Natural Disasters in HW5!

Over the last few weeks, HW5 have been learning about natural disasters. A natural disaster is something bad that happens that is not man-made but made only by nature. For instance, a hurricane. No person can make a hurricane, it is only made by nature.

Other natural disasters include: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, droughts, avalanches, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, dust storms, sink holes, blizzards and tornadoes. HW5 have also been creating leaflets on information we have found out about natural disasters. Here are some of the ones we are included: Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Here are some pictures of natural disasters. I’m glad we haven’t been effected by any these! 

[Written by Digital Leader in HW5]

Maths in Year 4!

We’re learning fractions and times tables in Maths in Year 4. Some of us are trying to learn up to the 14 times tables!

Maths is sometimes very hard because there are always other ways to work it out! You sometimes get very frustrated but once you’ve worked it out you feel overjoyed and relieved. Maths is very fun at times.

[Written by Brandon D – Digital Leader]


Yr4 design Viking helmets!

Year 4 have been busy designing helmets which will soon be made into clay and painted. They have looked at the patterns and shapes of the Viking helmets and used them to help them come up with ideas for their own helmets.

This helmet is a real helmet which was discovered in 1964 by archaeologists. Some children took the design into account and put it into their own ideas.

[Written By Josie Solé ~ Digital Leader]

Yr 4 visit to the Winchester Science Museum!

On Wednesday the 23rd March, Yr 4 gathered together to take a visit to the Winchester Science Museum. Everyone was sorted into groups and given a brief. After that, everyone was free to explore the science museum as long as they stayed in their group. We also took a visit to the gift shop and bought souvenirs, provided that we had brought some money with us to spend.


People had a go at things such as playing basket ball in a wheel chair, running as fast as they could in a race, building a mini aqueduct, looking at rubbish and pollution, investigating the temperature of their body and much more. We also went to a workshop to find out more about creating circuits and using insulators and conductors, which we have been working on in Science in school.

Everybody had a great time at the science museum so check out their website by using this link:

[Written By AnneDale Digital Leader]

Yr4 Experiments with Circuits!

Yr 4 have been trying to create circuits, using various components, such as crocodile-wires, bulbs, batteries and switches. They have also been challenged to connect these items together to construct circuits, enabling them to light up bulbs or use switches to turn them on and off.

As well as this, they’ve been drawing diagrams to show how they pieced together the circuits.

Here is an image showing a simple circuit:


The cross inside the circle is a bulb, the straight lines are wires and the two lines next to each other are batteries. Yr 4 used these symbols when drawing diagrams. These symbols are used all over the world to show the different components without having to draw them in detail.

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader]




Year 3 Trip to Stubbington!

Year three went to Stubbington for their Geography work about our local area. We went to Stubbington with the class to look at the shops and the village. We also had to ask people lots of questions in a survey, to find out what they were doing in Stubbington on that day. After the village we went to the new park for a chance to go on the brand new equipment that the Year 5 children helped to design.

We are going to be using the information to help us in Geography this term, including finding out what improvements people wanted (part of our homework too)


[Written by Finlee Florance ~ Digital leader]

Longships In W4…

In W4 we have been learning about the Vikings. We have been studying the ships that we know as the Viking longships. We have had a mission were we have been Anglo Saxons and they are coming to raid and we are spying at the Viking boats. Then we have been coming back to base, drawing it and learning what the features of their boats!

We have been looking at a lot of old Viking boats and looking at the pictures and seeing what type of life they had.

We have also been looking at Viking people…

What weapons they carry?

What armour did they have?

And we have been singing songs with Miss Money!

[Written by Jack B, Digital Leader]



Making 3D shapes with Polydron!

As part of our Maths work on 3D shape, children have been using Polydron to make their own creations, carefully choosing 2D pieces, to build them into a 3D construction!

Children were challenged to make pyramids (with different bases), prisms with different ends on them and traditional cubes and cuboids from the polydron pieces.

As you can see from the pictures, this was a very challenging but very enjoyable lesson, with children working both together and individually to create their 3D creations!

SDC10215 SDC10216 SDC10217 SDC10218 SDC10219 SDC10220 SDC10221 SDC10222 SDC10223 SDC10224

“It was good fun even though it was very hard at first. The reason it was hard was because I even cut my finger!” (Lillie H) ~ [Luckily, Lillie did not require medical help]

“This was hard but fun!” (Gracie M)

“It was hard at first, but then it got easier!” (Kendra)

SDC10225 SDC10226 SDC10227 SDC10229 SDC10230

“It was really good and a bit hard. Then we got the hang of it!” (Harry M)

“It was tricky but funny.” (Cleo A)

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Anglo-Saxon day in Year 4…

On Monday, Year 4 did Anglo-Saxon day! 

They did a scavenger hunt where they looked  for clues written in runes – each one telling them where to go next. They also did weaving where they had a piece of paper and they had strips of paper that they weaved into the piece of paper. This was like the weaving that the Anglo-Saxons did too. They did drama about Beowulf and Grendel. They also illuminated letters on ancient paper and had a feast with apple, carrot, pitta bread, cheese and apple juice. They also dressed up as Anglo-Saxons or in neutral colours, which the Anglo Saxons would have.

Everybody enjoyed Anglo-Saxon day!

[Written by Phoebe B Digital Leader]

Maths Treasure Hunt in Year 4!

In Year 4, a treasure hunt has taken place!

Since year 4 started learning column addition, we have taken part in lots of fun activities. This morning we have all taken part in an entertaining and memorable treasure hunt.

First, we worked out maths sums from a sheet we were given.

Then we searched in certain places around the school for sheets with a number answer and a letter which we wrote down next to our answers. Who knows who will find the treasure first!

[Written By Josie S ~ Digital Leader]