History in Year 4!

In History we are learning about the Anglo Saxons in Year 4. I think it is really fun and I would recommend it for the Year 3’s next year because we had an amazing way to learn about it!

An Anglo Saxon man came and wore some of the clothing that they used to wear. He showed us artefacts and we even saw a dead animal skin. It made me a little bit sad to see a dead animal, but it was good to understand about the Anglo Saxons. There was a rabbit and a fox (and foxes are already one of my favourite animals).

[Written by Sohan S – Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day

Year 4 children arrived at school dressed in some amazing Anglo-Saxon Costumes ready for their time travel back to AD 600. Each class enjoyed a workshop led by our visitor who reminded us where the A-S came from and why they came to England and settled. We looked at and handled tools and weapons they would have used. We were taught how to make an A-S ring and how to make cord by twisting a piece of string in order to make a cordage book mark.


We took part in a drama session where we acted out the story of Beowulf and Grendel, the monster. In our third session, we used A-S letters, called runes, and wrote secret messages to each other and painted our initials in runes onto pebbles.

Finally, we joined together as a Year Group in the hall and had an Anglo-Saxon feast of cheese, bread, carrot, apple and apple juice while listening to A-S music played on the lyre.

An enjoyable way to end the week and our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. A great time was had by all!


NSPCC Visit Anne Dale!

As part of the NSPCC’s involvement in schools nationwide, children at Anne Dale took part in workshops covering different ways of supporting children who might be facing difficult challenges in their lives – both at school and at home. Image result for nspcc

They discussed several different types of neglect and abuse, thinking carefully about how they could deal with this and seek help and discussing in groups whether this was safe and considering how “Buddy” (NSPCC’s mascot) would feel about it.

A team from the NSPCC visited classes in Year 5 and will be visiting Year 6, speaking about keeping safe, how to spot different types of abuse and neglect and how children can seek support from the NSPCC and ChildLine if they need to…

Children listened carefully and responsibly throughout and have gained a deeper understanding of the topics covered, thanks to the time and efforts of this dedicated team of workers from the NSPCC.

Image result for childline

[Written by Mr Thorns]

A Final Farewell to Mrs Jones…

After 12 years at Crofton Anne Dale, Mrs Jones is retiring from Mrs JonesAnne Dale, moving on to enjoy leading adventurous walking groups in both the UK and abroad…

Since starting at the school in 2004, Mrs Jones has been a teacher, deputy head and Head of School at Anne Dale, giving many long years of service to generations of children across the local area.

Mrs Jones has contributed many things to Anne Dale, from her ever jolly attitude to school life, positivity to the highly popular history quizzes and ever competitive nature in sport…

During the leaving assembly, children across the school presented their good wishes, gifting books of memories to Mrs Jones from pupils across the school. Children sang brilliantly and provided a fitting send off to Anne Dale’s retiring Head of School.

You can read a final interview with Mrs Jones, as published in The Fox Newspaper… online here… Mrs Jones’ office was filled to bursting point with fond farewell tributes, gifts and messages of thanks from children and parents across the school… Here’s just a few of the sights that have surrounded her all day in her room!

SDC16250 SDC16251 SDC16252 SDC16253 SDC16254 SDC16255 SDC16256 SDC16257

I am sure that you will join the school in wishing Mrs Jones a fabulous retirement and in thanking her for her hard work and ever strong commitment to Anne Dale over her time here…


[Written on behalf of the school, by Mr Thorns]

Habitat studies in Year 4!

This a picture of Mrs Gren and what the letter stand for.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about habitats around us. We have done five activities so far. The first activity we did was sorting objects into categories whether they were living, had lived or never lived. We also worked on what animals / plants need which we could remember in a mnemonic called Mrs Gren!

We got to design our own bug’s life property guide which I liked to doing. We also did a mini beast mission – it is a bit like the one below.

[Written by Digital Leader Jack

This a bit like the hunt we did but it we had to draw a picture of the habitats we studied.


