Osmington Update 2017 Day 2

We have enjoyed a much more settled night after a fun packed day of activities yesterday. Everyone is eating well, let’s say a balanced diet (fruit from the dinner hall and sweets and chocolate from the shop).
The main activities from today have been Jacobs ladder and raft building. Many fears have been conquered and a few soggy items of clothing have been made ready for our return. 
An evening of good food, running around and lots of laughter ahead of us…and hopefully another settled night ready for our last full day of activities.

5 Replies to “Osmington Update 2017 Day 2”

  1. Looks and sounds like everyone is having fun.

    Please can someone wish Megan a happy birthday tomorrow, from mummy, daddy and Amelia x

    We are going to miss her tomorrow

  2. This was the most amazing week of my life! The activities were fun and nonstop, the food was so yummy, especially the donuts, and the disco was mental (in a good way!). You should have seen Mrs George, Miss Akthar and Miss Keens in their PGL caps!

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