ICT Challenge Afternoon…

As part of the school’s programme of enrichment “Challenge Afternoons”, children with talents or interests in ICT worked on creating film trailers, using the simplicity of PowerPoint to produce a self-changing film trailer, for a new movie that they were advertising…

Demonstrating their creative streak, pupils began work on a variety of weird and wonderful movies, ranging from James Bond adventure spin-offs, to a new Monster High movie. Other pupils created movie trailers for simple ideas such as Peppa Pig and more established titles such as Star Wars.

Overall, the children produced some excellent movie trailers, working hard on the slide transitions and aiming for a professional looking piece at the end.

(Written by Mr Thorns – ICT Manager)

Half term boredom busters! (Maths)

Here are some website addresses for some fun maths games that you can play at home. They will all help with what we are learning in year 4 at the moment!


Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Game Creations…

As part of the school’s Enrichment provision in ICT, pupils have been creating online adventure games during our ‘Challenge Afternoons’, using Sploder.com – an online game design site…

Children were challenged to create games that were both entertaining and fun to play. The missions needed to get progressively harder and encourage players to play again, and again, and again!

Here are some of our creations… please have a play and then leave a comment below when you’ve completed a mission! Just click on a picture to try a game.

James_Army_TrainingArmy Training – James B (Year 6)

Luke_xdXD – Luke T (Year 6)

Mr_Thorns_Snarley_AttackSnarley Attack – Mr Thorns (Teacher!)

Ellie_Forrest_Time_TravelTime Travell – Ellie F (Year 5)

Written by Mr Thorns (ICT Manager)

ICT Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Online Games!

As part of the school’s provision for able pupils and to enrich the curriculum for the whole school, staff designed and delivered a series of “Challenge Afternoons” across a range of subjects. These aimed to develop creativity, enjoyment and critical thinking… all in keeping with the school’s motto, “Striving for the Best in Everyone”

In ICT, children were set the challenge on constructing an online platform game, using Sploder http://www.sploder.com/ and thinking about how levels should progress and about what makes a good game to play.

As you can see, the children were exceptionally absorbed and many have chosen to continue these games away from school too and upload them to the Sploder website.

Written by Mr Thorns (ICT Manager)

Enrichment and Able Afternoon… ICT…

As part of the school’s continuing work in stretching the most able children, teachers across the school led sessions focused on their subject areas which were designed to challenge the skills of particularly talented pupils…

In ICT, children worked with new C.A.D (computer assisted design) software – Homestyler – to design and furnish rooms to a set specification. While some pupils created a luxury, functional office for Mr O’Brien, others worked on a new bedroom/bathroom suite for a hotel chain instead…

As you can see from the images, a real range of designs were created, using the pupils’ skills in both navigating the new software and adapting their creations to fit their different specifications.

The children seemed to really enjoy the sessions and some of their excellent work is now on display on the ICT gallery in our ICT suite! For those of you interested in trying Homestyler yourself… visit http://www.homestyler.com/

Written by Mr Thorns