Year 4 Trip to Explosion Museum!

On the 15th of June, Year 4 went to the Explosion Museum where we studied air-raids,
different types of shelters and evacuation during WW2. First, we went to the education centre where we looked at different types of clothing from WW2 and survived an air-raid. It was scary!

In the afternoon, we pretended we were evacuated children and we went outside and played with toys from 1940. We looked at what children would have had to bring and wear to be evacuated. Then we did a mice hunt and went back to school!

This was a really good school trip and I would recommend this to anyone! If you want to find out more about the museum, click on the link here


[Written by Phoebe B ~ Digital Leader]

Year 3 Roman Day!

As part of Year 3’s Roman Day, children across the year group took part in Roman related activities, working with a Roman Soldier, Roman Lady and Mosaic Building, finished with a period of Roman legion marching too!

~ Roman Mosaics ~

One activity during the day involved children designing and making a Roman Mosaic design, using small paper tesserae to create Roman style patterns and designs.

As you can see from the pictures, children prepared a range of different mosaic designs, working hard to fill every gap on their stone slab…

SDC10357 SDC10358 SDC10359 SDC10360 SDC10361 SDC10362 SDC10363

“It was really fun, easy and really good art to do” (Harry M T3)

“It was a bit tricky but when you got the hang of it, it started to get easier!” (Harry C T3)

“It was fun and when you got used to it the pictures looked really good.” (Caitlin P T3)

“It was fun although when we started it was really hard but then when we did lots more we got the hang of it” (Madeline H T3)

~ The Roman Soldier ~

As well as the mosaic making, children also experienced a talk with a Roman re-enactor, who described life in the Roman legions to children, alongside a vast display of weapons and armour from the Roman battlefield.

Some children were lucky enough to be chosen to model some of the equipment, including the soldier’s helmet… this was very heavy and had lots of useful parts to protect your head.

We also learnt about the awful tools that the Romans used to defend their camps, including caltrops, spiked sticks and digging ditches too.

SDC10364 SDC10366 SDC10367

Children had a fantastic day, gaining a look into life in Rome from within their own classrooms!

The afternoon was also spent on the playground practising Roman marching and the tortoise defence with their homework shields.

SDC10416 SDC10420 SDC10421 SDC10423 SDC10427

Thank you to the many parents who contributed to the shield building – it certainly ended the day with a fantastic display of Roman strength and firepower!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Clay Work Masks in W4!

In W4, we have been making Viking masks. We made some designs and we put them into some real masks. Just like this one here…

We had some crazy designs that people came up with but we needed to narrow it down so we could make a mask that would not fall apart when we put it in the kiln.

We had great fun making them and we had many different disasters… Like my one I had to have four attempts and then Mrs Carter came over and did what I was finding really hard in around 1 minute and it took me 5 minutes to get it wrong 5 times!

We have now got some quotes from some of W4…

Jack Bryant: “I found it really hard!”

 [Written by Anne Dale Digital Leader]

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in W4!

In W4 we have been learning about the book by the author C.S Lewis. It is one of the Chronicles of Narnia!

We have been reading it in class and then we have been doing work to do with it. We have also been making our own fantasy creatures.

The reason we are really reading this book is because we are going to use are made up characters in a new fantasy story.

What is you new made-up creatures name?

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Yr4 Experiments with Circuits!

Yr 4 have been trying to create circuits, using various components, such as crocodile-wires, bulbs, batteries and switches. They have also been challenged to connect these items together to construct circuits, enabling them to light up bulbs or use switches to turn them on and off.

As well as this, they’ve been drawing diagrams to show how they pieced together the circuits.

Here is an image showing a simple circuit:


The cross inside the circle is a bulb, the straight lines are wires and the two lines next to each other are batteries. Yr 4 used these symbols when drawing diagrams. These symbols are used all over the world to show the different components without having to draw them in detail.

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader]