Osmington Update 2017 Day 1

We had a nice smooth run to Osmington Bay, getting here in just under an hour and a half. We had the opportunity to spend some time on the beach eating our lunch before we investigated the new rooms we will be sleeping in for the next few nights. 
It is fantastic to learn how eager some children are to have multiple showers now they have their own rooms and I’m sure that hiding places have been found for their secret stashes of sweets.
As we start our first full day of activities, we are all full of excitement and a little apprehension of what is to come. Initial fears about some of the activities have quickly disappeared due to the thrill and enjoyment of the activities.
All of this is happening in the beautiful sunshine and with the picturesque view of Weymouth Bay.

History in Year 4!

In History we are learning about the Anglo Saxons in Year 4. I think it is really fun and I would recommend it for the Year 3’s next year because we had an amazing way to learn about it!

An Anglo Saxon man came and wore some of the clothing that they used to wear. He showed us artefacts and we even saw a dead animal skin. It made me a little bit sad to see a dead animal, but it was good to understand about the Anglo Saxons. There was a rabbit and a fox (and foxes are already one of my favourite animals).

[Written by Sohan S – Digital Leader]

Anglo-Saxon Day

Year 4 children arrived at school dressed in some amazing Anglo-Saxon Costumes ready for their time travel back to AD 600. Each class enjoyed a workshop led by our visitor who reminded us where the A-S came from and why they came to England and settled. We looked at and handled tools and weapons they would have used. We were taught how to make an A-S ring and how to make cord by twisting a piece of string in order to make a cordage book mark.


We took part in a drama session where we acted out the story of Beowulf and Grendel, the monster. In our third session, we used A-S letters, called runes, and wrote secret messages to each other and painted our initials in runes onto pebbles.

Finally, we joined together as a Year Group in the hall and had an Anglo-Saxon feast of cheese, bread, carrot, apple and apple juice while listening to A-S music played on the lyre.

An enjoyable way to end the week and our topic on the Anglo-Saxons. A great time was had by all!


NSPCC Visit Anne Dale!

As part of the NSPCC’s involvement in schools nationwide, children at Anne Dale took part in workshops covering different ways of supporting children who might be facing difficult challenges in their lives – both at school and at home. Image result for nspcc

They discussed several different types of neglect and abuse, thinking carefully about how they could deal with this and seek help and discussing in groups whether this was safe and considering how “Buddy” (NSPCC’s mascot) would feel about it.

A team from the NSPCC visited classes in Year 5 and will be visiting Year 6, speaking about keeping safe, how to spot different types of abuse and neglect and how children can seek support from the NSPCC and ChildLine if they need to…

Children listened carefully and responsibly throughout and have gained a deeper understanding of the topics covered, thanks to the time and efforts of this dedicated team of workers from the NSPCC.

Image result for childline

[Written by Mr Thorns]

N’Ozzies Visit the Beach….

As part of the N’Ozzies (not Osmington) activity week, today saw the group head to Lee-on-the-Solent for a beach walk and visit to some local attractions along the coastline!

sdc11111 sdc11113 sdc11162

Highlights of the trip included ice creams from the Bluebird Cafe, mountains of scrumptious chips and a visit to the playpark! Mrs Steel was forced to sacrifice  her chocolate chip cookie and her personal water supply to fuel this band of piratical pupils!

sdc11118 sdc11120 sdc11127 sdc11133 sdc11135 sdc11141 sdc11151 sdc11153 sdc11163

“It was really funny” (Grace B)

“Mrs Steel was grown up and sensible all day” (Mrs Steel)

“I got a HONEYCOMB ice cream!” (Sorcha P)

“Mrs Steel’s singing was atrocious” (Mrs Livingstone)

“It sounded like wailing more than singing” (Isabella C)

“Ummmm….. I liked sheltering under the beach hut!” (Grape B)

“We were all going nuts at the park!” (Joshua H)


Angela Fry Artist Visits Year 5!

In July, Angela Fry came into the Year 5 classes to make block printing and we all had lots of fun. She is a local artist who has worked with the school for many years and helped children all over the school to create artwork.

We all made mono prints, using polystyrene blocks and printing ink with rollers and everyone loved it. We all wanted to do it again. Angela Fry was really kind and she helped us when we got stuck too. It was a great visit!

I wish we could do it again.

[Written by Digital Leader – Bethan]

Panatical Steel Band Visits Anne Dale!

As part of the school’s summer end of term celebrations, the school was entertained by a steel band which visited school from their Eastleigh Crestwood College!

Playing tunes such as “Hot Hot Hot” and “Rude” the hall was filled with music originating from the Caribbean Islands, which the children also learnt a little about during the performance.

This was a fitting and upbeat end to the term, which sees a range of both pupils and staff leave AnneDale, moving to new and exciting places – none perhaps quite as exciting as the Caribbean Islands though…

SDC11070 SDC11072

If you are interested in finding out more and following Panatical’s progress then check out their Facebook page here for more information…

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Panatical's profile photo




Exploring World War 2 in W4…

This is the blitz in London
This shows children getting evacuated onto a train!

In History, we have been learning about World War 2. We have learned about evacuation following our visit to EXPLOSION MUSEUM! We have been studying where children went from places like Southampton, Portsmouth and London.

We have also started to look at food and clothing rationing. We have looked at ration books and we also  looked at how much clothes cost during the bombing period.

We looked also the countries that were controlled by the Nazi party and the ones that were on the Allies side…

We have looked at time lines and different things that soldiers and seamen would have to wear in the World War 2.

We went Explosion Museum in Gosport to see more about what life would have been like working in a gunpowder store building. We also had lots of fun making some of the stuff that the children would have had to carry with them on evacuation, such as a gas mask and its own little box.

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

Ready Steady Cook – Off!

This afternoon, Anne Dale Juniors was visited by the catering team from HC3S… who treated the school to a celebrity style cook-off!

The hall was filled with whooping, cheering and cooking while the two specially selected teachers (Miss Akthar & Miss Howard) prepared dishes in the red and green kitchens! Miss Akthar prepared a sweet and sour stir fry… while Mrs Howard prepared a vegetarian style quorn and vegetable stir fry…SDC10971 SDC10972 SDC10974

The audience were treated to the smell of gently simmering delights from the kitchen as the teachers wrestled to prepare the very best meals from the ingredients on offer.

A panel of pupil judges then sampled the delicacies on offer giving their views on the dishes prepared by the teachers! Descriptions such as “it was yummy”, “delicious”, “tasty” and even “I need to get my Mum to cook this at home” were just some of the comments from our panel of judges!

SDC13399 SDC13400 SDC13406 SDC13407 SDC13416 SDC13424 SDC13425 SDC13427 SDC13429

Overall it was a “RED Kitchen” win with Miss Akthar celebrating her success on the school stage! The whooping and cheering lasted long into the afternoon!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Yr. 3 and 4 Swimming Gala!

On Tuesday 3rd May, a swimming team made up of 6 boys and 6 girls from Yr 3 and Yr 4 were chosen to take part in a swimming gala at Locks Heath. They arrived at around 12:30 via mini bus and swam in relays, individual races and floating challenges. (Click off this blog NOW if you’d like to keep the results a secret!) Amazingly, encouragement, teamwork and determination scored them an incredible 1st place! 🙂

For those swimmers who were in the competition, we all hope you had fun and well done for the 1st place!!! If you’re interested in swimming, you could always ask your Mum or Dad and maybe one day you’ll be in a swimming gala!

[Written By Anne Dale Digital Leader ~ MP4]