Osmington Adventure 2016… Final Update…

Friday has arrived and children from Anne Dale will now be conducting their final activities on the Weymouth coast, after a fun filled week at Osmington Bay.
friendship-9 friendship-10 osmington-bay-8 osmington-bay-9

Today’s activities see the groups conducting their final trapeze leaps, climbing walls and sensory trails… as well as groups tackling the zip wire and archery competitions! The first challenge, however, was to pack their belongings into their bulging suitcases for the journey home… Here is an example of a “packed & ready” chalet – somehow, the staff were less than convinced about its readiness!


As pupils prepare to return to their homes this afternoon, with coaches leaving sometime after lunch, I am sure that families will be pleased to be reunited with their children (although extreme caution is advised upon opening the contents of the aforementioned suitcases!) Enjoy the weekend – I am sure that all will need some rest!


A final goodbye – see you all soon – from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 5

As the day closes on another fantastic 24 hours at Osmington Bay, children are settling down for their final sleep away from home amidst the rolling hills and adventurous activities of their PGL home for the last week…

Today, fuelled by a breakfast of sausages, hash browns, eggs and ketchup, children tackled yet more amazing activities, from the giant swing to survivor training and archery… During survivor, pupils tried to make fire, while also daubing themselves generously in mud! Beware their Bear Grylls style skills when they return!


survivor-3 survivor-5 survivor-8 survivor-9

archery-1 friendship-4 friendship-8 giant-swing-1 giant-swing-2 giant-swing-3 giant-swing-9 giant-swing-11 giant-swing-13 giant-swing-14 giant-swing-17 giant-swing-21 giant-swing-23 giant-swing-28

Other groups tacked the indoor bouldering wall with rock climbing prowess, making sure that their friends helped keep them safe by bileting from the floor nearby. The zip wire was also in popular demand, as children (and Miss Skinner!) whizzed along at considerable speed, enjoying the freedom of the sun in their faces as they sped along the top of the Weymouth cliffs.

rock-climbing-1 rock-climbing-4 rock-climbing-6 rock-climbing-7 zip-wire-1 zip-wire-2

Once again, another day of tremendous fun and adventure has passed as children approach their last day at Osmington, ready to return to their families with amazing tales of all that they have accomplished this week….. Keep your eyes peeled for a final update!

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmignton Adeventure 2016… Update 4

Day 4 of the Osmington Adventure, with children raring to go once again after another restful sleep. The Weymouth coast has been looking absolutely stunning this week with some amazing views out across the bay!
osmington-bay-3 osmington-bay-4 osmington-bay-5

Many groups took on the challenge of raft building yesterday and here is just a small selection of the images from the event (children will get a chance to create a photo-montage from the school camera stocks in the coming weeks of their Osmington moments) and as you can see from these images, it was a fun filled day enjoyed by all! As the challenge progressed, children were encouraged to take part in a round of “Heads, shoulders, knees and jump” – which as you’d imagine, left some pupils completely delighted with a freshening dunk into the Weymouth waters!

raft-building-3 raft-building-6 raft-building-7 raft-building-8 raft-building-16 raft-building-19 raft-building-20 raft-building-23 raft-building-miss-howard-dab

As well as this, many groups also took part in the hair raising “Trapeze” activity, involving a leap of faith from the top of a very tall wooden pole – in desperate reach of the gold-standard hanging buoy. Once again, children excelled themselves, conquering fears and pushing themselves to achieve. A very proud moment for many as they reached the summit!

bileting-1 trapeze-1 trapeze-3 trapeze-7 trapeze-8 trapeze-10 trapeze-11 trapeze-17 trapeze-18 trapeze-19 trapeze-21 trapeze-24 trapeze-27 trapeze-28 trapeze-29

The evening entertainment has also consisted of “Splash”, involving a random assortment of hilarity inducing activities and races, which were equally enjoyed by children and adults alike, as Anne Dale students practiced team work, collaboration and worked together with new-found friends…

splash-2 splash-4 splash-activity-1


Tomorrow will bring a new range of challenges I am sure, so keep an eye out for the updates… Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 3

