Year 3 Christmas Time Travelling Production!

This morning, children across the school were treated to a wonderful Christmas Image result for christmas starsproduction from Year 3 – performed with a starlight background and filled with Christmas magic. Pupils watched with interest and enthusiasm as Time Travelling Doctors made their way in search of Christmas surprises.

Children spoke their lines clearly and filled the hall with a beautiful harmony of Christmas singing. With a splattering of Christmas cracker jokes, Year 3 also enlightened children from across the year groups with a host of “laugh-o-meter” gags!

We are sure that parents are in for a real treat during their performance and will enjoy the show! Well done to Year 3 for a fantastic production!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Natural Disasters in HW5!

Over the last few weeks, HW5 have been learning about natural disasters. A natural disaster is something bad that happens that is not man-made but made only by nature. For instance, a hurricane. No person can make a hurricane, it is only made by nature.

Other natural disasters include: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, droughts, avalanches, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, dust storms, sink holes, blizzards and tornadoes. HW5 have also been creating leaflets on information we have found out about natural disasters. Here are some of the ones we are included: Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Here are some pictures of natural disasters. I’m glad we haven’t been effected by any these! 

[Written by Digital Leader in HW5]

Maths in Year 4!

We’re learning fractions and times tables in Maths in Year 4. Some of us are trying to learn up to the 14 times tables!

Maths is sometimes very hard because there are always other ways to work it out! You sometimes get very frustrated but once you’ve worked it out you feel overjoyed and relieved. Maths is very fun at times.

[Written by Brandon D – Digital Leader]


Anglo Saxon Day…

On Anglo Saxon Day everyone was learning about why the Anglo Saxons raided our country (Britain).We had a massive feast. The food was cheese, carrots and pitta bread.The feast was like an Anglo Saxon feast. An Anglo Saxon actor taught us how to make a little copper ring. We had to curl the copper on each side until you could fold it.

The actor showed us some valuable and fragile artefacts – such as an Anglo Saxon cup. It smelled like poop which was disgusting! We were also painting stones that the teacher got from the beach. We were writing our initials in coloured pencil then painting it with the colours white, yellow, red, blue or black. I felt awesome!

[Written by Dylan F – Digital Leader]


Gymnastics in PE at Anne Dale!

In gymnastics we are learning to make shapes using different parts of our body. We are lucky to have a specialist coach coming in to work with us…

First of all we did a warm up where the gymnastics coach explained that if she said go we had to jog around the room, if she said stop we had to stop, if she said up we had to stretch upwards and if she said down we had to stretch lower to the ground.

It was a really good lesson and I enjoyed it!

[Written by Rosie B – Digital Leader]

History in Year 4!

In History we are learning about the Anglo Saxons in Year 4. I think it is really fun and I would recommend it for the Year 3’s next year because we had an amazing way to learn about it!

An Anglo Saxon man came and wore some of the clothing that they used to wear. He showed us artefacts and we even saw a dead animal skin. It made me a little bit sad to see a dead animal, but it was good to understand about the Anglo Saxons. There was a rabbit and a fox (and foxes are already one of my favourite animals).

[Written by Sohan S – Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day!

On Anglo-Saxon day in Year 4, we made jewellery. We met a Saxon man (an actor). He showed us a shield, an axe and a hoe (used for gardening). The man smelt really bad – just like a real Anglo-Saxon – and wore ragged clothes. We also tried Anglo-Saxon food. We made homemade bookmarks out of beads and string.

We had to make the string into rope and the actor showed us a technique. We tightened the string and it got really strong. The food we had was apples, carrots and naan bread. Doing Anglo-Saxon day helped me to understand how life was 300 years ago. It was brutal and cool, the food they ate was healthy and refreshing to keep them battling. Their clothes had to be tight, otherwise they would fall off.

