What’s in the Box ~ English in Year 4

In English in Year 4 we are studying a poem by Kit Wright. In the poem there is four verses beginning with, “I will put in the box …”   In each of these four verses there are three things that Kit Wright will put in the box. Image result for Kit Wright

The next verse is about what your box is made from and last but not least the last verse is about what you will do in your box and that can be any thing you like, even things that are impossible! In Year 4 we have designed our boxes and we are now writing the verses and at some point we are going to write them out on the computer and pin them up on the wall outside our classroom. I know that because Mrs Paterson told us!

THE MAGIC BOX, by Kit Wright

I will put in the box…

the swish of a silk sari on a summer night,
fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon,
the tip of a tongue touching a tooth.

I will put in the box…

a snowman with a rumbling belly
a sip of the bluest water from Lake Lucerene,
a leaping spark from an electric fish.

I will put into the box…

three violet wishes spoken in Gujarati,
the last joke of an ancient uncle,
and the first smile of a baby.

I will put into the box…

a fifth season and a black sun,
a cowboy on a broomstick
and a witch on a white horse.

My box is fashioned from ice and gold and steel,
with stars on the lid and secrets in the corners.
Its hinges are the toe joints of dinosaurs.

I shall surf in my box
on the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic,
then wash ashore on a yellow beach
the colour of the sun.

[By Rosie B ~Digital Leader]


Exploring World War 2 in W4…

This is the blitz in London
This shows children getting evacuated onto a train!

In History, we have been learning about World War 2. We have learned about evacuation following our visit to EXPLOSION MUSEUM! We have been studying where children went from places like Southampton, Portsmouth and London.

We have also started to look at food and clothing rationing. We have looked at ration books and we also  looked at how much clothes cost during the bombing period.

We looked also the countries that were controlled by the Nazi party and the ones that were on the Allies side…

We have looked at time lines and different things that soldiers and seamen would have to wear in the World War 2.

We went Explosion Museum in Gosport to see more about what life would have been like working in a gunpowder store building. We also had lots of fun making some of the stuff that the children would have had to carry with them on evacuation, such as a gas mask and its own little box.

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in W4!

In W4 we have been learning about the book by the author C.S Lewis. It is one of the Chronicles of Narnia!

We have been reading it in class and then we have been doing work to do with it. We have also been making our own fantasy creatures.

The reason we are really reading this book is because we are going to use are made up characters in a new fantasy story.

What is you new made-up creatures name?

[Written by Jack Bryant ~ Digital Leader]

K3 Kar2ouche in I.C.T

In I.C.T K3 have been using Kar2ouch on Romans to work on our Comic Writers topic.

We have made a comic scene  for our I.C.T folders using comic creator (you can have a go by clicking here). After this, K3 have been doing comic strips in this past half-term in I.C.T using both comic creator and Kartouche as well. It has been really fun doing all of comic strips.

We have been thinking about what makes a really good comic strip, the type of details you need and how to grab the reader’s attention too – this can be tricky when you can only use a few words to tell them the story and most of what you do is just pictures. Have a go yourself too.

[Written by Eva Medd ~ Digital Leader]

Viking in my Bed in Year 4!

This term we have been learning about the brilliant author Jeremy Strong. He is a most loved author and he writes really funny books! Here is a list of some books: ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed’, ‘Pirate School’, ‘Where’s that Dog?’, ‘My Dad’s got an Alligator’, ‘Viking at School’, ‘Viking in Trouble’, ‘A One Hundred Miles An Hour Dog Goes for Gold’, ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’.

Year 4 have enjoyed writing about this book and we would recommend it to you to read (you can find it in the school library). If you like comedy it is a perfect book for you.

We have some quotes for you from some year 4’s…

Ruby Reid said: “This book is really funny!”

Shannen Schofield said: “It has very good dialogue and great prepositions!”

William Casey said: ” It is  very very funny!”

[Written By Jack Bryant Digital Leader]      

Longships In W4…

In W4 we have been learning about the Vikings. We have been studying the ships that we know as the Viking longships. We have had a mission were we have been Anglo Saxons and they are coming to raid and we are spying at the Viking boats. Then we have been coming back to base, drawing it and learning what the features of their boats!

We have been looking at a lot of old Viking boats and looking at the pictures and seeing what type of life they had.

We have also been looking at Viking people…

What weapons they carry?

What armour did they have?

And we have been singing songs with Miss Money!

[Written by Jack B, Digital Leader]



Dracula Comes To Tea!

As part of our enrichment sessions, some of our Year 5 writers have been exploring how real authors create menacing characters.  They then used some of these techniques to create their own menacing masterpieces.  Take a look below….


His pallor face glared into the distance whilst I shivered with fear. His bushy brown moustache hung over his blood red lips. Under his forest of hair, knife like teeth dangled out of his mouth. His hair was course and matted together, not even a detangler could get through it! His eyebrows perched on top of his piercing eagle eyes. His pupils were cats’ eyes which grew when they met darkness. His bird like nose shone in the gleaming light. I was afraid!

Sienna& Ella E5


Scary Bertha

By Rebecca and Lucy

Her name was BERTHA and she was a millionaire. She had an overgrown mono brow that was as long as a snake and one look of her would pierce your soul. Her hair was a bright red afro but she tried to hide it so she put her hair in a bun all the time. Her eyes were slithers, watching every step you take. Bertha’s lips were tightly shut with red lipstick smeared all over them like icing on a cake. Her nose was like a slithering slug and she had long nose hairs. Her appointment at the hairdressers was WAY overdue because she didn’t want them to see her afro. Her jewellery covered most of her because she liked to show off. Bertha’s ears were like huge cabbages. Her earrings were like plates, rounded and shiny and her clothes were studded with jewels and gems. She had velvet pink high heels that were so tight her feet were nearly bursting out of them. She overdid her makeup to cover any blemishes!

Which is your favourite?

K3 are authors!

Year 3 have been very busy writing their own fairy tales this term.  Over the past few weeks, we have looked at a variety of stories such as Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Ugly Duckling and Sleeping Beauty.  These stories inspired us to write our own.  The children thought carefully about the good and bad characters, what the problem could be and then the solution (with the characters living ‘happily ever after’).


On the final Friday before half-term, Year 3 went over to the Infant School to share their fairy tale stories.  This was a fantastic chance to share their learning with the Infant School.  K3 enjoyed going back to their old classroom and meeting the Infants again. They couldn’t believe how small the chairs were and how grown up they felt!


After sharing their stories they listened to the Year 2’s and their work on Florence Nightingale.  It was an amazing way to end the week.



[Written by Miss Knight]

Writing Play scripts in W4!

In W4 we have been writing play scripts in English. To do this, we have been watching videos and clips from famous films, to help us to think about how films are designed and how stage directions are written.

We have been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we have done Jack and the Beanstalk as well.

[Written by Jack B Digital Leader]

Pen Pals in Year5!

In Year five we have recently got pen pals from Ethiopia. We get to write back to them soon and tell them all about us. Link Ethiopia's logo

One Pen-Pal supports Messy Church. One pen pal asked a member of our class to visit him in Ethiopia and one gave a child in our class  their phone number – which being a digital leader – I know was not a good idea! My friend has a pen pal called Frasica and another got one called Gondar. 

We are hoping to hear from them lots in the future, which will be nice.

[by Louise F ~ Digital Leader]