Challenge Afternoon – Sploder Game Creations…

As part of the school’s Enrichment provision in ICT, pupils have been creating online adventure games during our ‘Challenge Afternoons’, using – an online game design site…

Children were challenged to create games that were both entertaining and fun to play. The missions needed to get progressively harder and encourage players to play again, and again, and again!

Here are some of our creations… please have a play and then leave a comment below when you’ve completed a mission! Just click on a picture to try a game.

James_Army_TrainingArmy Training – James B (Year 6)

Luke_xdXD – Luke T (Year 6)

Mr_Thorns_Snarley_AttackSnarley Attack – Mr Thorns (Teacher!)

Ellie_Forrest_Time_TravelTime Travell – Ellie F (Year 5)

Written by Mr Thorns (ICT Manager)

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