T3 Designs from Nature!

We have been drawing excellent pictures of nature in our Art lessons. This is so we can make our own prints. We will use these amazing designs (that we have decided on ourselves) to make a printing block from polystyrene.

We will be carving the designs in the coming weeks, which we will be making from poster paints and coloured paper.

SDC10327 SDC10328 SDC10329 SDC10330 SDC10331 SDC10332 SDC10334

“It was really fun but it was tricky to make it look like it was meant to.” (Alice G)

“It was really hard to copy a plant that has been found – but it was easy in the end!” (Noah F)

“Drawing nature was really hard, but fun to do.” (Luke R)

“I think it was hard but I really enjoyed it. I did mine about this pinecone plant!” (Emily P-T)

[Written by Mr Thorns & T3 children]

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