What’s in the Box ~ English in Year 4

In English in Year 4 we are studying a poem by Kit Wright. In the poem there is four verses beginning with, “I will put in the box …”   In each of these four verses there are three things that Kit Wright will put in the box. Image result for Kit Wright

The next verse is about what your box is made from and last but not least the last verse is about what you will do in your box and that can be any thing you like, even things that are impossible! In Year 4 we have designed our boxes and we are now writing the verses and at some point we are going to write them out on the computer and pin them up on the wall outside our classroom. I know that because Mrs Paterson told us!

THE MAGIC BOX, by Kit Wright

I will put in the box…

the swish of a silk sari on a summer night,
fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon,
the tip of a tongue touching a tooth.

I will put in the box…

a snowman with a rumbling belly
a sip of the bluest water from Lake Lucerene,
a leaping spark from an electric fish.

I will put into the box…

three violet wishes spoken in Gujarati,
the last joke of an ancient uncle,
and the first smile of a baby.

I will put into the box…

a fifth season and a black sun,
a cowboy on a broomstick
and a witch on a white horse.

My box is fashioned from ice and gold and steel,
with stars on the lid and secrets in the corners.
Its hinges are the toe joints of dinosaurs.

I shall surf in my box
on the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic,
then wash ashore on a yellow beach
the colour of the sun.

[By Rosie B ~Digital Leader]


Anne Dale’s Secret Poet!

Did you know that our very own Mr Gates (our caretaker) writes poetry?  It seems that our poetry event not just inspired you to share your poetry but also our caretaker!  He visited Year 5 to give them a sneaky preview of his latest masterpiece.


Click here to read.

What do you think? Why not leave a comment.

[Written by Miss Briggs]


K3 have been inspired by poetry!

K3 wearing their word book day masks.


Inspired by the poet Paul Cookson, K3 have been given the challenge of writing limericks about Crofton Creatures.

Here are some examples:

The slug

There once was a big slimy slug,

Who nobody wanted to hug.

When he went down the street,

He got squashed by some feet,

That was the end of the slug.

By Jack 

The Giraffe

There once was a tall giraffe,

Who walked down the garden path,

He wandered into the house,

And trampled my pet mouse,

And after we had a great laugh!

By Niamh


The bear at the fair

There once was a fluffy bear,

Who went to an exciting fair,

He got stuck in the line,

But had a great time,

And made a new friend called Clare.

By Ella 


The talented bear

There once was a talented bear,

Who wanted to be a millionaire,

He was very funny,

and earned lots of money

and now wanted to share.

By Will

Can you think up your own animal limerick?

We’d love to hear it!

[Written by Miss Knight]

World’s Best Rappers in K3!

Year 3 have been looking at performance poetry and K3 were inspired by Jack Ousbey’s poem ‘Gran can you rap?’ Here are the original words underneath:

Gran was in her chair she was taking a nap
When I tapped her on the shoulder to see if she could rap.
Gran can you rap? Can you rap? Can you Gran?
And she opened one eye and she said to me, Man,
I’m the best rapping Gran this world’s ever seen
I’m a tip-top, slip-slap, rap-rap queen.

And she rose from the chair in the corner of the room
And she started to rap with a bim-bam-boom,
And she rolled up her eyes and she rolled round her head
And as she rolled by this is what she said,
I’m the best rapping gran this world’s ever seen
I’m a nip-nap, yip-yap, rap-rap queen.

Then she rapped past my Dad and she rapped past my mother,
She rapped past me and my little baby brother.
She rapped her arms narrow she rapped her arms wide,
She rapped through the door and she rapped outside.
She’s the best rapping Gran this world’s ever seen
She’s a drip-drop, trip-trap, rap-rap queen.

She rapped down the garden she rapped down the street,
The neighbours all cheered and they tapped their feet.
She rapped through the traffic lights as they turned red
As she rapped round the corner this is what she said,
I’m the best rapping Gran this world’s ever seen
I’m a flip-flop, hip-hop, rap-rap queen.

She rapped down the lane she rapped up the hill,
And she disappeared she was rapping still.
I could hear Gran’s voice saying, Listen Man,
Listen to the rapping of the rap-rap Gran.
I’m the best rapping Gran this world’s ever seen
I’m a –
tip-top, slip-slap,
nip-nap, yip-yap,
hip-hop, trip-trap,
touch yer cap,
take a nap,
happy, happy, happy, happy,

Everyone made up their own verse and some of the class performed theirs in their best rapping style!

