Year 6 Cinderella Performance – SPOILER ALERT!

Cinderella RockerfellaAs is customary at the end of term at Anne Dale, children
across the school were treated to an end of year performance from Year 6 of Cinderella-Rockerfella! Filled with booing, hissing and a batch of wingless fairies, Cinderella Rockerfella was a delight to behold.

The singing was fantastic, with carefully choreographed dancing and small group numbers, alongside heart moving solo performances by a talented Year 6 cast. With a fairytale set, excellently produced by children across the year group, this performance was watched with enthusiasm by the entire school.

In a pantomime style performance, children were enraptured and entranced by Buttons, Cinders and two rather manly looking ugly sisters! With cameo appearances from “Fairy Liquid”, James Bond and Teaser the friendly dalmatian!

This was a fitting send off to a year group who will be sadly missed at Anne Dale as they move onward in their journey to secondary school. Well done for a wonderful production enjoyed by all!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Longships In W4…

In W4 we have been learning about the Vikings. We have been studying the ships that we know as the Viking longships. We have had a mission were we have been Anglo Saxons and they are coming to raid and we are spying at the Viking boats. Then we have been coming back to base, drawing it and learning what the features of their boats!

We have been looking at a lot of old Viking boats and looking at the pictures and seeing what type of life they had.

We have also been looking at Viking people…

What weapons they carry?

What armour did they have?

And we have been singing songs with Miss Money!

[Written by Jack B, Digital Leader]



Christingle at Holy Rood church!

Crofton Anne Dale Junior School went the Crofton Parish at Holy Rood church by the roundabout at Stubbington.

There were some recorders playing for the students in the church and they were playing some traditional Christmas carols. There was also the choir there and they sang, “Silent Night ” and ” Here Bethlehem “.

The reverend Steve Marsh was there to tell us the Christmas story and the meaning of advent. There were some readings done by some of the CADJS students and they said them very clearly! Our Headteacher Mrs Jones said some words along with students readings too.

The whole of the school stood up to sing some traditional carols like “The Gift” and “Midnight”. They were all sung really well by the whole school and that should deserve a good pat on the back.

There were some Christingle oranges that were lit by some of the people who work in our school

[Written By Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Year 3 Nativity – Bethlehem Bandits!

This week saw Year 3 perform their Nativity production of “Bethlehem Bandits” to a packed school hall.

It was a spectacular Nativity, filled with singing sheep, cool camels and a brainless bunch of blundering bandits!

As you can see from the pictures, children has some fantastic costumes (thank you to the many parents who contributed to these) and a big thank you also to the supporting staff who assisted with the production. The singing was excellent and children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join the Junior school and perform a full productions within a matter of months. Well done to you all.

SDC13629 SDC13630 SDC13632 SDC13635 SDC13636 SDC13640 SDC13641 SDC13644 SDC13645 SDC13646 SDC13648
SDC13651 SDC14891 SDC14894

“It was excellent!” – Imogen H

“It was awesome, I really enjoyed when I was on stage ” – Sophie P

“The bandits parts were really bossy and learnt their lines well” – by Maija A

“Hugh was really funny!” – Sienna C-J

SDC14900 SDC14902 SDC14904 SDC14905 SDC14906 SDC14907 SDC14908 SDC14911 SDC14912 SDC14914 SDC14917 SDC14919

Please leave a comment below – your feedback is always appreciated by staff and children alike. Have a super Christmas, from the Year 3 team 🙂

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Year 6 Production – YE-HA!

As many parents, pupils and teachers will have seen, today saw Year 6 deliver their end of year performance of a Wild Western extravaganza – Ye-Ha to a packed school hall both this morning and this afternoon.

Filled with gags, acting, dancing and hip-swingin’ this Western Musical provided a fitting end to a brilliant year entertaining both the school and parents alike.

Children were praised for their excellent delivery of their lines, hard work in rehearsals and the quality of the set building by a small but dedicated group of artistically talented children from all classes.

We are very proud of our cohort and the tremendous effort shown by all of them…

Thanks also to all of the parents who came along and for the very positive responses received… Feel free to drop a comment on our blog below, the children are always pleased to see them!

Thank you to all, Ye-Ha!

(Written by Mr Thorns, on behalf of the Year 6 Team)

Singing at St Edmund’s!

On Saturday, 14th July, St Edmund’s Church, also known as Crofton Old Church, held an Open Day. A small group from Singing Club were asked to perform in the morning. We began at 11am and sang for 20 minutes. We then had a well deserved break and enjoyed drinks and a cake! Some children had the opportunity to ring the church bell and look around the stalls outside. We then sang for another 20 minutes, finishing with ‘Build it High’. We were given a big round of applause and thanked for our performance. There were lots of positive comments from people and special mention was made of the songs where we added harmony. We have already been asked if we will go back and perform next year!

(Written by Miss Money – Music Manager)


Ukulele Concert…

On Thursday 5th June, we had a special assembly involving the ukulele club and some staff – Mr Hales (our ukulele teacher) was there playing with us.

We played ‘Ukulele Bugaloo’, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ and ‘You Are My Sunshine’. The rest of our school and a few parents seemed to enjoy our concert. Mr Hales seemed to be boogie-ing along (I think he enjoyed it)!

Most of us sat on the stage and sang all of the songs very joyfully. We also thought the teachers enjoyed it as much as Mr Hales as they were also boogie-ing along!

Our favourite song and our ending song was (you guessed it!) ‘You Are My Sunshine’. The crowd roared after we had finished as they wanted more. But unfortunately we had to go to lessons as it is a school after all…

We really enjoyed it and hope we have inspired the whole school with our pro-ukulele playing!

[Written by Joseph S W6]

Times table songs!

Singing at Holy Rood…

On Saturday, 17th May the singing club went to Holyrood’s Spring Fayre at the church in the village. It was a beautiful, sunny day and lots of people turned up. We sang 9 songs including ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Walking on Sunshine’. After the first two songs, Miss Money realised that it was too hot where we were standing so we had to move into the shade. This was done swiftly and we continued singing. Some of the audience sang along to the songs; they all seemed to enjoy the performance. There were lots of different stalls and a few craft things inside the church.
When we had finished singing, some of us stayed to enjoy the fayre. We all had a wonderful time and we hope the public did too. We also hope the church raised the money they wanted for their kitchen.

(Written by Hannah D Year 6)