Year 3 Christmas Time Travelling Production!

This morning, children across the school were treated to a wonderful Christmas Image result for christmas starsproduction from Year 3 – performed with a starlight background and filled with Christmas magic. Pupils watched with interest and enthusiasm as Time Travelling Doctors made their way in search of Christmas surprises.

Children spoke their lines clearly and filled the hall with a beautiful harmony of Christmas singing. With a splattering of Christmas cracker jokes, Year 3 also enlightened children from across the year groups with a host of “laugh-o-meter” gags!

We are sure that parents are in for a real treat during their performance and will enjoy the show! Well done to Year 3 for a fantastic production!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Year 6 Cinderella Performance – SPOILER ALERT!

Cinderella RockerfellaAs is customary at the end of term at Anne Dale, children
across the school were treated to an end of year performance from Year 6 of Cinderella-Rockerfella! Filled with booing, hissing and a batch of wingless fairies, Cinderella Rockerfella was a delight to behold.

The singing was fantastic, with carefully choreographed dancing and small group numbers, alongside heart moving solo performances by a talented Year 6 cast. With a fairytale set, excellently produced by children across the year group, this performance was watched with enthusiasm by the entire school.

In a pantomime style performance, children were enraptured and entranced by Buttons, Cinders and two rather manly looking ugly sisters! With cameo appearances from “Fairy Liquid”, James Bond and Teaser the friendly dalmatian!

This was a fitting send off to a year group who will be sadly missed at Anne Dale as they move onward in their journey to secondary school. Well done for a wonderful production enjoyed by all!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 4 & 5 Rock the Seaside! (SPOILER ALERT!)

This morning, children across the school had the opportunity to watch the Year 4 & 5 school production practise of Seaside Rock! 

Taking a journey through the ages back to 1950’s children were shown a glimpse of life at the seaside, with singing, dancing and a fabulous display of many children learning large numbers of lines for the production!

With scenes ranging from a Punch-and-Judy show,  sweet fuelled coach journeys and a trip down memory pier! Children were entranced by a
shark infested fishing trips and a troupe of singing Grannies!

Parents are in for a real treat this week when many friends and relatives attend the evening performance on Tuesday. Tickets and details of this are available from the school office.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 6 Performance of “What a Knight!”

Today saw Anne Dale play host to a company of knights, princesses, a talking dragon and King Arthur, as Year 6 performed their end of school production of “What a Knight!” What A Knight! (Junior Production) Cover

Set in the times of King Arthur and his ‘chicken’ knights of the round table, children performed their lines magnificently as they took the school on an adventure through history on a quest to find Excalibur, rescue a princess and defeat the evil Black Knight!

With stunning performances from a range of wacky and wonderful characters, including a magic mirror (with pop-out face), fashion-failure dress makers and rather interesting dusty-dragon! Torturous punishments included eating cucumber sandwiches with crusts on, watching the staff dance to “Night Fever” and wearing open-toed sandals with knee length socks. Such jokes had parents and children alike chortling in their seats!

With a fantastic cast, memorable songs and a splattering of fabulous cast members, this was certainly a Leavers Production to remember…

Check out some of the pictures below and leave a comment to tell us what you thought of the show!

SDC15981 SDC15980 SDC15972 SDC15973 SDC15971 SDC15970 SDC15975 SDC15977 SDC15974

SDC15982 SDC15983 SDC15984 SDC15985

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 3 Nativity – Bethlehem Bandits!

This week saw Year 3 perform their Nativity production of “Bethlehem Bandits” to a packed school hall.

It was a spectacular Nativity, filled with singing sheep, cool camels and a brainless bunch of blundering bandits!

As you can see from the pictures, children has some fantastic costumes (thank you to the many parents who contributed to these) and a big thank you also to the supporting staff who assisted with the production. The singing was excellent and children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join the Junior school and perform a full productions within a matter of months. Well done to you all.

SDC13629 SDC13630 SDC13632 SDC13635 SDC13636 SDC13640 SDC13641 SDC13644 SDC13645 SDC13646 SDC13648
SDC13651 SDC14891 SDC14894

“It was excellent!” – Imogen H

“It was awesome, I really enjoyed when I was on stage ” – Sophie P

“The bandits parts were really bossy and learnt their lines well” – by Maija A

“Hugh was really funny!” – Sienna C-J

SDC14900 SDC14902 SDC14904 SDC14905 SDC14906 SDC14907 SDC14908 SDC14911 SDC14912 SDC14914 SDC14917 SDC14919

Please leave a comment below – your feedback is always appreciated by staff and children alike. Have a super Christmas, from the Year 3 team 🙂

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 6 Production – YE-HA!

As many parents, pupils and teachers will have seen, today saw Year 6 deliver their end of year performance of a Wild Western extravaganza – Ye-Ha to a packed school hall both this morning and this afternoon.

Filled with gags, acting, dancing and hip-swingin’ this Western Musical provided a fitting end to a brilliant year entertaining both the school and parents alike.

Children were praised for their excellent delivery of their lines, hard work in rehearsals and the quality of the set building by a small but dedicated group of artistically talented children from all classes.

We are very proud of our cohort and the tremendous effort shown by all of them…

Thanks also to all of the parents who came along and for the very positive responses received… Feel free to drop a comment on our blog below, the children are always pleased to see them!

Thank you to all, Ye-Ha!

(Written by Mr Thorns, on behalf of the Year 6 Team)

Best of the Beast Panto!

On Tuesday 12th November, M and M theatre studios put on a pantomime of “Beauty and the Beast.” This event took place at Crofton Anne Dale Junior School in the hall. This was very entertaining for all of the students.

Mr O'Brien narrowly avoids being attacked by an inflatable hammer!
Mr O’Brien narrowly avoids being attacked by an inflatable hammer!

In the early hours of a school morning was a beastly pantomime. When the lights faded down, the whole school started talking and chattering when a spooky tape began to play. It was a legend about a man not buying a bouquet of flowers with a blinding shine. The man refused to buy them or even have them so he was cursed to a beast. When the flowers lost their beautiful shine he would stay a beast until he dies.

Many, many funny scenes were included – especially one where a teaching assistant was kissed! Ben W, from Year 4, revealed, “I would give it a 9 out of 10 because Miss Cartwright almost fell over when she was thrown off the stage.” There were also many songs that used to be in the charts and are still in the charts now, that the students could sing along to as well.

“I loved the pantomime and the students did too. Thank you to the PTA for paying for this lovely treat,” commented Mr O’Brien the Headteacher.

(Written by Jamie R MP4)