[Written by Riley B ~ Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day

Year 4 children arrived at school dressed in some amazing Anglo-Saxon Costumes ready for their time travel back to AD 600. Each class enjoyed a workshop led by our visitor who reminded us where the A-S came from and why they came to England and settled. We looked at and handled tools and weapons they would have used. We were taught how to make an A-S ring and how to make cord by twisting a piece of string in order to make a cordage book mark.


We took part in a drama session where we acted out the story of Beowulf and Grendel, the monster. In our third session, we used A-S letters, called runes, and wrote secret messages to each other and painted our initials in runes onto pebbles.

Finally, we joined together as a Year Group in the hall and had an Anglo-Saxon feast of cheese, bread, carrot, apple and apple juice while listening to A-S music played on the lyre.

An enjoyable way to end the week and our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. A great time was had by all!


Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 5

As the day closes on another fantastic 24 hours at Osmington Bay, children are settling down for their final sleep away from home amidst the rolling hills and adventurous activities of their PGL home for the last week…

Today, fuelled by a breakfast of sausages, hash browns, eggs and ketchup, children tackled yet more amazing activities, from the giant swing to survivor training and archery… During survivor, pupils tried to make fire, while also daubing themselves generously in mud! Beware their Bear Grylls style skills when they return!


survivor-3 survivor-5 survivor-8 survivor-9

archery-1 friendship-4 friendship-8 giant-swing-1 giant-swing-2 giant-swing-3 giant-swing-9 giant-swing-11 giant-swing-13 giant-swing-14 giant-swing-17 giant-swing-21 giant-swing-23 giant-swing-28

Other groups tacked the indoor bouldering wall with rock climbing prowess, making sure that their friends helped keep them safe by bileting from the floor nearby. The zip wire was also in popular demand, as children (and Miss Skinner!) whizzed along at considerable speed, enjoying the freedom of the sun in their faces as they sped along the top of the Weymouth cliffs.

rock-climbing-1 rock-climbing-4 rock-climbing-6 rock-climbing-7 zip-wire-1 zip-wire-2

Once again, another day of tremendous fun and adventure has passed as children approach their last day at Osmington, ready to return to their families with amazing tales of all that they have accomplished this week….. Keep your eyes peeled for a final update!

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmignton Adeventure 2016… Update 4

Day 4 of the Osmington Adventure, with children raring to go once again after another restful sleep. The Weymouth coast has been looking absolutely stunning this week with some amazing views out across the bay!
osmington-bay-3 osmington-bay-4 osmington-bay-5

Many groups took on the challenge of raft building yesterday and here is just a small selection of the images from the event (children will get a chance to create a photo-montage from the school camera stocks in the coming weeks of their Osmington moments) and as you can see from these images, it was a fun filled day enjoyed by all! As the challenge progressed, children were encouraged to take part in a round of “Heads, shoulders, knees and jump” – which as you’d imagine, left some pupils completely delighted with a freshening dunk into the Weymouth waters!

raft-building-3 raft-building-6 raft-building-7 raft-building-8 raft-building-16 raft-building-19 raft-building-20 raft-building-23 raft-building-miss-howard-dab

As well as this, many groups also took part in the hair raising “Trapeze” activity, involving a leap of faith from the top of a very tall wooden pole – in desperate reach of the gold-standard hanging buoy. Once again, children excelled themselves, conquering fears and pushing themselves to achieve. A very proud moment for many as they reached the summit!

bileting-1 trapeze-1 trapeze-3 trapeze-7 trapeze-8 trapeze-10 trapeze-11 trapeze-17 trapeze-18 trapeze-19 trapeze-21 trapeze-24 trapeze-27 trapeze-28 trapeze-29

The evening entertainment has also consisted of “Splash”, involving a random assortment of hilarity inducing activities and races, which were equally enjoyed by children and adults alike, as Anne Dale students practiced team work, collaboration and worked together with new-found friends…

splash-2 splash-4 splash-activity-1


Tomorrow will bring a new range of challenges I am sure, so keep an eye out for the updates… Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]