Year 3 Roman Day!

As part of Year 3’s Roman Day, children across the year group took part in Roman related activities, working with a Roman Soldier, Roman Lady and Mosaic Building, finished with a period of Roman legion marching too!

~ Roman Mosaics ~

One activity during the day involved children designing and making a Roman Mosaic design, using small paper tesserae to create Roman style patterns and designs.

As you can see from the pictures, children prepared a range of different mosaic designs, working hard to fill every gap on their stone slab…

SDC10357 SDC10358 SDC10359 SDC10360 SDC10361 SDC10362 SDC10363

“It was really fun, easy and really good art to do” (Harry M T3)

“It was a bit tricky but when you got the hang of it, it started to get easier!” (Harry C T3)

“It was fun and when you got used to it the pictures looked really good.” (Caitlin P T3)

“It was fun although when we started it was really hard but then when we did lots more we got the hang of it” (Madeline H T3)

~ The Roman Soldier ~

As well as the mosaic making, children also experienced a talk with a Roman re-enactor, who described life in the Roman legions to children, alongside a vast display of weapons and armour from the Roman battlefield.

Some children were lucky enough to be┬áchosen to model some of the equipment, including the soldier’s helmet… this was very heavy and had lots of useful parts to protect your head.

We also learnt about the awful tools that the Romans used to defend their camps, including caltrops, spiked sticks and digging ditches too.

SDC10364 SDC10366 SDC10367

Children had a fantastic day, gaining a look into life in Rome from within their own classrooms!

The afternoon was also spent on the playground practising Roman marching and the tortoise defence with their homework shields.

SDC10416 SDC10420 SDC10421 SDC10423 SDC10427

Thank you to the many parents who contributed to the shield building – it certainly ended the day with a fantastic display of Roman strength and firepower!

[Written by Mr Thorns]

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