It was a high standard, everyone was enthusiastic and some could remember their verses off by heart! Logan won, closely followed by Jessica and Sirli!

Here is Logan’s rap:

Mum can you run?

Mum was in the garden chair, sitting in the sun,

When I whacked her on the head to see if she could run,

Mum can you run? Can you run? Can you mum?

And she opened both eyes and called me dumb.

I’m the best running mum this worlds ever seen,

I’m a tip-top, slip-slap, running Queen!

Please have a go at writing your own and share below (don’t forget it needs a steady beat and rhyming couplets).

 [Written by Miss  Knight]

Rapping in SM3!

This week we have been studying ‘Performance Poetry’ and in particular, raps. We had a go at writing rhyming couplets about ourselves and a partner. Each line had to have 4 beats in it.

Here are some examples:

In SM3 there’s a boy called Evan, who is small and aged seven. (Evan)

In SM3 there’s a boy called Dan, who likes to cook in a pan. (Daniel)

In SM3 there’s a girl called Brooke, who likes to cook and read a book.(Brooke)

In SM3 there’s a girl called Ruby, who likes to dance and have a boogie! (Charlie)

In SM3 there’s a boy called Jake. He likes to swim in a lake. (Ruby)

My name is Ellis, I play number four. When you watch me play footy, I won’t bore! (Ellis)

In SM3 there’s a girl called Rosie. She is sleepy and a bit dozy! (Rosie)

Arabella likes looking after pets. She often visits the local vets. (Arabella)

In SM3 there’s a teacher called Miss Money. In the morning she eats toast and honey. (Harry)

We will be performing a variety of poems in our assembly next Wednesday. Lots of them are about life in school and we are trying to use our voices and actions to bring them to life.

[Written by Miss Money]


Performance Rapping in T3!

As part of our work studying poets such as Michael Rosen, Wes Magee and Tony Mitton, children in T3 have been devising their own performance raps using rhyming couplets.

SDC15004 SDC15005 SDC15007

Here is a selection of their sentences /poetry, which were performed to rapturous applause by children from the class! Some children even used body percussion, clapping, clicking or “beat-boxing” to add emotion to their work.

“You can rap about a cup, you can rap about a duck, you can always rap about… good luck!” – Rory & Luke

“You can rap about a wig, you can rap about a pig, you can rap about a big fat fig! – Maija, Jazmin & Ellyn

“You can rap about a dragon, you can rap in a wagon, You can rap with a dragon in a wagon. Then you see the knight, that gives you a fright! – Jack, William & Alex P

“You can rap about a pencil, you can rap about a pen, you can rap about a big fat chubby hen! – Mary, Isabell & T3

“You can rap about a panda, you can rap about knights, you can rap about flying kites” – Imogen P, Harriet & Katy

“You can rap about lollies, you can rap about sweets, you can rap about Mr Thorns when he’s asleep!” – Imogen P, Harriet & Katy

“You can rap about homework, you can rap about clay, you can rap about the month of May” – Owen, Bailey & Phoebe

“You can rap about a shoe, you can rap about poo, but only if you’re on the wet loo!” – Imogen H & Sophie

“You can rap about a shoe, you can rap about poo, you can rap about a little running HUGH! – Hugh & Joe

[Written by Mr Thorns and T3!]

Year 6 Macbeth Potions…

Continuing our work on Macbeth (a play by William Shakespeare), classes have been writing potion recipes using weird and wonderful ingredients, similar to the words from the original play.

Despite the ideas being disgusting and in some instances genuinely stomach churning, we felt it only fair to share these with the world!

Have a read below, perhaps even leave a comment about your favourite idea! Enjoy…

(Written by Mr Thorns)

Year 6 Poetry…

For English this term, Year 6 are doing poetry. We are working on a personification poem, one where you write about something that isn’t alive doing but where it might be doing an action. For example: The trees were nattering to each other. The grass was weeping in the morning.

Then we did an acrstic poem. One where you write down letters like a list and write a sentence beginning with that letter. Here is one:

Poetry is creative

On goes the sound of the words

Every type of poem is special

May we enjoy them forever.

Also, in different sets, we did a haunted house poem using rhymes. It was about a haunted house that we had been describing in the last few days….

Written by Joe A and Sam M (Year 6)