Habitat studies in Year 4!

This a picture of Mrs Gren and what the letter stand for.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about habitats around us. We have done five activities so far. The first activity we did was sorting objects into categories whether they were living, had lived or never lived. We also worked on what animals / plants need which we could remember in a mnemonic called Mrs Gren!

We got to design our own bug’s life property guide which I liked to doing. We also did a mini beast mission – it is a bit like the one below.

[Written by Digital Leader Jack

This a bit like the hunt we did but it we had to draw a picture of the habitats we studied.


Ready Steady Cook – Off!

This afternoon, Anne Dale Juniors was visited by the catering team from HC3S… who treated the school to a celebrity style cook-off!

The hall was filled with whooping, cheering and cooking while the two specially selected teachers (Miss Akthar & Miss Howard) prepared dishes in the red and green kitchens! Miss Akthar prepared a sweet and sour stir fry… while Mrs Howard prepared a vegetarian style quorn and vegetable stir fry…SDC10971 SDC10972 SDC10974

The audience were treated to the smell of gently simmering delights from the kitchen as the teachers wrestled to prepare the very best meals from the ingredients on offer.

A panel of pupil judges then sampled the delicacies on offer giving their views on the dishes prepared by the teachers! Descriptions such as “it was yummy”, “delicious”, “tasty” and even “I need to get my Mum to cook this at home” were just some of the comments from our panel of judges!

SDC13399 SDC13400 SDC13406 SDC13407 SDC13416 SDC13424 SDC13425 SDC13427 SDC13429

Overall it was a “RED Kitchen” win with Miss Akthar celebrating her success on the school stage! The whooping and cheering lasted long into the afternoon!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Yr 4 visit to the Winchester Science Museum!

On Wednesday the 23rd March, Yr 4 gathered together to take a visit to the Winchester Science Museum. Everyone was sorted into groups and given a brief. After that, everyone was free to explore the science museum as long as they stayed in their group. We also took a visit to the gift shop and bought souvenirs, provided that we had brought some money with us to spend.


People had a go at things such as playing basket ball in a wheel chair, running as fast as they could in a race, building a mini aqueduct, looking at rubbish and pollution, investigating the temperature of their body and much more. We also went to a workshop to find out more about creating circuits and using insulators and conductors, which we have been working on in Science in school.

Everybody had a great time at the science museum so check out their website by using this link:


[Written By AnneDale Digital Leader]

Yr4 Experiments with Circuits!

Yr 4 have been trying to create circuits, using various components, such as crocodile-wires, bulbs, batteries and switches. They have also been challenged to connect these items together to construct circuits, enabling them to light up bulbs or use switches to turn them on and off.

As well as this, they’ve been drawing diagrams to show how they pieced together the circuits.

Here is an image showing a simple circuit:


The cross inside the circle is a bulb, the straight lines are wires and the two lines next to each other are batteries. Yr 4 used these symbols when drawing diagrams. These symbols are used all over the world to show the different components without having to draw them in detail.

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader]




Year 3 Investigate Rocks in Science…

As part of our work on rocks and soils, Year 3 have been investigating rocks from around the world, including what they look like and what they are used for…

As you can see, children began by going outside the classroom rock-hunting. Finding rocks from our local environment in the school grounds, children then came into the classroom to use scientific equipment to explore rocks from the science resources…

SDC10001 SDC10002 SDC10003 SDC10004 SDC10005 SDC10083 SDC10084 SDC10085 SDC10087 SDC10090 SDC10089 SDC10088

If you want to explore the properties of rocks, check out this website here…

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Earth and space in Year 5…

In Year 5 we are doing Earth and space in science.

Today we were doing how the Earth goes from dark to light. It was a very exciting lesson and we learnt a lot about the Earth and how it spins on its axis.  We found this lesson very exciting and hope we will continue it in science next week!

We hope you enjoyed finding out about life in Year 5 science, stay tuned to some more galaxy action!

[Written by Year 5 digital leaders]

Organs at the ready!

As part of our work on organs in the body, T3 have been investigating what the major organs are and how they help us to survive. We used a model of the organs to learn about their different uses and then had a go at placing a set of organs into a paper body!

It was quite tricky and as you can see, there were lots of different parts to fit into quite a small space – just like real human bodies!

Here’s what some children said:

“It was amazing because we saw all the body parts taken out! ~ Hugh C-B

“I think it was disgusting when Mr Thorns pulled the head apart!” ~ Rory M

“It’s fun and amazing because you learn about body parts!” ~ Mary H

“I thought it was gross and disgusting!” ~ Imogen P

SDC15465 SDC15466 SDC15467 SDC15468 SDC15469

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Skeleton Building in T3!

As part of our Science on our bodies – including the skeleton, organs and muscles, children in T3 built paper skeletons (without any direction initially from the teaching staff!)

As you can see – it was a vast and often humerous (forgive the pun) display of skeleton structuring skill!

SDC15453 SDC15454 SDC15455 SDC15456 SDC15457 SDC15458 SDC15459 SDC15460 SDC15461 SDC15463 SDC15464

Let us know what you think about our bone crunching creations.

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 6 Summer Term presentations on a Tuesday morning

This term we would like you to prepare a presentation on an animal and its habitat, this links with the Science topic that we will be doing during the term. Your presentation should be 3-5 minutes and can be in any form. Use of videos, photos, drawings, music, maps and quizzes have been effective in the past.

How could you describe the animal? Does it have any special skills or talents? How does it stand out from other animals? What is its prey or predator? Where does it live? (Be precise and use your geographical knowledge from the Spring term!) Is it endangered? What is being done to protect it? Why did you choose this animal?

Spring Watch at Crofton Anne Dale

In Year 6, we are doing an environmental study in our school grounds. We are looking for signs of Spring as part of our Spring Watch project.

Are there any signs of Spring where you live? Upload photos of the things that you spot and maybe leave a post with comments about the signs of Spring you have seen.