As day three broke on the Weymouth coastline with glorious weather after a restful night’s sleep (check out the picture of the amazing sunset!), children from Anne Dale eagerly awaited their next instalment of their Osmington Adventure… Room inspections were conducted, with scores ranging between 1 and 5 out of 10. One band of particularly embarrassed pupils even resorted to blaming a packet of cheesy Doritos for the smell!

sunset-at-osmington view-across-the-bay

Yesterday saw many groups tackle mountain biking – of which it is a requirement to have trousers tucked into socks… Children were sensible in their choices – the same cannot be said of Miss Hudson’s socks! (See update number 2!) Many of the children took positively to the off-roading experience, enjoying the scenic views of the Weymouth countryside on just 2 wheels…

cycling-1 cycling-2 cycling-3 cycling-4 cycling-5 cycling-6 cycling-7

Other groups clambered to to top of the abseiling tower… before abseiling down slowly back to the earth. As you can see from the images, this was no small feat for some, but was enjoyed by all!

abseiling-1 abseiling-2 abseiling-3 abseiling-4 abseiling-7

Wednesday morning has seen other groups tackle raft building – using poles and barrels to create a sea-faring construction to float them and their friends out to freedom across the bay… thankfully, all craft successful sank, and no children made any successful escape to Portland!

raft-building-1 raft-building-2

As the children head towards their evening activities at the half-way point of their adventure, there are some very soggy, tired but elated individuals, looking forward to more new adventures in their residential week.

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 2

As day breaks on the second day of our Osmington Adventure, Image result for pglchildren from Anne Dale have awoken from a restful sleep. All were in beds by 9:30pm and asleep by 10pm… This is not surprising really considering that children took part in a large scale orienteering exercise last night (Snapshot) as well as a range of crazy team games, known as Wacky Races!

Last night’s dinner consisted of spinach cannelloni, chicken or cottage pie options. Some children ventured near the celery soup to try that, while others opted for a pudding of doughnuts and fruit!

All are excited about today’s activities, which include sensory trail around a mud covered and particularly difficult to navigate area of the site! Others prepared themselves for life on a desert island in Survivor style activities and other groups went mountain biking. It is a requirement of mountain biking that trousers are tucked into socks… unfortunately, Miss Hudson took this a little too far – as you can see from the pics!
mountain-biking-1desert-island-survival mountain-biking-socks-2 mountain-biking-socks sensory-trail-1 sensory-trail-2 sensory-trail-3 sensory-trail-4

Keep your eyes peeled for other updates in the near future and feel free to leave a comment below if you wish,

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Osmington Adventure 2016… Update 1

After a long journey to the Dorset coastline, the children have arrived safely and without incident at the sunny climes of Osmington Bay!Image result for osmington bay

Children were placed into their activity groups this morning, (approx 10 per group) which they will maintain throughout the week… with adventurous pursuits starting straight away after PGL staff had conducted their welcome talk…

coach-1 coach-2

Children have also arrived at their chalet for the week, making sure that they stow their belongings near to their bunks and keep their home-for-the-week as tidy as possible for the looming chalet inspections… First job on the list was making their beds in rooms, which was generally amusing for all involved – with several children ending up inside their duvet covers, while the duvet sat merrily on the mattress!

lunch-1 lunch-2

This afternoon after lunch in the activity hall sheltering from some light rain (at which point a member of staff realised they’d forgotten lunch!!), groups have taken to the activity “Snapshot”!

There will be an evening activity still to come, before a good night’s rest in preparation for a fun filled day ahead…

Bye for now, from all at Osmington Bay

[Written by Mr Thorns]


N’Ozzies Visit the Beach….

