completed a range of posts and interesting articles about life in the school and are looking forward to meeting again soon for even more!

It is hoped that these children might also like to post and blog from the comfort of their own home, on school related work, ready to tell even more about the amazing things happening here at Anne Dale!

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ IT & Computing Manager]

T3 Investigate Rainforest Animals!

In Geography this term, children in T3 have been researching the rainforest, focusing in this lesson on rainforest animals!

Children looked at a range of creatures, large and small, in order to research facts and information on them. We also used the LearnPads to help with our work, getting to grips with their touchscreens and Google-searching accurately.

Have a look at some of us working in class, leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

SDC15803 SDC15802 SDC15801 SDC15804 SDC15805 SDC15806

[Written by Mr Thorns]

IT & Computing Able Morning…

As part of the school’s motto of Striving for the Best in Everyone” children with particular skills in IT and Computing were offered the opportunity to create Lego Animations, using “I Can Animate” software and media editing using Windows Movie Maker.

Children produced a wide variety of exciting and well constructed Lego animations, working on using small steps, carefully modified movements and teamwork…

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ IT & Computing Manager]

Tubs4Tablets – Collect now for your school!

As I am sure you are aware, the school is now collecting for Tubs4Tablets – a scheme working in partnership with Tesco, whereby schools can earn Samsung Tablets in exchange for the foil inserts from selected tubs of Flora / Stork butters and margarine.

Hopefully we will collect the required 50 tokens per free tablet for a small set to be used in the school to support and assist children in their learning across the curriculum. This will help to supplement the excellent work already in place from the school’s use of LearnPads across the curriculum…

Please drop your ‘tokens’ into the school office where they can be processed – feel free to ‘spread’ the word and let’s see how many we can collect!

Thank you for your support, Mr Thorns

[ICT and Computing Manager]

ICT Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Platform Games!

As part of the school’s motto, ‘Striving for the Best in Everyone’,¬†children across the school took part in yet another of our regular Challenge Afternoons. Those with particular aptitude in ICT were set the challenge of designing and playing a game on Sploder – an online game making website…

Here are some of our efforts… why not have a go, play them and leave a comment below!

Good luck!

Meadow E’s Game…

Stephen W’s Game…

Elyssia S’s Game…

Sophie G’s Game…

Leon E’s Game…

Austin P’s Game…

Joaquina A’s Game…

Rosie H’s Game…

(Written by Mr Thorns – ICT Manager)