As part of the N’Ozzies (not Osmington) activity week, today saw the group head to Lee-on-the-Solent for a beach walk and visit to some local attractions along the coastline!

sdc11111 sdc11113 sdc11162

Highlights of the trip included ice creams from the Bluebird Cafe, mountains of scrumptious chips and a visit to the playpark! Mrs Steel was forced to sacrifice  her chocolate chip cookie and her personal water supply to fuel this band of piratical pupils!

sdc11118 sdc11120 sdc11127 sdc11133 sdc11135 sdc11141 sdc11151 sdc11153 sdc11163

“It was really funny” (Grace B)

“Mrs Steel was grown up and sensible all day” (Mrs Steel)

“I got a HONEYCOMB ice cream!” (Sorcha P)

“Mrs Steel’s singing was atrocious” (Mrs Livingstone)

“It sounded like wailing more than singing” (Isabella C)

“Ummmm….. I liked sheltering under the beach hut!” (Grape B)

“We were all going nuts at the park!” (Joshua H)


Year 6 Cinderella Performance – SPOILER ALERT!

Cinderella RockerfellaAs is customary at the end of term at Anne Dale, children
across the school were treated to an end of year performance from Year 6 of Cinderella-Rockerfella! Filled with booing, hissing and a batch of wingless fairies, Cinderella Rockerfella was a delight to behold.

The singing was fantastic, with carefully choreographed dancing and small group numbers, alongside heart moving solo performances by a talented Year 6 cast. With a fairytale set, excellently produced by children across the year group, this performance was watched with enthusiasm by the entire school.

In a pantomime style performance, children were enraptured and entranced by Buttons, Cinders and two rather manly looking ugly sisters! With cameo appearances from “Fairy Liquid”, James Bond and Teaser the friendly dalmatian!

This was a fitting send off to a year group who will be sadly missed at Anne Dale as they move onward in their journey to secondary school. Well done for a wonderful production enjoyed by all!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Challenge: Geography!

On Monday 12th October, a group of children from Year 5 and Year 6 gathered to learn about Food Miles. They are miles that your food travels. We did maps on different products that Miss Knight brought for us, such as, coconut milk and Belgian mint hot chocolate. For a starter, we had to do an A to Z list of fruit and vegetables, and tried to list where they came from. We got stuck on E, I, J, N, Q, U, X, Y and Z. The ones we got stuck on were ones like Egg Fruit, Ita Palm, Jujube, Nectarine, Quince, Ulgi, Xingu and Zucchini. We also looked up miles between countries and watched a video about the journey of a banana.

After break, we went back to the library and started typing up for the blog, the challenge wall (Look outside M6), re-doing our map if we wanted to and drawing a cartoon/comic of the life cycle of a banana. Some miles we recorded included 9459 miles from Australia, 1181 miles from Italy and 5256 miles from Colombia.

Did You Know?

  • Elvis Presley liked fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches
  • It takes 11 days for bananas to sail over here
  • Customers of supermarkets will not buy bananas with even a tiny bruise on a bunch
  • We scoffed almost one billion bananas last year
  • It’s the most popular fruit
  • They have a radius of about 3cm
  • The banana tree is about seven metres tall
  • The banana plantation in Costa Rica is three hundred and twenty four football pitches
  • England are bananas about bananas!
  • The amount of food being flown into the UK has doubled in the last 10 years 🙂

Written by Amy Holden

DSC00686 DSC00687

Where are these food produced?
Where are these food produced?
From field to our plate. Where bananas come from.
From field to our plate. Where bananas come from.
Working out where our food comes from.
Working out where our food comes from.

Year 6 Homework and Spellings Due: 2nd Oct


Year 6 Homework

Date set: Friday 18th September

Test: Friday 2nd October (After Osmington)


This week’s spellings are words contain ie and ei and Year 6 exception words. You must learn all words unless you have been told to learn the words in Group 1.


Group 1 ie and ei








Group 2 ie and ei








Group 2 exception words










You will also be tested on 5 additional spelling which will require you to apply the spelling rule.


Please see the Homework grid sheet for your choice of homework to hand in on Wednesday.


You must also finish writing your diary from your activity week- whether you spent it at school or in Osmington. Mrs Jones will be marking your diary to see who has the winning diary for the competition.